Monkey Tattoo Overview

Monkey Tattoo Overview

Unlike Western countries, the peoples of Eastern lands for a long time attached a special meaning of monkeys. Tattoos with the image of this animal have a variety of interpretations depending on the composition and style of drawing.From this article you will learn what values ​​can have a tattoo with a monkey and on which part of it is better to place it.

General value

In the old days, the Egyptians believed that monkeys were able to learn and understand the speech of people, so they treated such animals with respect. Egyptian mythology states that God wisdom did it look like a baboon. The Egyptian Deity is a patron of creative people: writers, artists and musicians. Tattoo is depicted on the skin not only in order to attract the patronage of the highest strength in order, but also investing the ideas of time in them, because the behavior of the bavians has a certain cyclicality during life.

In some countries, Asia, ancient people believed that humanity occurred from the bonds between the sacred monkey and the Giant. It was believed that the first people appeared on the connection of these two creatures.

In China and Tibet, people often noted in stories that primates love to oppose and repeat the actions of a person. For this reason, in Asian countries, the image of such mammals on the skin means optimistic, ingenuity, humorous and diplomaticity of the nature of the carrier.

Residents of Mexico read Primate as a god of fun, games and dancing. Many people believed that if the baby was lucky enough to be born under the sign of the monkey, he will always be a soul of the company, have a good sense of humor and high eloquence skills. Christians and the Mayan Indians gave to martyrs not such beautiful interpretations like other nations. Mesoamerician civilization invested in the image of a human-like mammal of various vices, such as ignorance, lust, stupidity and laziness. People who profess Christian religion were also attached to images of monkeys Negative character traits: greed, indifference and envy. Sometimes there are tattoos with a biblical plot, for example, primacy with an apple in the mouth. Such an illustration means the fall of your owner.

Primate drawing has different meanings depending on the floor of the carrier. The Chinese believe that for men, a tattoo with a monkey personifies a sharp mind, a humorous character and excellent memory. It is believed that the illustration with orangutung or gorilla means the ability to strategically think, the ability to ensure material well-being and always fulfill their promises.

Large full drawings in color depicting the head or face of the animal in a realistic style, express the wish of the carrier to have the authority, being the leader and always in the spotlight. Men choosing sketches of this type are able to go to their goal and lead decent like-minded people. However, you need to be careful, choosing monkey emotions: aggressive animals mean the ability to “go on heads” to their goal and indifferently refer to violations of moral obscuration.

Image of monkey on female skin personifies socketability, activity and coquetty carrier.

Sometimes the monkey can be interpreted as excessive curiosity and talkativeness, so the plot illustrations need to choose carefully.

Review of species

Modern tattoo masters are able to create sketches with a wide variety of subtext: from deep philosophical meaning to unacted humorous meaning. Tattoo with a monkey has various interpretation depending on two factors: plot and style illustration. Consider in more detail these types of symbol and their meaning.

According to the plot

People live near Monkeys for many centuries, so they know a lot about the behavior of various types of primates. One subspecies of the monkeys gave a sacral value, others were attributed to all mortal sins. We suggest to consider the most popular tattoos with monkeys.

  • Gorilla. Large primates have the best ability to learn, development and self-improvement. Gorillas show active interest in knowledge and enviable perseverance in achieving their goals. Tattoo with gorilla emphasizes the sharp mind and wisdom of its carrier. Craked mammal muzzle personifies character expressiveness and readiness for self-defense.

A large drawing gives the owner endurance and determination.

  • King Monkey. Primates with a crown on the head – a popular character of Chinese traditional mythology. The prototype of the mighty beast is the Indian deity named Hanuman. It is believed that the monkey king is a patron of family well-being. Crowned primacy is a powerful character with supernatural forces, so many people apply it to the body as a talisman or charm who drives out trouble and adversity. The beast is often depicted in a soft, animated style to emphasize openness, cleanliness of intentions and sincerity of the carrier. About the great king monkeys a lot of legends are folded, cartoons, games and TV shows.

Some fans of a full drawing choose the image of a character, relying on a certain work.

  • Three monkeys. One of the most popular plots with Martexes that occurred from Japan. Illustration with three monkeys, covered with eyes, ears and mouth, is a children’s talisman in Japanese culture. The Japanese believe that three primates personify the idea of ​​refusing bad actions and protection against inappropriate. The popular image is fixed by the phrase “if I do not see evil, I can’t hear evil and not talking about evil, then I am protected from him”. In Russian-speaking countries, abbreviated wording is more common: “I do not see, I do not hear, I will not say”.

An image of a symbol with three monkeys on the skin symbolizes the wisdom and caution of the owner, as well as the willingness to protect against slander.

In style

Depending on the selected style of the monkey, the monkey acquires a different character and interpretation. Consider details several popular styles of tattoos with martyrs.

  • Realism. Orangutans, Gorillas, Martens, Pavians and other representatives of the type of monkeys, applied to the skin as realistic as possible, personify the responsibility and leadership qualities of the owner. Large animals symbolize strength, credibility and strategic thinking. Middle and small monkeys are care, affection and family well-being.

  • Cartoon style. Bright characters with hypertrophied parts of the body are valued among tattoo lovers no less than realistic sketches. Through the animated animals, various emotions are much easier and more effectively transmitted, so drawn monkeys are so popular. Tattoo of cartoon monasters most often choose people with creative kind, which preserved children’s glances to the world around. Cartoon Primates personify openness, spiritual purity and kindness of their carriers.

  • Minimalism. Minimalist style tattoo seems simple and uncomplicated, but it is easy to easily simplify an animal figure and naturally – not the most simple task.

In addition, a limited number of elements requires high quality execution, because in a simple image the meaning is precisely in the reliability of the transfer.

Quiet figures with minimalism primates personify the practicality and straightness of the carrier, because the simple picture carries minimum materials and maximum information.

  • Humorous tattoo. Primates often become objects for jokes. This feature reflected on tattoos. Popular way to joke with a tattoo with a monkey – Apply it in the area of ​​the abdomen so that the place under the tail of the animal turned out to be straight on the navel of the tattoo carrier. Such illustrations choose bold and confident people who have a good sense of humor and know how to joke even on themselves.

  • Geometric style. This is an amazing and extraordinary way of applying tattoos. The most popular use of geometry in the illustration of primates is the separation of the drawing into two halves, the first of which is performed in the style of realism, and the second is created from a plurality of figures and lines. Marty, made in this style, symbolizes the cyclicality and fragility of life. Fittings in geometric style choose people prone to thinking about the meaning of existence and search for new knowledge.

Where you can arrange?

To the tattoo looked spectacularly and did not lose the quality of the details, it is necessary to choose the right place to choose its location on the body. Place for a native drawing with a monkey depends on the size and context of the selected sketch.

  • Large tattoos with realistic primates facial faces are best looking on shoulder, forearm or hips. For lovers of humorous illustrations there is a large tattoo in the style of realism, applied to the back. Chimpanzee is depicted in full growth as if he clutched his shoulders and rides a man. Also, large tattoos are located on the stomach, depicting a shameless monkey, teasing surrounding.

  • Medium-sized illustrations are most often depicted on hand, chest or calam. Sometimes primates are depicted on the back of the head or the back of the palm, emphasizing the importance of the depicted plot.

  • Minimalism monkeys are better to have a neck, clavicle, wrist or ankle. Such unusual places are best suited for tiny tattoos. They successfully emphasize the grace and refinement of a neat sketch.

Beautiful examples

Tattoos Masters can always offer you sketches of drawings for applying. And you can view the options in advance and familiarize yourself with their value, so as not to get into the awkward situation. In pursuit of a suitable interpretation, it is important not to forget about the visual component: all the details of the image should arrange the owner. You can also offer the master to combine the details from several interesting illustrations with Primates.

We suggest to consider several popular options for tattoo with monkeys.

  • Mini Martyushka. Such a monkey will perfectly emphasize the modesty and accurateness of the owners.

  • Geometric style chimpanzee. The image looks magically and supernatural, representing a monkey to some deity.

  • Gangster Gorill. Brutal illustration that simultaneously personifies men’s physical strength and reveals the soul of the vane romance.

  • Three monkeys. Most often this symbol is depicted in realism, but in the cartoon style it looks no less interesting.

  • King Monkey. The power tattoo with a crowned primacy immediately reveals the desire for leadership and overcoming difficulties in the owner.

      • Gorilla with sound effect. An unusual tattoo, which “shouts” that the owner wants to be seen and heard.

      Even more interesting sketches of tattoos with monkeys you can see in the following video.

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