Features of the tattoo drawn by handle

Features of the tattoo drawn by handle

It is not easy to become a highly professional tattooker. For this you need to be patient because there is quite a long time on the workout of each sketch. If you are firmly intend to master this specialty or just going to put a stylish decoration on the skin, first practice to draw tattoos handle: this will allow you to master all the basic skills.

Pros and cons

Tattoos made by hand, got widespread among adolescents. They are performed simply and quite quickly. All that is needed for this is to simply redraw the sketch of the skin or paper, and then translate to the skin. In some cases, the technique is used long-term. Then not only gel handles are used, but also a needle, and the tattoo is drawn along the line of skin punctures.

The main advantage of such tattoos is their time. They are stuffed for a certain period. This allows you to show fantasy in the selection of sketch and application zone. There are other advantages of this technique.

  • Creating a tattoo does not take a long time: For this, just one session is enough.
  • The procedure is absolutely painless and safe for humans. You can demonstrate your work at once: you don’t need to wait for the skin swelling and redness will decrease.
  • If during the application of the image and its wearing something went wrong, You can always delete a picture.

However, there are also its drawbacks:

  • After a certain time, the image on the skin will lose its aesthetic appearance+
  • The need to protect the tattoo from moisture influence entails a limit of water contacts, a decrease in frequency and intensity of sports.

Review of species and sketches

Young people usually pick up brutal knacks, feeding them on the back, shoulder or forearm. If you make a temporary knocker for the first time, it is desirable to pick up the part of the body that can be covered with clothes if necessary. If the picture is not the same as you thought, it will be possible with ease to hide from others.

Weak floor representatives prefer more elegant, exquisite and light plots. They emphasize their tenderness, fragility and femininity. Tattoo with handle are applied to arms, legs, wrist or brush. Consider the most popular and at the same time simple ideas that are used when applying a tattoo with a handle.


Similar images are designed to emphasize the most important features of the character of a man: determination, courage, devotion and desire to protect their loved ones in any situation. Most often on the skin the wolf, lion, as well as a bear or an eagle. At the same time, the sketches of animals should be chosen especially scrupulously, since conventional handles can not always pass the completeness of the grace and the power of the majestic animal in the details.


Favorite theme of young boys and teenagers is the sea. That is why they often draw ships and anchors on the skin. Such tattoo personify ease, mobility, thirst for adventure and wanderings.


Invariably brutally and effectively look on the body of the skull, they prefer rockers and representatives of other subcultures on the tradition. Such a picture causes associations with fatalism and is a death sign. However, it is not always a negative sign. Nature is often a reminder that all people are mortal, so you need to appreciate those moments that you live here and now.


The inscriptions on the body are considered a universal plot for a tattoo handle. They are stuffed as representatives of a strong half of humanity and women. In Body Art, such images can be made in Russian, English, as well as on Old Latin. In recent years, Chinese hieroglyphs and Arabic. These fonts look especially spectacular.

The subject can be absolutely any: a memorable name, date or favorite quote, which has become a life leitmotif.


Women love tattoos with floral motifs. Especially beautiful on a delicate female skin. Flowers look: orchids, tulips, camomiles and roses. Such images are excellent decor element. In addition, they emphasize deep, but at the same time, the sensual temper of the owners of such a tattoo.


Among young girls were distributed image of insects: dragonflies, ladybugs and butterflies. They personify themselves flight, ease, desire for light. Owners of such a tattoo show interest in beautiful carefree life. Tattoo gel handle with the image of these creatures is usually made in the color version.

Geometric patterns

Invariably effectively look on the body geometric patterns. Such tattoos make both men and a beautiful sex representative, ranging from adolescents and ending with mature people. Greek and nordic ornaments look especially stylish.

A heart

This is the optimal option for a romantic person. Heart made with the help of a gel handle may become a symbol of love and loyalty to some kind of person. Similar symbols indicate a person who loving to twist in the clouds and dream of a high feeling.

What handle to use?

Immediately note that The cheap ballpoint pen for creating temporary tag is unsuitable. The image made with its help will soon begin to unwind and can not hold the form even a few hours. To save your strength and time, you should buy reliable high quality tools, then problems can later be avoided.

Novice tattooer best use gel handle. If you are accustomed to ball models, the optimal option will be a writing agent with a thin rod: it will leave on the skin clear, perfectly smooth trail. As for the color solution, it directly depends on the plot. First, it makes sense to practice on monochrome patterns, and then go to the multitoneal.

Instead of the handle you can take advantage Cosmetic pencil. And their diversity is much larger than the handles. Beginner Tattooers will fit the eyeliner, as well as a pencil for lips and eyebrows.

If you wish to get a quality drawing that will last at least a few days, get the waterproof model of firms L “Oreal, Avon or Maybelline.

A very serious solution will be the use of markers. The sorting of this product is diverse: to create a tattoo, you can use everything, ranging from markers and ending with a professional tool. The more powerful the marker is, the longer the temporary tattoo will last on the skin. The most durable image is obtained by permanent composition: this tattoo does not erase randomly, and if you want to get rid of it, you will have to work well.

In addition to the handle, in the work on creating temporary tattoos you will need:

  • Any simple pencil+
  • tracing or ordinary thin paper+
  • cotton woven disks.

How to draw tattoo?

Let us stay more on the technique of creating a temporary tattoo with the help of a handle at home. First of all, you need to pay attention to the skin preparation. It includes several procedures:

  1. First, take a hot bath with the use of peelings and skin scrubs+
  2. If there is even a slight vegetation on the desired site, make depilation+
  3. Immediately before starting work, wipe the skin with an alcohol-containing napkin: it will allow to degrease the plot and remove the remnants of sweat.

If you do not pay attention to such manipulations, then the drawing will be blown uneven and it turns out to be lubricated. Long to hold a similar image will not be.

To create a temporary tattoo with the help of a handle, it is desirable to choose a plot that does not come into contact with clothing. Otherwise, the drawing will be subjected to constant friction and quickly discharge.

Separate attention should be paid to the preparation of the instrument. Pre-process with alcohol tip knob, which you will apply an image. Disinfection will allow minimizing the risk of infection in the event that wounds will appear on the skin.

Temporary tattoo with the help of a handle can be fed up with two methods.

The first way includes several phased steps.

  1. Cook stencil for your tattoo. Pick up the drawing you like and transfer it to paper with a simple pencil.
  2. Strip the resulting sketch by gel handle. The outlines of the drawing on paper should be filling as quickly as possible, it is very important not to give ink ink.
  3. Transfer the sketch on the body. For this, the traction is tightly pressed to the skin and hold for 20-30 seconds. It is necessary to act quickly, but at the same time very careful, otherwise the contours of the image can smear.
  4. Next you should adjust the drawing. First need to sketch on the contour, and then proceed to stroke. It is important that the pattern does not change its shapes and sizes.
  5. At the final stage it is necessary to work all the small elements of the image. For this purpose, it is carefully designated with the help of pens of different shades: black, blue, red and green.

In some Internet sources to secure the image, it is recommended to apply on the skin of the hair lacquer. In fact, it is not necessary to do so: such a treatment leads to cracking of the pattern and, accordingly, the loss of its aesthetic appearance. Everything you need after applying the image is to simply dry the processed zone.

The second way implies a puncture of the top layer of the skin with a sharp needle. It is impossible to call this technique. Nevertheless, it is much softer than skin punctures when packing a real tag. In this case, special attention should be paid to the sterility: and the skin, and the needle should be treated with alcohol.

Next, the following are.

  1. To begin with, as in the first case, the sketch liked the thin paper is applied.
  2. After that you need to redraw it on the skin. For this, the needle form shallow punctures, gel inks should slowly enter after this. To secure the color on each line you need to walk the handle 2-3 times.
  3. Give the ink to dry a couple of minutes, and then erase alcohol all excess gel.
  4. At the end of the work of the location of the punctz, once again treat the antiseptic agent.

Pay attention to the fact that punctures should be shallow. Otherwise, the real tattoo will be obtained and it will take it quite difficult. Procolments should be given time for healing, in the first day it is not recommended to touch and wet them. If a crust appears on the surface, let it dry and fall off naturally, it’s not worth tearing it. Figure, made in the first way, will last 2-3 days. Gel, introduced under the skin, will save the brightness of the paint from the week to the month.

To get rid of the temporary image, you need to remember what technique it was manufactured. For a small tattoo caused by the first method, there will be quite simple water and soap. In the second case, you will need any solvent: you can buy it in the store for repair or cosmetic department.

We also remind you that you have a tattoo with a handle carefully – it’s only half of the case. It is extremely important to competently care for the drawing. If you become observed all care tips, then the sketch will stay on the skin the sweetest time.

  • Do not subject a temporary image of moisture and steam, especially in the first couple of days after packing.
  • Before taking a shower in the bathroom or visiting a bath It is necessary to secure images, Greased them with any vegetable oil or vaseline. Liquid leucoplasty will be a good solution: it covers a temporary tattoo with a durable film and thereby creates effective protection.
  • Do not handle a tattooed section with alcohol-containing tonic, scrubs and peels. It is undesirable to rub it with a washcloth.

Temporary dolls made at home with a handle are greatly popular. They help stand out from the total crowd and raise the mood. If you competently take care of the image, then the drawing will look fresh and brightly long. But as soon as the tattoo will begin to lose its decorative look, it is advisable to remove it completely.

Similar decoration invariably attracts the eyes of others, because it should look flawless.

About how to make a tattoo with a handle at home, look in the following video.

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