Meaning and examples of sketches of tattoo in the form of garters

Meaning and examples of sketches of tattoo in the form of garters

Currently, there is a huge number of different interesting and beautiful sketches of tattoos. An unusual option will be a tattoo in the form of garter. It will be able to fit perfectly. Today we will talk about the meaning of such native drawings, their design.


A tattoo on which a beautiful openwork garter is depicted, may have a different meaning. Most often you can meet the following interpretations:

  • Pottleness+
  • Changes in life and fate, all problems are easily solved+
  • Easy attitude to problems+
  • Ability to rejoice in life+
  • ease of relationship, immediacy.

The garters themselves are considered a special symbol of the seductivity of the girl, they can also talk about her mysteriousness, because such an interesting accessory is always hidden under clothing, only the closest person can see him. This allows the compositions like its owner, attractiveness.

Often you can see such a tattoo that are complemented by a small image in the form of a knife or revolver. These decorative elements will allow the passion and danger of a native picture, while they do not diminish the femininity of their owner.

Tattoo with the image of openwork garters will be an excellent option for confident women who are prone to risk. And also they will fit those who want to express their passionism and femininity.

Options sketches

There is a wide variety of sketches of tattoos with this image. They can be performed in different colors and in different sizes. Original and gracefully look at full pictures in the form of thin lacy borders of black. At the same time, they are applied using a multitude of thin smooth lines that intertwined with each other, forming a single unusual drawing on the body.

Many prefer tattoo, which illustrate garters with a bow. At the same time, you can make a small bow, made in a dark color, you can immediately make several such parts from different sides. This decorative detail is able to give more femininity and passion for the finished composition, sometimes it is decorated with a small crystal or diamond, pearls.

It looks originally such a tattoo, decorated in gentle colors (white, beige, pale blue, pale pink, light gray). Compositions in such colors are obtained as feminine and attractive as possible. Often they are created in brighter and bold gammas (red-black, black and blue).

These tattoos are attractive looking at the leg, decorated with flowers. At the same time, drawings are more often used in the form of large color or black and white roses. They can also immediately be immediately. All this is permissible to supplement the vegetable neat ornament, details in the form of green little leaves.

Another unusual option is considered such a native drawings, which illustrate graceful lace garters with a heart.

At the same time, the main part is most often performed in the black and white range with the image of the light halftone and the half, the picture in the form of a heart can be made in the same palette, and it can be framed red, pink, purple, blue, green and other flowers.

Some prefer the sketches depicting a thin garter on foot on which there is a picture of a gun or other weapons. Such drawings can be performed both in color and in black and white.

Just and beautifully look at lace garters created using several colors. The foundation can be made black and gray, and then add it patterns of bright colors (red, orange, blue). At the same time, additional decorative parts in this case will be optional.

Sometimes such tattoos on the leg make completely red. Such a bright color will allow the composition of the composition a special passion.

It can be supplemented with one small bow or floral bud.

Often, women are stuffed with pair tattoos, while on each leg is applied image of openwork garters. They must be decorated in one color and in one style. The whole composition together will look harmonious and elegant, she will be able to approach almost any girl. Sometimes completely clog out the whole leg, making imitation stocking with a garter, all this is worth performing in black and gray gamma.

Beautiful examples

If you want to fill on your body a classic tattoo in a laconic and simple style, then the best option will be Tattoo in the form of a narrow black garter with symmetrical patterns or with floral ornament, lace imitation.

If you plan to apply a more interesting composition, then you can pick up Sketch with an image of an elegant white or beige garter with a miniature bow in the same coloring, in the middle of which a small crystal or pearl will be placed. With the help of darker shades, you can create light halftone and a half, so that the drawing turned out to be the most natural.

Another good option will be Tattoo, decorated with a red bow with a black thin contour. The garter may consist of simple and small patterns.

Tattoo in the form of such a lace garter with a major revolver will be able to approach confident and purposeful women. They are often fully created by black saturated pigment. All this is also permissible to decorate a small gray or black bow with a diamond or crystal. Sometimes the main drawing is made in the red palette, and everything else is in darker colors.

Unusually looks like a tattoo with a lace pattern and with a heart in the central part. The whole composition most often make black and gray. If desired, you can add bright colors. Heart on a thin openwork garter is better to make a small size so that the composition gets harmonious and elegant.

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