Meaning and examples of sketches of tattoo pigeon

Meaning and examples of sketches of tattoo & pigeon &

Dove for many is a bird of the world. It was this association that made it popular for tattoos. However, before making myself an image on a body with a pigeon, you should contact the history and mythology. As well as It is worth viewing the existing design options, what they mean, and what places it is better to apply.


Tattoo is used as a decoration for the body for quite a long time. However, it should be understood that Each beautiful pattern or image of a bird, animal hide a special meaning. Various objects of nature, including a variety of colors, insect representatives, birds, animals enjoy the greatest popularity of Tattoo masters. Newbies often wish themselves to make a pigeon tattoo, combining aesthetics and symbolism.

Sketch of pigeons for tattoo likes all its beauty and deep meaning. Most often, he is chosen by bright personalities who want to report something to the whole world. For men and women, this species of birds are often, along with love and peace, means success. Tattoo is suitable for those who have already become successful and those who are just striving for this.

In the Bible, the pigeon is a symbol of a new beginning, Therefore, it will work perfectly if life begins with a blank sheet. Surprisingly, this peaceful bird transfers the family value. It is explained by the fact that the pigeons are trying to choose one partner for life.

A variety of religions and cultures in all corners of the world are distinguished by these beautiful birds and give them special values. In christianity These feathers symbolize faith. In many pictures you can find pigeons: for example, on one known image it is made with a branch in a keyboard on the ark background. Since the ancient centuries for this bird is characterized by the Association with the world and hope.

Image of pigeons is suitable for both adults and young guys and girls.

The bird symbolizes inspiration, and when it is transferred to the body, it brings the divine faith and hope to. For some Tattoo, the pigeon is a confirmation of the devotion of its religion. In the mythology of Celtov This bird is associated with well-being, love, cleanliness, innocence and protection.

Pious feathery is often correlated with maternity. This can be explained by the connection with Venus from mythology. There is a legend in which the pigeons gave Zeus’s food, which put her motherhood.

Celts believed that the feathers could forefall both good and evil. The Japanese has a popular legend, according to which pigeons are messengers of the God of war with news on the end of the battle. Quite often found tattoo with a bird holding a branch of an olive tree in the beak. In some nations, they are identified with a soul of man, which finds liberation after death. The design with a blue is perfectly suitable for newlyweds, wishing to celebrate the beginning of a new life path where Vera is dominated, love and devotion.

Sketches Ideas and Design Options

Tattoo with pigeons Quite often looks realistic, despite the difficulty of execution. Masters like to portray birds with the smallest details so that they get like live. White pigeon with small additions in the form of decorative elements is most popular. Often you can see the tattoo that contain religious plots or reproductions of common paintings of this topic.

Very original look in one color in the style of doosek, which consist of thousands of very small points. This option looks good even next door to tattoos in other styles. The main minus of the doorway lies in the fact that it is difficult to adjust.

Bright and gently look Watercolor pigeons tattoo. The style is very unconventional and allows you to use multicolored paints. No less interesting birds will look like origami or in Linvork style.

They can be successfully combined with watercolor elements.

It is worth noting that the design of tattoos with pigeons is very diverse, and the most difficult thing is to choose the most appropriate option. Several sketches enjoy the greatest demand.

  • Romantic image of the bird is used when conducting wedding ceremonies worldwide. Tattoo two pigeons – a great symbol of love you can show your feelings for another person.

  • Feathered with flowers combined just perfect. However, it is worth considering that, depending on the specific flower, the tattoo can change its value. For example, a pigeon with a rose is associated with passion, with a peony – with charm, with lilies – femininity.

  • The image of the first branch carrying in the beak is in demand, as it symbolizes the world. And the world around the world reflects the bird tattoo on the background of the planet Earth.

  • One dove is identified with the purity and beauty of virginity. The owner of such a tattoo shows a deep commitment to faith, the desire to keep innocence before the wedding, as well as loyalty to its second half throughout life.

  • Memorial image of a bird with dates of life and death especially close man reflects the memory of him. Often this sketch makes a cross.

Tattoos in which the dove protrudes the central element can be supplemented with various elements, such as clocks, stars, waves, inscriptions, trees, hearts.

Where to post?

Place a tattoo depending on the size and design of the image. Of course, the wishes of the customer himself are also required. You should choose a creative tattooker with extensive experience in the sketch to be beautiful and aesthetic. Figure on the body is often created to attract attention, so it should be placed where it will notice. At the same time it must be positioned so that it is easy to hide if necessary.

Large tattoos, As a rule, applied on the belly, back, chest area or hips. For small images Ankles, forearm, area behind ear, hands (in particular fingers, brushes).

However, most often tattoo with pigeons can be seen on the wrist or on the neck.

Tattoos With vertical elongation Better will look on hand or leg. Concerning Horizontal options, then for them it is better to choose the top area of ​​the back or chest. Round Tata perfectly look at the shoulder, hip or blade.

Figure Form also matters when choosing a place. For example, a frequently used pair of pigeons is applied in love with pairs on the wrist. For poultry with a branch, the calf muscle, shoulder or forearm. Girls go when large drawings are applied to the top of the leg, ribs or blades. Men are better preferred for such a thoracic region or spin. Some crosses cause images of birds right on the palm.

It is necessary to clarify that the location is often not affected by the value of the tattoo. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the pigeon pose and its position on the sketch.

Beautiful examples

Examples of spectacular tattoos with a pigeon large number. Often women and men give preference to the image of birds as close as possible to realistic. This naturalness fascinates with its beauty.

The pigeon escaped from the hand personifies the beginning of a new life and the desire for freedom. This is Stress also bright rays, breaking through dark background images.

Style Oldskul always looks original on the representatives of both sexes. Tattoos in this style are allocated due to convexity and colorfulness.

Men prefer image Graphic style. Although sometimes minimalism and originality also like women. The main thing is that the tattoo is beautiful, you need to choose the most simple options.

Tattoo in the style of Tribal Combine a bird with a clear pattern. You can put the image on any part of the body. Not so long ago, such a design could be seen only in some tribes from Africa, Australia and America. Today, quite often such a tattoo can be seen on women and men around the world.

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