Meaning and options Tattoo in style

Meaning and options Tattoo in style

Tattoo with a eared fauna representative may have different meanings, for example, a rabbit symbolizes the attraction of fortune, and the hare tells about the difficult and grumpy character of the carrier. In the 50s of the twentieth century, the image of the animal acquired a completely new character when the entrepreneur Hugh Hefner ordered from the artist named Arthur Paul emblem for the future Playboy magazine. Since then, the elegant hare with a butterfly on the neck is associated with attractive, liberated and sexy people. In this article we will look at the value of Tattoo with a rabbit in the style of playboy, as well as interesting sketches and suitable places on the drawing body.

Tattoo value

To understand the value of Tattoo “Playboy”, first it is necessary to figure out what the eared animal means. Every people in their own way treats a hare. In the religion of India, it is considered a symbol of fertility, Japanese myths describe the herbivores as a cunning and wise beast, and the calculating British believe that obliqueness of oblique is the personification of its acute intuition. Ancient Greeks and Romans identified a rabbit with a feeling of deep love, so it was often portrayed next to the goddess Aphrodite.

Cute, fluffy and harmless animals have always been associated with people with something light and positive – in the Chinese calendar he is the most fortunate zodiacal sign. However, in China, the hare refers to the dark energy yin, because he exhibits the greatest activity at night. Lovers of the night sky argue that if you carefully consider the moon, it can be found on her outlines of a herbivore animal. Earth satellite is a female start sign, which once again recalls that the rabbit symbolizes fertility, abundance and wealth.

Tattoo with an intelligent bunny Playboy not to all people to face – such a sketch is brave, liberated and open, so it does not fit strict and conservative personalities. The erotic context of the logo of a large company says that the carrier of the tattoo loves and knows how to entertain and does not refuse himself in pleasure. Figure is most often found on the skin of active and self-confident personalities who are engaged in social activities and love to be the focus.

Rabbit is associated with many people with a famous magazine full of famous beauties, however, the depth of the drawing value does not end. In addition to posters with women, Playboy also publish information on important events in the world of fashion, culture, sports and many other social spheres.

Therefore, the tattoo with a beast symbolizes not only the appeal – it means that the owner keeps up with the times and is always aware of the latest events.

On the one hand, the rabbit in the tuxedo denotes energy, audacity, playfulness and indomitable libido, on the other – curiosity, power, unshakable and self-confidence. All these character traits create a powerful combination of the active life position of the herbivore animal and the aristocraticity of an intellectual, who knows the price. The illustration can be regarded as a triumph from achieving the target, because in most cases people feed it after they carry out their plans or embody dreams.

People with a tattoo tattoo in style playboy have a strong, volitional and versatile character, they have pronounced leadership qualities, so they do not like to obey. Most often, such individuals occupy a dominant position and prefer to manage people, and not to carry out orders. Thanks to the high intelligence and treaglers, tattoo carriers become excellent leaders – both in the working sphere and in ordinary friendly and personal relationships.

Options sketches

Initially, Playboy magazine was intended for men, so many believe that a tattoo with a logo in the form of a hare’s profile is exclusively male, but this is a delusion. An unusual tattoo emphasizes the attractive male image, but also on the body of fragile, sexy women looks no less effectively.

We offer to consider a list of interesting and popular embodiments of sketches in Playboy theme.

  • Classic. Figure is applied to the skin in the original form, completely repeating the outlines of the original logo. There are two versions – empty outline and black filled illustration. Each option looks original, but the black picture is more popular among tattoo lovers.

  • Rabbit contour with drawing. Such a tattoo is an improved version of the classic image of the logo loop. Each person can independently choose a filling drawing illustration, putting a new meaning in the tattoo. Popular “Prints” are repeated numbers, roses and chessboard.

  • Color tattoo. Different shades in combination with skillful hands of masters make real masterpieces from a simple rabbit resembling ancient Egyptian drawings.

Paints inhale life into a tattoo, giving her brightness and volume.

  • Barbble. Such an illustration enhances the erotic context of the tattoo, hinting surrounding the hot character of its carrier. At the same time, the drawing may say that the owner is a very hot-tempered nature capable of rapid emotional actions.

  • Tattoo with the inscription. Classic black rabbit acquires a new meaning for carrier and in some cases for friends and loved ones, if you add a significant date to it.

And also as an complementary element can serve as a stylized word or a short phrase, which combines the image of an intelligent hare.

  • Illusion. Very unusual, original and rare way to perform Playboy tattoo. The illustration says that the carrier owns great potential, which is difficult to notice at first sight.

Where you can apply?

The ambiguous meaning of the playback tattoos makes future carriers carefully choose a sketch space, but this is not the only factor affecting. The illustration with a rabbit in the overwhelming majority of cases has a small size – approximately with matchboxes, so it can not be applied to large areas of the skin, such as back, hips, belly and sides.

Successful places for applying the tattoo are the following parts of the body:

  • The neck – the rabbit will be elegantly looking at the back of the head, the side of the neck and the skin behind the ear+

  • Hands – a small sketch will fit perfectly on the finger and the back of the palm, and the drawing is slightly larger in size can be applied on the wrist or forearm+

  • Chest – Rabbit looks very seductive near the clavicle and on the top of the chest+

  • The lower part of the body (bikini and buttock zone) is also great for applying a playboy tattoo.

About how to choose the right tattoo, you will learn by looking at the following video.

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