Meaning and examples of sketches of tattoo jester

Meaning and examples of sketches of tattoo & jester &

If you want to fill in your body a tattoo, you should choose the most suitable sketch in advance. There is a huge variety of various native drawings made in various techniques. Considerable pictures depicting jesters enjoy considerably.


Tattoo, which illustrates the jester, may have different meanings. So, for men, it can mean the following:

  • Hidden Ace+
  • hooliganism+
  • mischievous+
  • Dangerous opponent.

Most often, such a tattoo is picked up with self-confident men with a strong and volitional character. The image personifies the bold person, which at the same time combines the mischief of the child, hooliganism.

For girls, such tattoos may carry another meaning.

  • Dangerous rival+
  • optimism+
  • Anger and wit+
  • Good speaker.

Most often at the owner of a tattoo in the form of a jester, a multifaceted and interesting character. Such girls from birth possess special intuition, easily recognize false.

In addition, certain types of such a tattoo may be a symbol of various things. So, a smiling jester can talk about tricks and wit, intelligence. Tattoo with sad clown symbolizes complex internal contradictions of man.

It should be remembered that the jesters are most often joining, card decks. Passion for these games speaks of excitement and strong predisposition to fraud, striving for risks. The jesters are inconstant, they can be cheerful, and sad. And if you have a tattoo, you will depict a sad character, it may mean that you want to stop constantly pretending.

Options sketches

Tattoo with such a character can be performed in various options.

  • It will be interesting to look at the prison with Smiling big jerk, who holds cards in his hands. Sometimes instead of the face of the master stuff a skull. These options are more suitable for strong sex. They may have different sizes. Often they are applied large compositions on the back and on the chest.

  • Another option will be a full image With a jerk (face in the form of a skull), which removes a mask. Such a complex pattern is suitable for both girls and guys. This tattoo will be spectacularly looked at any zone. At the same time, the clown itself is better to perform in black and white gamma, and the mask – in color. This option more applies to male.

  • Often, the jesters are depicted in a classic version with a lush headdress, decorated with small openwork patterns, with a traditional mask and suit. You can portray only the face of the hero. Emboss it is permissible only with gray and black flowers or use brighter and rich colors.

  • Also good looks tattoo in the form of a clown in a lush bright headdress with a golden mask. In this case, you can make a beautiful background. The most spectacular will be the image performed in the technique of realism. The finished native drawing will be the most natural possible. The background can be made almost any, but it is better to also use various colors so that the total composition is more interesting.

  • Sometimes masters depict black and white Joker with an evil smile in a headdress and in a suit. At the same time, it can be stuffed with one or several cards. An unusual option will be an evil smiling jester in black and gray colors. In this case, a native figure can be supplemented with images in the form of small volatile mice. Background is better easy to make light gray. If desired, it is permissible to apply any inscription at the bottom or on top of the composition. This option is perfect for girls.

  • Also sometimes depict a small sad clown with a tear. It is also decorated with a bulk headdress in a striped, a lush collar. You can fade only face in a mask or make a full figure with a torso. Embed such a tattoo better in black and gray performance. Often the character is depicted in profile.

What part of the body apply?

An excellent place to apply a small tattoo in the form of a jester will be a wrist or ankle. These options most often give preference to a weak floor representative. Little black and white or multicolored tattoo look at these zones.

If you want to fill the larger image, then the best option will be hands: forearm and shoulders. There often apply pictures with a background and with a variety of additional elements.

Legs are also suitable for such tattoos. To create a major plot, it is worth choosing a thigh. Sometimes masters make large stories that immediately occupy the thigh and caviar.

Tattoo is often applied on the neck. It is better to fill small pictures. You can make a more volumetric pattern, smoothly turning on the chest or back.

Sometimes similar pictures are applied to the sides of the case. Middle-sized drawings will be appropriate. You can also create a single plot, smoothly turns on the stomach either on the back.

Beautiful examples

  • An interesting and beautiful option will be a tattoo illustrating the face of a jester in a gold or silver mask with massive patterns. Collar and sessions can be made using a red bright color. Also better arrange and background. It is best to portrait the style of realism so that in the end it turned out the most natural and unusual image. The composition will look good on the back.

  • You can also fill on the body tattoo in the form of a multicolored smiling clown with black lips and eyes. When creating a suit, it is better to use black, white, red and orange colors. You can put a magic wand or other similar attribute in the hands of the character. The background in this case does not necessarily issue. This option is also suitable for men, and for women. It is better to post it on the shoulder or on the forearm.

  • Many stuff tattoos that depict a little black and white jester with a simple mask, a magnificent clothes and suit. Often special attention is paid to the mask, it is decorated with various patterns, carefully draw every detail. Such simple tattoo will look pretty presentable and neat. If desired, they are often decorated with additional elements. This tattoo is better placed on the neck or on the back.

  • If you want to make the most spectacular and original tattoo, then it is better to fill Picture illustrating a character with a skull and in a suit, who removes the craft mask. All items should be made in black and gray colors, the eyes are permissible to make red or orange. This option is considered more preferable for representatives of a strong floor.

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