Indian Tattoos Overview

Indian Tattoos Overview

Indians are indigenous inhabitants of America. Now their images are associated primarily with independence and fearlessness. Related not only stories about native Americans, but also tattoos made in the style of Indians.


Ethnic tattoo stylized under the drawings of the ancient Slavs, inhabitants of Polynesia or North America, like many. Tattoos in such the subject attract not only those who are interested in the chosen culture, but also conventional art lovers.

Indian style tattoo have several features. First of all, they are associated with the vegetation and animal world. Ancient Indians felt a special connection with nature. Therefore, they often applied on the body of plants, wild animals and birds. In addition, such a tattoo could tell about what tribe a person belongs to, and what he believes.

Modern tattoos are also able to report a lot about their owners. But they feed their young guys and girls at their request.

To whom will fit?

Initially, tattoos in the Indian tribes stuffed only men. Tatu attached to them by masculinity and made the appearance of a warrior more terrible in the eyes of his enemies. Now Tattoos in the Indian style are popular not only among men, but also among women who, as a rule, choose more elegant drawings than guys. They stuff on the body of birds, feathers or images of various animals.

The most common such tattoo in the USA. Choosing sketches in the Indian style, the locals thus demonstrate their respect for the traditions of ancestors.

However, now such drawings can be made in all the salons of the world.

Tattoo species and sketches

Before stignifying the tattoo, it is worth paying attention to the characters that are popular among the Indians since a long time.


This is one of the most famous faiths. Dream catchers Indians were previously selected from branches and durable threads. Finished products They decorated with feathers of crows and eagles. Such charms usually hung over the bed. It was believed that they are able to protect people from bad dreams and evil spirits that can penetrate the consciousness of sleeping.

Modern tattoos with dreams are also peculiar charms. Therefore, they are traditionally posted as close to the head. In this case, the dream catcher protects a person from bad thoughts and terrible dreams. Most often, such tattoos are stuffed on the neck, back or shoulders.


This is one major gods, patronizing the ancient tribes of American Indians. According to legend, this deity travels the world in the appearance of a small little man with a flute in hand. It is believed that Kokopelly is responsible for changing the time of the year. It is with his arrival one season replaces the other.

Tattoo with the image of this character denotes positive energy and fun. Quiet drawings with cocopelles are suitable for bright creative personalities.

Face of Indian

Initially, such a tattoo had the right to apply on the body only leaders tribes. Now such tattoos can fill everything.

It is believed that such a drawing is a talisman capable of helping in love affairs. Therefore, such a tattoo is often puffed up girls or women wishing to meet the future spouse. Most often, Indians are depicted in headlife with feathers. Beautiful all look tattoos made in style realism.


Another important character that is used when creating thematic sketches is a pen. Tattoo with its image can be both black and white and color.

Native Americans believed that the feather is a symbol of the immortality of the soul. Such tattoos were usually applied to the body the most respected representatives of the tribe. Now such a tattoo is very popular among young girls. They are associated with them with ease and freedom.


Enjoyed popular among the ancient Indians and Tattoo with various animals. Each such drawing was of particular importance. Therefore, the choice of tattoo people treated very responsibly.

  • Wolf. The value of such a tattoo was clear even to Europeans. The wolf is a symbol of loyalty and devotion to its stack. Such tattoos applied to their body people, ready to give everything for the well-being of their tribe. In addition, the wolf is a symbol of highly developed intuition. Therefore, earlier tattoo with these predators was popular among shamans and drugs.

  • Coyote. Coyote’s tattoo can have several values ​​at once. This animal can symbolize both cunning and agility and craving for darkness. Particularly popular tattoo used among Aztecs.

  • A fox. In a number of Indian tribes, Lisa was considered a sacred animal. Tattoo with images of foxes most often applied shaman on their body. Now I can fill such a tattoo. Fans of Indian Culture still consider the image of fox by a protective symbol. Tattoos with this nightly predator are popular both among women and among men.

  • Bear. Tattoo with the image of this beast is a symbol of courage and power. Special value for indigenous Americans was a tattoo with the image of the Grizzly bear. Only a person who managed to defeat such a beast. Unfortunately, it was possible very few. Most often hunters just died in such battles. Now tattoos with bears most often stuff men. Such a full drawings help emphasize the power of the character of a person and his self-confidence.

  • Eagle. Representatives of North American tribes especially honored this bird. Very often the feathers of the eagles were used to create faiths. It was believed that such amulets are able to protect against enemies and increase the courage and warriors. Modern tattoos have the same meaning. They symbolize power, power and male strength.

  • Hawk. This is another important symbol of courage. Indians always read the hawks. Very often their feathers were used to create famous hats. Modern tattoo with the image of this bird are suitable for purposeful, strong and courageous people. Most often, such tattoos are pinching men. An image of a bird of prey can be part of the sleeve. It is usually complemented by other important signs.

  • Owl. The image of the owl is one of the main characters of wisdom and prudence. American Indians used feathers owls to create masks. They became powerful overalls for representatives of different tribes. Now tattoo with this bird stuff and guys and girls. Such a drawing is a symbol of wisdom and traction to knowledge. Owl with straightened wings most often personifies love for freedom.

  • Crow. Gloomy black bird Ancient Indians considered a symbol of communication with the otherworldly world. Tattoos with the image of the crows, as a rule, stamped on the body of shamans. Now such a tattoo attract lovers of mysticism. Images of these dark birds look perfectly in hand.

Very often, representatives of the Indian tribes chose tattoos related to their totem animals. Such images became protective characters.

Maja and Aztec tribes tattoo

Choosing a tattoo in the style of Indians, it is worth remembering that there is a big difference between the Aztec tattoos and the pictures of the Maya tribe.

The first always worn a religious character. They were applied to the body before committing different rituals. Aztec tattoos often depict the God of the Sun or War, as well as thematic totems. Ready drawings are usually decorated with nithewed patterns.

In the tattoos of the Mayan tribe, the motives of war prevail. Previously, similar images on their body applied talented warriors. It was believed that the more the man’s tattoos, the stronger he. Modern guys and girls usually choose a simple tattoo consisting of bulk patterns and inscriptions.

Accommodation options

Deciding with a sketch, it is important to choose the most suitable place for such a tattoo.

  • Arms. Most often, such a tattoo is stuffed in hand. Men have them on shoulders or forearms. There are beautifully looking big birds or animals. Little drawings are usually stuffed on a brush or wrist. There you can arrange an elegant bracelet consisting of simple patterns, or a small pen.

  • Head. Ancient Indians often stuck symbolic tattoos on her face or neck. Modern guys and girls are rarely solved for such a step. They most often make a small tattoo on the neck or behind the ear.

  • Back. Great place to apply bulk detailed drawings – this is a back. There you can arrange both black and white and color tattoo. Pictures on the back look very beautiful and over time do not lose their attractiveness. Most often they are located between the blades or near the shoulders.

  • Legs. A little less often such a tattoo fill on their feet. There, as a rule, stretched drawings or small characters. Such a tattoo are suitable for bold and confident people who wish to emphasize their appeal.

The correctly selected tattoo in such an unusual style can be not only an ornament, but also a peculiar guard or a symbol resembling a person that for him, indeed, it is important.

Overview and values ​​of the Tattoo in the style of the Indians, see the following video.

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