Meaning and overview Tattoo with butterflies for girls

Meaning and overview Tattoo with butterflies for girls

Tattoos with the image of butterflies have always been popular among girls and women of different ages. They are elegant, attractive and, as a rule, almost invisible.

General value

Tattoo with butterflies have many different meanings.

  • Welfare. Images of butterflies are very popular in Japan. There this insect is a symbol of well-being and comfort. Therefore, a pretty light tattoo will suit a calm and self-confident girl striving for the creation of a family.

  • Rebirth. In Chinese culture, the butterfly means immortality and faith in reincarnation. The image of this insect is often pinching on the body people who want to start a new life, getting rid of some difficulties and problems. It is not surprising, because the butterfly appears after the carriage is rebirth. And therefore such a drawing on the body will remind a person about all the difficulties he passed.

  • Femininity. Girls tend to pinch such tattoos due to the fact that they are a symbol of femininity, lightness and beauty. Beautifully look at tattoos made in bright pastel colors.

  • Luck. Many people also believe that butterflies are able to attract luck. Therefore, they feed them in those places that are not visible.

  • freedom. Bright butterflies in many are associated with freedom. After all, they can easily cross any borders. Therefore, the tattoo with a butterfly will suit girls who are used to boldly move forward and feel truly free.

  • Love. Paired tattoo with a picture of multicolored butterflies often stuff lovers. Such an insect symbolizes sincerity in relations and loyalty to his beloved person.

An important role is played in what color drawing. So, insects with blue wings symbolize dreaminess. Scarlet butterflies are associated with people with passion and love, orange – with home comfort. Purple butterflies are suitable for extravagant and bright personalities.

    Black insects often symbolize love for mysticism and faith in reincarnation.

    It is important and how exactly the butterfly is depicted:

    • Insect with open wings symbolizes the openness of a person, as well as his desire to give the surrounding love+

    • Butterfly with neat symmetrical wings – this is a symbol that is well suited for a harmonious and balanced personality+

    • A fluttering creation with bright wings should be stuffing the girls who seek to freedom and independence.

    Beautifully on the body looks a whole flock of butterflies. Such a tattoo can be a symbol of getting rid of solitude.

    Review of species

    There are a large number of interesting sketches. Each lady will be able to choose an interesting option.

    In style

    Now there are many stylistic directions that are popular among different masters. Girls who decide to decorate their body image of a butterfly, should pay attention to the following options.

    • Watercolor. This style is ideal for creating delicate drawings. Tattoos in such a stylistic direction are distinguished by the use of light colors, the lack of clear contours and the presence of smooth transitions. The most popular colors that are used to create sketches in this style, will be red, pink, green.

        • old school. Tattoos in this popular style look very bright. In the process of their creation, saturated contrasting colors are used. On the wings of insects often depict various characters. It can be skulls, flowers and any other details.

        • Ornamental. Such tattoo consist of clear lines and symmetric parts. Create sketches in this style quite difficult. But the result of a certain one is worth. Beautiful black and white tattoos in this style perfectly look at any part of the female body.

        • Minimalism. This style suits lovers of simple and neat drawings. Such tattoos consisting of thin lines look perfectly in hand, clavicle and legs.

        • Geometry. This style appeared relatively recently. But in a short time he has already managed to gain popularity. Figures in this style usually complement geometric shapes consisting of thin lines. Triangles and circles drawn on the background of the butterfly add a symbol of symbolism and make it more beautiful.

        Deciding with the style in which the drawing will be performed, you need to find a good wizard for myself. In this case, the tattoo will be elegant and very beautiful.

        According to the plot

        Most girls choose simple tattoos without unnecessary parts. But many of them still want to give their own sketch of uniqueness. You can do it by adding a picture of some significant detail.

        • Sakura. This flower is very popular among the fans of Asian culture. It is associated with the female fragility and speed of life. Butterfly can be depicted both on the backdrop of Sakura sprigs, and next to a small flower. Such a tattoo is more beautiful looking in color.

        • Lily. Tattoo with the image of lily symbolizes harmony and calm. Therefore, a drawing with such a flower and a butterfly is best suited for balanced and confident woman. Beautifully looking like a tattoo and on the body of young girls. They symbolize their innocence and youth.

        • the Rose. Very often, butterflies are depicted against the background of red or white roses. If the spikes are visible on the flower stem, such a drawing is a symbol of some loss. Often on the body depict a butterfly and a rose bud. Such a tattoo is a symbol of loyal and clean love.

        • Water lily. Images of these water colors symbolize lightness and mysteriousness. Tattoo with a pitcher and a butterfly will look great on the female shoulder or hip. It can be performed both in color and in black and white colors.

        • Spider. On some sketches, the butterfly is in spider networks. Often insect wings are located separately from his abdomen. Such a drawing is a symbol of death or some other very significant loss.

        • Scull. The insect has darkness, on the wings of which are some symbols associated with death. The most frequent one is a skull. Such a butterfly can symbolize the desire to forget about your dark past.

        • Fire. Butterfly, flying towards the flame, is a drawing that is perfectly suitable for extreme email or gambling. Best of all such tattoos look on hands or clavicle.

        Choosing a suitable sketch, you need to pay attention not only to the fact that others are invested in the drawn characters. Much more important to think how a tattoo will take a person who decided to fill her on his body.

        Placement features

        The tattoo with the image of the butterfly is favorably looking at almost any part of the body. There are several most popular accommodation options for such a tattoo.

        • Shoulders. Butterfly, located on the fragile female shoulder, adds the image of the girl tenderness and ease. It is visible only in open light clothes. Therefore, the tattoo on the shoulder or forearm will not interfere with the girl in everyday life.

        • Wrist. Excellent and tattoos located on the wrists. As a rule, there are very small tattoo. Parenty drawings on this body area look good. Tattoo on hand can, if necessary, hide a wide bracelet, watch strap or sleeve.

        • Stomach. This option is best suited for slim and taut girls. The drawing is usually located at the bottom of the abdomen. There you can fill a small monophonic butterfly or a flock of bright insects flying up. Excellent drawings look at the rips. Such tattoos are often complemented by thematic inscriptions.

        • Legs. A little less often the tattoo with the image of butterflies is located on the legs. Most often these insects are stuffed on ankles. Single drawings surrounded by simple patterns, can be stuffed at the foot. But this is a rather painful process. In addition, such drawings are very short-lived.

        • Back. On the back you can fill a big and unusual drawing. Butterfly wings in this case can decorate images of colors, some volume drawings or even quotes from books or songs. On the shovel or spine perfectly will look insect small. A large plus of such tattoos is that they do not deform with time.

        • Neck. Little image of a butterfly, stuffed on the back of the neck, add the image of flirt. It looks original on the body of the butterfly located on the sides of the neck. But such a drawing is not suitable for all. After all, he will always be visible.

        • Collarbone. At this body section, the drawings depicting butterflies surrounded by flowers are usually located. Such tattoo is best looking at slender girls.

        • Breast. Tattoos on the chest look beautiful and unusual. It should be understood that the skin in this body part is very thin.

        Therefore, the process of applying the tattoo is characterized by soreness.

        Tattoos with butterflies located on the lower back, many cause unpleasant associations. Girls with such tattoo often consider windy and easily accessible. Therefore, before you fill the butterfly on the lower back, you should thoroughly think about your decision.

        Beautiful examples

        Inspire on the creation of an original sketch of a girl can help beautiful examples of tattoos.

        • Realistic butterfly. Picture performed in realism technique looks very impressive. From the side it seems that the real butterfly is sitting on the female body, ready to fly away from the selected place at any time. Such sketches are characterized by worker. On the skin, even the shadow from the insect wings is depicted.

        • Tattoo with flowers. Such a black and white tattoo is great for a pair of beloved or friends. One half of the drawing is made in a classic style. The second consists of elegant colors. The best tattoo will look at the wrist or the inside of the elbow.

        • Big Tattoo. Volumetric color tattoo on the chest also looks very beautiful. But such a drawing is suitable only bold and self-confident girls with a good figure. Tattoo base complement bright pink and purple flowers. It adds femininity tattoo.

        • Miniature butterflies on hand. This option tattoo is great for girls who do not want to see on their body of volumetric drawings. Figure consists of small parts. It is based on several small butterflies and flowers of different shapes and sizes. All of them are perfectly combined with each other. You can add such a basis for a simple inscription or a date associated with some important event. It may be a marriage or child birth.

        • Wings on the back. Beautifully on the female body will look and surround wings. They occupy most of the back. This option is perfect for girls who associate themselves with these beautiful freedom-loving insects. Tattoo, made in black and white colors, looks great on the body of a slim girl. Over time, it will change not particularly much. So you can not be afraid to stuff it in young age.

        • Cult butterfly on ribs. Tattoo consisting of thin lines, will look great on the edges of a young girl. Elegant drawing complement bright colors. It makes the butterfly more lively and realistic. This tattoo does not need any additions.

        Do not fully repeat the plot.

        A unique tattoo made by the original sketch will bring to its owner much more aesthetic pleasure.

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