All about women’s tattoo sleeves

All about women's tattoo sleeves

Tattoos became part of the everyday image, decorative or semantic part of the owner. Any sketch must accurately coincide with the inner world of the carrier, otherwise the drawing, whose main feature is lifelong support, can conflict with the carrier. Such a situation threatens internal conflict and negative energy accumulation.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tattoo for girls is largely a bright way of self-expression. Unfortunately, the meaningful load is often moved to the background. Such a situation requires correction, since it should be in the spotlight – a native mark, it’s for life. Even if we reduce the tattoo with a laser, the energy will remain with the carrier forever – it will no longer need a visual display. That is why the choice of tattoos should be started with this parameter.

The decision to choose as a place of application of the sleeve also obliges to a lot – an open place, especially hot summer, makes the drawing available for open review. Execution skill has the same important role as the meaning and visual load. A sketch can be a way to express our own individuality, and in this respect the line between modern women’s and male drawings becomes fuzzy, almost erased.

Marina for the age of emancipation, when a woman comespaced with a man not only in rights, but also in character. Weak half became independent and self-sufficient, aggressive emotionally and physically. Women own martial arts and piloting aircraft, occupy top managers and lead a big business. Therefore, today it is easy to meet a tigrine dodged on the shoulder of the girl and roses on the body of a man.

To implement the conceived – applying a tattoo on the sleeve – it will take a lot of time, from five visits to the cabin and above. Terms depend:

  • from the size of the sketch+
  • Style solution+
  • Image full – thin pattern apply faster than completely scorching the whole area.

Time of one procedure takes an average of 2 hours. Payment hourly and can be calculated tens of thousands.

Consider some benefits of such a tattoo:

  • the ability to decorate and mask any defects – scars from burns and cuts, large native spots, if the doctor is allowed+
  • uniqueness – Almost all sketches on the sleeve are performed by an individual order, which ensures the uniqueness of the image as a whole+
  • care – It is much easier to exercise it, because the tattoo is in the free access zone.

To apply a tattoo on the sleeve easy to find a talented master. Tattooers with pleasure perform similar orders, considering it a beautiful field for creative work and advertising their own skills. But there are disadvantages of this type of tattoo. In this case, the most important problem is the price of the question: applying a tattoo on the whole sleeve – the pleasure is not cheap. The remaining minuses may also significantly affect decision making.

  • Time – the process is long, sometimes requires additional correction. The final version is sometimes achieved for long months.
  • Solid tattoo – The event is not just a long, it is accompanied by quite painful sensations. From the inside, the skin on the hand is very thin and sensitive. No less painful feelings in the elbow area, wrists. With a low pain threshold, you should stop at the zone of the shoulder and biceps.
  • After the complete application of the tattoo sleeves Minding drawing becomes problematic – damage to the skin will certainly be noticeable.

Immunity can be subsequently an obstacle to emotional comfort, because such a decor is difficult to hide, and it always cares looks.

    Review of species


    The full tattoo of the sleeves is drawing the drawing to the entire area – from the shoulder to the brush. Partial sleeve means a way to score the pattern to the surface to bend your hands, for example, from the shoulder or from wrists to the elbow. Often there is a continuation of the sketch on the brush and on the fingers. The sleeve is not always clogged all right away. Sometimes such a desire arises from a small drawing. For example, from bracelet on wrist or forearm. Sometimes a small sketch on the shoulder becomes the starting point for the sleeve.

    As a rule, masters advise in such cases to inflict small drawings in one style, so that they subsequently look like fragments of the whole picture, for example, Celtic motifs.


    Half sleeves (half auncory) – this is the area from the elbow to the shoulder or brush. The most popular option among girls. Tatoo looks stylish, unusual and is an excellent tribute to the dream.


    Quarter call drawing to the area from the elbow and until the middle of the forearm. Feature of this choice – the whole sketch is available to outsiders when wearing clothes with short sleeves. At the same time, the owner of the tattoo is ensured by increased attention and respectful views – this option looks stylish and attractive.

    Ideas of tattoos and sketches

    Tattoo begins with a sketch selection suitable for the embodiment of the conceived plot. The idea should be finalized – here include the stages of the study of the general concept, all the details, collaboration with the Tattoo Salon Master. Girls are much more commonly male choose a quarter-sleeve sketches, while the latter prefer 100 percent option. Sketches on half the option enjoy equal demand. Theme is extensive. Full sleeve makes it possible for applying detailed plots with images of mythological and real characters and related events.

    • For example, sea or land battles.
    • Very interesting forest tattoos.
    • Any part of the sleeve is the possibility of a drawing with a distant perspective, an image of space leaving for the horizon.
    • Polynesian and Slavic ornaments, biomechanics, colored, with mandala or floristic motifs.


    Animal attachment tattoo is very popular, almost all of them have their meaning associated with the features of the animal. Many values ​​came to our world from the depths of the centuries where they had a chateable importance. The beast or bird were keepers and assistants of the tribe, a considerable part of the cult customs and religious rituals. They worshiped, brought victims, sometimes human, such animals were considered sacred, endowed supernatural forces. Fauna images are divided into three types:

    • Real: bears, wolves, tigers, lions, cats and t. D.+
    • Mythological: Dragons, Centaur, Hydra, Unicorn, Griffins+
    • Birds and Fish: Eagles, Crows, Hummingbirds, Swallows, Gold Fish and Other.

    Animal sketches are helpers in the development of personal qualities, achieving global goals. But do not forget: everything that we get in life depends on your own readiness to work. Tattoo is just a faithful satellite if it is chosen correctly.

    Geometric figures

    Despite the clarity of lines and small, it would seem, the choice for applied creativity, geometry, it is a unique opportunity to create unusual and infinitely diverse sketches. Geometric shapes for sketches:

    • Cubes, cones and polygons+
    • Balls, broken and straight lines.

    By the way, Meander, one of the favorite ornaments of the inhabitants of the ancient world, was very popular in ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece. The higher the mastery of the Tattoo Master, the more difficult it creates sketches in a geometric style.

    The figure made in a geometric style looks unusually attractive, especially this style is not too common yet. However, the direction is considered progressive and actively developing. Such a tattoo always attracts the attention of others, and the number of combinations and the combination of figures cannot be calculated. Stopping the geometry, it should be remembered that, despite the seeming simplicity, it is one of the most difficult.

    You can not choose the masters without studying his personal portfolio. To perform a tattoo in the form of geometric figures, many years of experience in this area is needed – style requires perfectly even lines and well-performed corners, which is extremely difficult to fill on the human body. Geometry is perfectly combined with other plot compositions, most often the object is chosen by animals, such as cat or wolf muffins. Symbolism assumes a triangle, circle and t. D. In a talented performance, simple geometric lines create extraordinary paintings – the masters turn them into spectacular artwork.


    Flower sketches are very popular with women. There is no doubt that floral tender motifs open a wide field to perform drawings, and it always looks beautiful. Flower Topic Fans Most often choose all famous roses, lilies, irises. But the world of flowers is infinite, and choose something unique quite simple. Everyone can open the encyclopedia in search of rare samples. Similar tattoo are almost always performed in color, which makes them extremely attractive.


    Ornamental patterns – it is always spectacular and impressive, Such sketches can be filled with sacred meaning or simply to be a decorative entourage, to serve as a faith or a vital vector. Tattoo of this type may look like a simple ornamental pattern From geometric lines, For example, the same meander, or have a Slavic type, where direct lines, corners, circles, runes, waves are present.

    No less interest cause sketches with the image of the forest. As a rule, owners of such drawings thoroughly protect their personal space. They have some friends, but each they value. For strangers such people are closed. Visually, similar sketches usually look like a plot with high trees and birds above them. As a rule, this is a gloomy taiga world, and not a cheerful birch grove. The forest can be semi-filled with fog, combining image clock and pr. Tattoo carrier with the image of the forest – the personality is creative, with a large internal potential.

    Style directions

    There are many styles in the field of tattoo, less popular than realism, but no less spectacular. The girl for the design of the tattoo in the form of a sleeve can choose any style, it all depends on its idea and the general tattoo concept.

    • OLD SCHOOL – Style of Europe and America XIX-XX centuries. Originated in the midst of sailors, which thus always had a reminder of native land and loved ones. The style uses bright paints, a juicy palette, a black contour, almost a solid coating of the selected area, drawings in the form of anchor, skull, ribbons, crosses and t. D.

    • Mandala – Symbol of the integrity of the spiritual world, wisdom and interconnection with space. The main motive is a complex ornament enclosed in a circle. Basic Colors – Green, Red, Yellow, White, Blue. Weaving complex patterns hides a deep meaning. Mandal do not understand the unfair man, it should be learn to read. Each sketch carries a certain energy promise.

    • Biomechanics – one of the most spectacular styles, readily attracting the attention of others. Biomechanics – this is the stylization of a person under the cybernetic organism. It looks like a gap of the skin, under which the mechanical articulations, gears, chips, bolts, nuts, etc.

    • Chicano – Style originating in the criminal environment of Latin America. To date, Chicano does not have a similar meaning and serves only an art object, often having a meter of mystery, involvement in the otherworldly world. Mainly present dark tones – gray and black, sometimes added splashes of muted red shades.

    In addition, there are girls on the tattoo sleeve:

    • Zodiac signs+
    • Japanese style with dragons, including samurai+
    • Realism (most popular), engraving, ethnos, watercolor, doomle (in black and white palette) and so on.

    Styles for tattoo a lot, presented list is not full, he only says that it is not necessary to blindly repeat other people’s ideas. The decision to apply a tattoo already talks about the creative beginning of a person, so let it manifest itself in the choice of sketch. If you apply the drawing on the body, so let it be unique.

    Nuances of application

    Before applying a tattoo, you need to go through the initial stages. This is a choice of tattoo salon, wizard, style and themes of drawing. The author’s authorion can be easily found out with the help of the Internet – on the forums and in social networks.

    • View Salon and Masters Portfolio – Mandatory event. After the specialist is selected, and work has been agreed with him, it is necessary to decide on the sketch. Even if it is drawn with his own hand, and the topic belongs only to the customer, the consultation with the tattoos is needed. It is he who will tell all the nuances of the execution of the order and its features. Perhaps in work will not be so definitely like on a sheet of paper.
    • The choice of place depends not only on the sketch, but also from the height of the painful threshold. Suddenly high sensitivity to pain will not allow making a tattoo exactly where the customer plans. Especially if this is the first experience, and the client does not yet know the possibilities of its body.
    • Specialists advise drinking more fluid about a day before a session, To prevent no dehydration. The skin must be well moistened, it will help the process of skin absorption ink.
    • Also per day before session You can not use alcohol, aspirin and other drugs that dilute blood.
    • Need to get dressed as convenient as possible, To feel comfortable for a few hours, and details of the clothes did not interfere with the master.
    • You need to eat well before visiting the cabin, not to test dizziness and weakness.
    • If a very long session is planned, it will not hurt to have a small “snack”. For example, chocolate tile to have a reason for the break, during which it rests and the master.
    • For dry skin, you will need to apply moisturizing funds within a week before the session. Do not sunbathe before it, because the tan is the same sunburn – skin injury.

    After a session, it is necessary to strictly follow the rules of the care, which will tell you the master. The main danger is an infection that is able to spoil all the work. It should be in mind and not to make a tattoo before going on vacation to the sea or where you can swim. And, of course, be sure to visit your doctor if there are any problems or have a serious illness with skin. For example, diabetes, poor blood clotting, thyroid problems, etc. D.

    How to make women’s tattoo sleeves, look in the following video.

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