Meaning and examples of sketches of tattoo Arrow

Meaning and examples of sketches of tattoo & Arrow &

The boom is a kind of cold weapon that was used on the hunt and warriors in battles. Today it is a powerful, rather popular sign that is often applied to the body as a tattoo. About what such a symbol means, and what tattoo with his image exist, we will tell in the article.


The image of the arrow with feathers is one of the most common for tattoos. It is applied both men and girls who want to decorate their body drawing. Before applying a similar symbol, it is worth learn about his meaning.

It is worth saying that the arrows in ancient times were often used in combination with a bow on the hunt or in battles.

An image of such an arrow could often be seen on herbs – it emphasized the connection with the army. Many believed that the arrow symbolizes the courage, determination, heroism. It was for this reason that it was believed that the arrow is an exceptionally male symbol. However, this is not so.

Many are mistaken, believing that the basic value of the symbol in the form of an arrift is somehow connected with the military sphere. In fact, this sign is quite a lot of values. So, the arrow is the accuracy, the ability to choose the right goal and follow it, despite all the difficulties and obstacles. The boom is a symbol of calm, determination, self-control, smelling and equilibrium. Such a sign is an indicator that a person is capable of protecting himself, his native people.

Besides, great importance for such a sign. So, if the arrow is directed towards the North, it symbolizes the mind, wisdom, knowledge. The direction towards the south means innocence, towards the East – foresight, the ability to build ambitious plans. And the direction of the boom to the West symbolizes the developed ease and intuition.

This symbol can be interpreted differently. Do not forget that the boom is used not only as cold weapons, but in some cases, also as a pointer. If you interpret the symbol in such a context, then it will mean a movement for a person in the right direction. Such a tattoo will help its owner to find the right way, will assist in finding the truth, its purpose, harmonious existence.

This sign has another value. It is connected with the famous many Amur or Cupidon, which is the owner of a bow and arrows, which are endowed with a magical force. In such a context, a native figure is considered as the desire of its owner to love, real, sincere and complete. In addition, such a sign symbolizes femininity, eroticism and energy of sexuality. It is for this reason that an image endowed with a similar meaning, as a rule, makes predominantly a fair sex.

Variety of sketches

There are many tattoos with an arrow with a pen with a pen. At the same time, the arrow in the figure can be depicted both an independent element and a part of a large composition having some particular plot.

If we talk about a stylist solution in which this tattoo will be performed, it can also be different. Its selection depends only on the preferences and desires of the owner of the future tattoo.

So, If you wish to make yourself a small tattoo, which will not immediately rush into the eyes, then in this case the best solution will turn to such a style as minimalism. As a rule, a tattoo, made in such a stylist solution, are applied in black and white, but sometimes there are also drawings made in color. Similar images look like on male and on the female body very neat and strictly. Such a drawing can be easily hidden under clothing.

However, there are other options. So, the drawing of the arrow can be performed in the style of graphics or watercolor. Both options with proper execution will look at the body effectively and interesting. Such style solutions are suitable for both women’s tattoos and for men. The style of realism for which the detail is characterized here will also be appropriate.

If we talk about the plot component of tattoos, then it is also quite important for interpretation of the drawing.

The most popular is an arrow image option with different symbols. These may be runes, symbols and other inscriptions. The value of such a tattoo will largely depend on the interpretation of these very characters.

The image of the arrows itself plays a big role. So, if it is depicted in solid form, and the tip is characterized by a special sharpness – it symbolizes determination, readiness to go into battle, purposefulness. Such an arrow was used by African peoples, she symbolized an ad attack on enemies or their capture. Broken arrow with them, on the contrary, meant the end of the hostilities. Therefore, the image of broken in half the boom symbolizes peaceful, the desire for stability and life in harmony both with the world and with himself.

There is an option and a footprint in the form of a full-fledged weapon, which is a combination of arms with arms. As a rule, most often depict the tent stretched in Luke and the arrow. Such a drawing symbolizes men’s health, vital resistance. If such an image is complemented by a killed bird, for example, an eagle, then it symbolizes more and desire to win. As a rule, such scanners make people who have an active life position.

This version of the image, like a heart puzzled, also has a special meaning. This native figure indicates that the person has already found his true love. This image symbolizes eternal loyalty and devotion to its partner. In addition, it means unity and energy of sexuality.

Drawing with outlines of roses located next to the arrow has a similar value.

He symbolizes the thirst for love, a big desire to find a person close to spirit, life satellite.

The variant of the drawing, which shows crossed arrows, is also quite popular. Such a tattoo symbolizes strong friendship, bond. This version of the image is suitable for people who want to make steam tattoo with someone of loved ones.

Places for applying

Tattoos in the form of an arrow, as a rule, do not differ in the large size. For this reason, it is possible to apply them almost on any part of the body: on hand, on the leg, on the wrist, on the finger, in the area of ​​the roiber or clavicle, on the back or forearm. If you still want to make a big tattoo, then in this case, it is best to portray it on the forearm, back or chest – it is these zones that differ in the greatest area of ​​skin.

Beautiful examples

There are many variants of sketches of tattoos with an arrows image.

Here, for example, a minimalistic drawing, suitable and girls, and men.

And here is more delicate performance of such a picture. Such a tattoo will look very impressive on the body of a woman.

A large image of an arrow, made in color, also looks very interesting if it is correct to beat.

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