Ankolotka tattoo

Ankolotka tattoo

In the modern world, tattoos are applied to almost all parts of the body. The drawing on the ankle is already difficult to surprise someone. Tattoo on the legs make very many. Therefore, the choice of various interesting sketches is now very large.


Many applied tattoos on the ankle. Advantages of such pallows are quite a lot.

  1. Attractive. Mostly tattoos on ankles beat young girls. Such tattoo allow you to emphasize the female beauty and sexuality. Tattoos perfectly complement the gentle female images.
  2. Universality. Figures on the legs are suitable for people with any physique and lifestyle.
  3. Accuracy. Tattoo on ankle easy to hide behind clothes or shoes. Therefore, it does not prevent a person in life, communicating with people and promotion through the career stairs.

    The main minus of tattoos on this part of the leg is their pain. Since there are practically no muscles and adipose tissue on ankle, tattoo in this place happens to beat very pain. In this case, the process of application takes less time than drawing a tattoo on the back or hand. Therefore, a person with a high pain threshold will withstand this procedure without any problems.

    It is also worth noting that the ankle rarely manage to place some large pictures. As a rule, a miniature tattoo is stuffed there.

    The disadvantage of such a full composition is and their DISTRIBUTY. Due to the fact that this part of the body is constantly in contact with the edges of the shoe, the drawing on the ankle will be erected quite quickly.

    When choosing a tushkin, you need to pay attention to its appearance, and on the value of the selected symbol. The most popular according to statistics are the following sketches.


    Such drawings are ideal for those who are just starting to get acquainted with the world of tattoo. Application on the body of short inscriptions occupies very little time. Similar tattoos look great and pretty. Usually, in this portion of the body, they capture some motivating words that resemble the need to always move forward and achieve their goals.

    At the ankle, you can arrange the inscription both in Russian or English and in Latin. Now I Sketches with hieroglyphs. In most cases, young girls are transferred to the body. Occasionally tattoos with small text or hieroglyphs complement small drawings. It can be flowers, minimalistic patterns or symbolic images.


    Similar pictures can often be seen on the legs of women. Lightweight and tender tattoo with butterflies are suitable freedom-loving and creative personalities. Many people have sketches with these bright insects cause discomfort. They are often associated with frivolous and irresponsible girls.

    But in fact, tattoo with butterflies have more positive importance. Insect sitting on a branch or grape vines, symbolizes harmony and desire for family happiness. Bright butterfly with multicolored wings – this is a sign of love and openness to the whole world. To create such a tattoo you can use any paints.

    Flowers and herbs

    Most often on the ankles are stuffed below the listed plants.

    • the Rose. Tattoos with these royal colors are popular all over the world. So, in Japan, this plant denotes pride, royality and love. In Italy, Rosa symbolizes beauty and prosperity, in Egypt – clean love. Dolls with these flowers are interesting in any keller. Most often on ankles, classic scarlet flowers are stuffed. But lovers of original drawings can be closed to a tattoo with purple or blue shades.

    • Lavender. Symbolizes longevity and strong health. Long twigs in most cases are stuffing. Attractive looking spectacular plants made in purple color. They symbolize cravings for mysticism and romance. Figures often decorated with green leaves.

    • Clover. This plant is one of the main symbols of success. The clover image is usually located near the bone. Such a tattoo may complement short symbolic phrases. Sketches perform black or green paint. But you can stand out by selecting a bright and extraordinary picture.

    • Lily. Compositions with a named flower are also very popular among young representatives of beautiful sex. These drawings typically symbolize tenderness, innocence and nobility. On the lower limbs beautifully looks bright orange, light or bright red lilies. Excellent version of such a tattoo – Watercolor drawing without contour lines.

    • Pion. Earlier tattoo with this flower chose sailors and travelers. It was believed that this plant serves as he was guarded in the way. After time, the tattoo value did not change.

    The option with peony is suitable for freedom-loving people who are fond of different types of creativity.

    Beautifully on ankles look and Plots with trees or even the image of a whole forest. Such drawings occupy an extensive body area and surround the ankle as a bracelet.


    This kind of permanent drawing is a thrust symbol for something sublime. Most often on the ankle stuffing a whole pack of birds. Interestingly on the legs will look like minimalistic neat graphic drawings, and more worked tattoo.


    Another time proven symbol – Star. Palace with these celestial bodies always mean good luck and hope. Ankolotka will look original as small asters and drawings in the classic style.

    Girls on the ankle actively pinch elegant constellations. Most often they choose their astrological sign of the zodiac.


    Popular among tattoo art lovers and options with various animals. The choice of animal tattoo in many ways helps to understand the character of a person and how he sees himself from. In most cases, guys and girls are depicting the body below the listed animals.

    • Cat. Suitable strong and independent personality. Ankles look beautifully both contour tattoos and detailed. The most popular version of the tattoo – image of a black cat. Do not be afraid that such symbols will bring unfortunately – the drawings are not enthusiastic.

    • Koala. This is funny and cute creation can be seen on the body at open and friendly people. Tattoo with koalas often complement the images of bamboo branch or some colors.

    • Elephant. This animal is a symbol of harmony and calm. Elephant often make part of the mandala, and also stuff close to hieroglyphs or other significant drawings. Men are sometimes placed on ankles tattoo with elephants, wanting to emphasize their strength and resistance.

    • Snake. Many people consider this creation by the incarnation of danger and hidden threat. Therefore, tattoo with snakes is often styling strong and confident girls, ready to stand up for themselves. Among the guys are popular with tattoos depicting a snake having biting themselves after the tail. Such a sign symbolizes infinity and desire for harmonious development.

    • Dog. Tattoo with dogs usually pinch people who simply love these animals. Tatakers with portraits of domestic pets are now in demand. Such drawings always look unique and cause only pleasant memories from their owners.

    • Hare. Because of its natural qualities, the hare is a symbol of sexual discrepancy and desire for a more free lifestyle. In addition, the tattoo with a white hare can symbolize the luck and happiness that the owner of a native figure wants to attract in his life.

    • Deer. A tattoo with a deer symbolizes nobility and self-confidence. In addition, tagged with these animals are popular among travelers. Such a tattoo expresses the desire for harmony with the world. In addition, it can demonstrate the ease and naiveness of a person.

    Tattoos with animals are suitable for most people, because they are simple and understandable.

    Underwater residents

    Among the seats of marine elements are popular tattoos with unusual underwater inhabitants. They attract people with their mysteriousness and unusual appearance. Most often on ankles pinch images Dolphins. These mammals are distinguished by kindness and mind. Therefore, they are glad to depict on their body as guys and girls. Very beautifully look tattoo with fish jumping out of water. Such a tattoo is denoted Trust People and Joy.

    NSCare and sketches are rivked with various fish. Beautifully look at the tattoo with the image of one of the most Popular magic creatures. It is believed that the tattoo with a goldfish brings good luck to his owner and helps him to achieve his goals.

    Men often attract tattoo with Turtles. This creation symbolizes a long life, wisdom and constant movement to the goal. Girls like tattoo with turtles, decorated with flowers. Such a full drawing looks great in such a style as oriental or door.

    In addition, many people feed on the body of the image shells, marine stars or skates. They become a reminder of a pleasant trip to the sea.


    Perfectly on the ankle looks in drawings consisting of strips or complex patterns. Many girls like tattoo resembling lace, as well as cute colored bows. Similar tattoos are often decorated with colored pebbles, realistic feathers or some protective signs.


    Lovers of symbolic tattoo like the original sketches with meaning.

    • Anchor. Tattoos in the form of anchors are popular among people of different sexes and age. Most often they symbolize ordinary love for the sea. Such options often choose people whose lives in one way or another is associated with sea travel. In addition, knockers with anchors can symbolize and some stability or affection for a certain person. Often tattoo with this symbol make pairs.

    • Clock. This is one of the main character variability symbols and time facilities. Beautifully look at the lightweight tattoo with sandy or ordinary clock, supplemented with a small amount of bright colors.

    • A heart. On the ankle can be located both a small contour heart and a volumetric realistic pattern. Most often, such a tattoo symbolize clean love for some particular person or to the whole world.

    • The sun. Tattoos with the image of this luminaire have an ancient history. The sun symbolizes happiness and warm. Tattoos with his image are squeezed on their body. Very many. Most often they make contour or watercolor.

    • moon. Space tattoos with Moon especially popular among girls. They are usually stuffed by dreaming ladies. Moon can be combined with stars or clouds.

    More volumetric drawings are beautifully looking together with various animals or birds.

    • Lighthouse. This is one of the main symbols of hope. Tattoos with the image of the lighthouse most often make big. Only part of the tattoo is located on the ankle. Lighthouse base is in caviar. But no less beautiful and neat contour tattoo with lighthouses look.

      • Feather. Little feather on ankle is a symbol of lightness and freedom. Such tattoos most often make neat and almost imperceptible. Beautifully looking sketches made of white paint.

      If you wish, you can combine several different symbolic tattoos at once. The main thing is that they are well combined with each other.

      Styles of execution

      When choosing a tattoo, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the sketch is performed in what style. The most popular today are below the considered stylistic directions.


      This direction is popular in most countries of the world. There is no space for bulk work on the ankles. Therefore, often in the process of applying a tattoo has to use caviar or feet. Ready work always look bright and effectively.


      Tiny tatoo with minimal parts can even fill people far from this art. Such drawings look simply, but very pretty. Small tattoo in style minimalism look perfectly on the side or behind the ankle. As a rule, they are usually almost invisible.


      Thusing watercolor tattoo differ from the other saturation of colors and the absence of clear contours. Ankles usually have small symbolic drawings. Similar tattoos look like real works of art. Watercolor drawings of colors or marine creatures look at the legs.


      Schacking tattoo also resemble drawings. But they are usually done Monochrome. They like artists and other people who are fond of creativity. They are created quite large and worked out. They assign them usually on the side. The part of the composition can be located on the foot, calam.

      Similar monochrome tattoo with time can be finalized by adding bright colors or auxiliary elements.

      They are suitable for people who want to change something later in their appearance. You can make them as big and very small.

      Deciding with a suitable style, it is important to find a master who has already worked with this stylistic direction. It is best to go directly to a person who has high-quality and attracting work in the portfolio.

      Where to position Tattoo?

      When the sketch of the tattoo will be ready, you need to understand which part of the ankle will be located the selected drawing. You need to do this, given the features of your appearance and lifestyle.

      Miniature tattoo usually stuff on the inner part of the ankle or outside, near the bone. Such tattoos always look good. There are usually small characters or some commemorative phrases.

      Girls like tattoos in the form of bracelets. Such drawings are stuffed around the ankle. Most often such sketches look like real decorations. Particularly beautifully looks at the Celtic style tattoo.

      Such options can be made even more beautiful, adding them a small feature or heart.

      Men often feed this tattoo from behind. Pictures of the anchors, ships or underwater creations. Near such a tattoos you can also fill a short inscription, bright color light or bulk wave.

      So that the tattoo on the ankle looked beautiful, It is necessary to care for it.

      In the first few weeks after applying it, it is necessary to smear with a special healing tool and hide from direct sunlight exposure. When the picture will heal, it will need to continue regularly moisturize.

      In this case, the tattoo will remain bright and will not lose its attractiveness.

      Even more interesting and unusual sketches of a tattoo that can be fill on ankle, you will find on the following video.

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