Meaning and examples of tattoo Lynx

Meaning and examples of tattoo & Lynx &

The tattoo with the image of a lyry is distinguished by a special aesthetics and grace. From the material of this article you will learn what it means, what happens where it is stuffed.


Tattoo with a pattern of lynx is designed for people of a specific audience. The symbol itself does not have differences on the carrier and is suitable for both men and women.

This type of tattoos appeared with a trendy trend on the culture of North American Indians. The indigenous tribes of the United States considered the personification of tricks, the mind, excellent fighting qualities.

Lynx – Graceful, deft and strong predator. Depending on the nature, such a tattoo may have several values. For example, she can hint at the dedication and cunning holder.

This is a choice of attentive natures with an analytical warehouse of the mind. At the same time, the nature of the animal indicates vigilance and caution. Such tattoo make people who are not inclined to trust every conversation. This is Choice of personalities for which loyalty and reliability are key characteristics of character. The tattoo of a graceful predator on the body of a woman or a man says that its owner values ​​with its loved ones. He dare, Silen, in moderation calm.

If the tattoo is made on the guy’s body, it indicates the rigidity of the nature. This is the choice of strong men who are stubborn, but fair. Such a tattoo make single people with their characteristic rules and principles that they do not change.

There is a different meaning Nature. Tattoo with the image of a lynx choose those who do not make a lot of friends, but has only reliable satellites. These are people who do not interfere with the lie preferring not to talk and do. This is the choice of self-sufficient and courageous guys, moral and physically developed. Tattoo with the image of a lynx says that a person has its own opinion, he is responsible for his words and actions. This is the choice of self-confident people who have strength and authority.

Tattoos on the female body symbolize tenderness and sensuality, dedication and loyalty in relationships.

The value is due to the behavior of the predator in nature. Lynx can stop loving relationships only with the death of a partner.

Tattoo indicates constancy in love. Therefore, the tag can be not only classical, but also steaming. It can be 2 identical images or a sketch in which one part of the tattoo continues another.

Options sketches

Tattoo varieties with a picture of a lot. Pictures on the body can be performed in various techniques. Classic receptions are considered old school and Tradishnl. These styles today are the most sought after men and among women.

Tattoo B Technique Oldcul (old school) perform with bright colors. Elements of the picture are driven by black lines. Lynx can be made in the form of a sketch of the muzzle. In addition, it can be decorated with other elements.

Lynx in technique Tradishnl may have an uncomplicated plot. She talks about the character of a person may be ordinary and bright color. Style is inherent simplicity. Its characteristic features are thick strokes of elements and bright colors.

Style Nesravdishnl differs from the usual direction of greater softness. Such tattoo create by mixing paints. They are understandable and can be combined with other tattoo styles, sometimes resemble graphics.

Often, images in these techniques are complemented by various elements. For example, it can be a dagger, inscription, wings, flowers, space. At the same time, only the animal face is most often depicted.

Black and white tattoo – Classic sketches suitable guys and girls. They are less fused with time, attract attention to the duration of drawing. Such tattoos perfectly completed the image, bringing a kind of highlight to it.

Sketches in realism style – Some of the most difficult on execution. Make such packages can professionals with artistic skills and experience. Style assumes the exact (photographic) image transfer to the body.

Such tattoo – one of the most sought-after in professional salons. The main features of realism – realistic image and naturalness of the image. This technique involves diluting the shades of the used paints. It can be classic or portrait.

Lynx can be depicted in profile, with paws or without. Her ears can be straight and pressed, as if the animal listens.

Master’s ear brushes painted in different ways. They can be realistic or stylized, small and long.

The originally looks tattoo Ryne with Indian motives. For example, an animal may have a collar with pen and beads. Or on his head can be the headdress, like the leaders of the Indian tribes.

Cool looks on the body sketches In a schematic style. And the image can be traditional or geometric. The last tattoo is especially impressive on a beautiful muscular body.

Lynx itself can be finished in full growth, in motion, sitting, lying. Worthy of attention Pictures in watercolor appliances packing. They look colorfully and realistic. At the same time, the stylistics can be mixed with realism.

Separate customers are asked to perform Monochrome or Color tattoo in style Treshpolka. Owners of such tattoo – volitional personality with a creative look at life. This direction of Tattoo Design is gaining popularity today.

Tattoo looks spectacular in the stylized form, where the silhouette of the face or animal body is filled with a variety of ornaments. Such dolls resemble anti-stress coloring. Sketch of the muzzle can be filled with symmetrical or different patterns.

In addition, the animal can be depicted in an embrace with a rabbit. Guys Put a fiction tattoo with a crammed mouth. Beautifully looks drawing of a hunting lynx that prepared for a jump, or wild cats with realistic scratches on the body. Sketches can be vertically elongated.

Where to make tatatu?

The choice of the place of application depends on the client’s preferences, the size of the pattern, its shape and manner of execution. Geometric style images can be stuffed on any parts of the body. Guys prefer to decorate tattoos chest, forearm, shoulders, hands. Girls are often asked to fill the tattoo on their hands.

In addition, depending on the sketch dimensions, it can be applied to hip, neck, legs. Small female drawings are located on back. It may be sketches in classic style or minimalism.

It happens that the selected sketch does not fit on a certain part of the body. The masters offer the best solution so that the drawing is clearly visible and was not deformed.

Most often, lynx stuff on hand and forearm. However, the skin in these places is movable, it changes the form depending on the dialing or weight loss. For large realistic images choose other sites.

For example, the drawing will be well visible on the body of the body starting from the waist and reaching the neck. It looks good on the side of a rock. Some customers are pinching a tattoo on the thigh.

Often tattoos are applied on lap or Upper back. Large tattoo have all the backs.

If the sketches do not fit on the hand, they are located on the thigh (front, side). Small drawings of men are placed on the chest.

Beautiful examples

We offer some examples of a successful selection of tattoos with a picture of a lyry to different parts of the body.

  • Original Tattoo Design in Realistic Style Selected for Hand.

  • An example of a spine on the back, made in monochrome.

  • Option of watercolor style tattoo, selected for applying for forearm.

  • Tattoo on the back, made in a stylized form from a variety of patterns.

  • Stylish example of wild cat in monochrome color embodied on a male hand.

  • Option of women’s tattoo with a picture of a lynx located on the side.

  • Idea sketch of lynx in geometry technique, concise design for torso.

  • Scene composition in one color, able to decorate most of the hand.

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