How to hide tatoo?

How to hide tatoo?

Tattoos, especially performed by professional craftsmen, is undoubtedly very beautiful. However, there are situations in life when drawing is desirable to hide from prying eyes. Let’s look at a few simple ways as it can be done.

How to disguise with cosmetics?

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a tattoo painting with decorative cosmetics. We will discern step by step how to do it:

  • First you need to carefully learn the skin, for example, a scrub to a tonal cream leng smooth+
  • then wipe this area with a special body tonic+
  • Apply a masking corrector with hands or sponge for makeup+
  • Next to make the processed place with a tonal cream under the skin color and wait for it completely dry+
  • Swip this area – it will help to remove shine and irregularities+
  • Complete the work by sprinkling “camouflage” with hair varnish or a special makeup fixing agent.

If you do everything right and pick up the decorative cosmetics of a suitable tone, the tattoo will not be visible.

As a corrector for masking a dark tattoo, orange lipstick can perform an orange lipstick or an eye shadow of the same color. Orange Tint Neutralizes Dark Pigment Ink.

Pudder is better to use transparent, the consilet is very dense.

Temporary clothing masking

The simplest and surest option to hide the tattoo – it is right to choose clothes. It must close exactly the places where the drawing is located:

  • Tattoo on the leg easily hide pants, jeans or dense tights+
  • Large pattern on hand can be disguised as long sleeves of blouses, turtlenecks, jacket or climbing+
  • In order to hide the tattoo on the wrist, it is enough to decorate with with massive bracelets, put on a clock on a wide strap+
  • On brush hands you can pull gloves (of course, if it is appropriate)+
  • Tattoo on the neck easily hide behind a beautifully tangled handkerchief or scarf.

When selecting a camouflage bow, remember that it must match not only the dress code of the institution where you go, but also weather conditions.

Other ideas

We will give a few more useful lifehams to conceal the tattoo from prying eyes.

  • This method will suit exclusively long-haired young ladies. If the drawing is located in the neck area, on a shovel or clavicle, you should pay special attention to the hairstyle. It is necessary to dissolve the hair, turn large curls, scatter them on the back, shoulders. In the absence of the required length or volume of hair, you can use artificial strands on the hairpins.
  • Another interesting effective way that helps disguise a bright and small tattoo, – Truck. It is advisable to apply a special professional agent in the beauty salon – it will be greasy, and it will be staying longer. Specialist will tell you what tone it is better to choose.
  • Acting Grim. Of course, this method is not suitable for everyone. But if your career is somehow connected with the cinema, theater or similar industry, if you have access to professional commercial means, then this method is the most. The makeup holds on the surface of the skin for quite a long time, it does not flow, it will be disguised even a very large-scale drawings. At the same time, you can either immediately use the material for your skin, or first to “take” a tattoo, and after covering it with a suitable shade.

About how to smell the tattoo will tell the following video.

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