Overview Tattoo on the knees

Overview Tattoo on the knees

There are a lot of interesting ideas of attractive and original tattoos. Creative sketches stuffed on the knees. Many people are addressed to such decorations of his own body today.

Pros and cons

Currently, the original tattoo stuffed on the knees is very popular. Similar options for creative body art are especially attracted to men. But it does not mean that the women always categorically refuse from tattoos on his knees. Many fashionable people really like such varieties of.

Enviable demand for sketches applied to the knees is due to the number of important advantages that are peculiar to them.

  • Similar pallows are characterized by a stylish view. If you want to give your appearance more originality and creativity, the knees tattoos will become an excellent solution.
  • The knee is the site that is not exposed to practically no age-related changes. That is why a qualitatively applied drawing will delight its carrier over long years.
  • On the knee it is quite possible to fill a very original and large-sized drawing, which will gradually “move” to the thigh.
  • There are a great many interesting topics and styles in which attractive tattoo for knees can be withstanding. Stayed on the perfect suitable compositions can also guys and girls.

Even the most beautiful and spectacular tattoos on the knees have their own minuses that should be taken into account, Before resorting to a similar version of Body Art.

  • One of the most important minuses of such a pall is the soreness of their application. The skin on the knees does not have an impressive fatty layer, is at the minimum distance from the bones. For these reasons, the session turns out to be extremely painful and unpleasant. Without the corresponding painkillers, to fill the tattoos on the knees should not.
  • We must not forget that the knees are among the most dangerous places, After all, people are very often launched upon them when falling. Such events can lead to the fact that the applied tattoo will quickly lose the former brightness of the paint, or the primary attractive view will lose at all.
  • Even an experienced tattoo master will be very difficult to fill the selected drawing, because The knee cup is characterized by increased mobility.

Only weighing everything for and against it is necessary to decide on the application of a certain sketch of the skin of the knees. For such services it is recommended to apply only to experienced masters, which knows its business.

A variety of female tattoos

Fatty drawings, applied to women’s knees, occur a little less often than the knockers on male knees. Most often, a similar body-art becomes the choice of bold and self-confident women who are not afraid of experiments.

It is worth noting that Girls in most cases prefer softer, gentle and feminine drawings. Very popular tattoos depicting floral compositions, as well as owls, foxes, cats. Many women attract abstract tattoos looking especially original and extraordinary.

With the help of such sketches, you can emphasize your bright individuality.

Popular women’s tattoos include images of a variety of cartoon characters, insects, birds, animals, emoticons, cute hearts and other similar things. Most often, attractive sketches are performed in bright and saturated paints, consist of a large number of simple parts, beautiful smooth lines.

Sketches for men

Tattoo on the knees most often choose men. In their opinion, the imperfect surface of these parts of the body is not a serious problem or disadvantage. Tattooed on his knee, on the contrary, only advantageously underlines the courageous relief of the legs, complements the appearance of brutal notes.

Most often, men prefer tattoo, which depict such fashionable objects as:

  • soccer ball+

  • Skull (not always such a tattoo hides a negative in himself, can bear a positive promise, if its owner wants)+

  • Spider+

  • Tiger (such tattoos mean power, strength and confidence)+

  • Complex interlacing lines+

  • toad+

  • grid+

  • angel+

  • shield+

  • snake+

  • black Rose+

  • frogs+

  • Jaws of predatory beast.

Many men like the original art tattoos, various inscriptions with deep meaning, around which there are different kinds of attractive details and images. Styles in which men’s crawls are performed on the knees can be the most. For example, the compositions in the direction of Old Skul.

Men’s tattoos on the knees are most often performed very bright or dark (black, dark brown, dark green and so on). Contrast compositions are in demand that immediately attract much attention from others. Patches on the knees can be both small and very large, which are of this or that value.

Nuances of application

The most common turns are the tattoos that are naked on the line a little higher knee. These sketches are rare, which are applied directly to the knee joint. This is quite explained, because the knees are sites that are very sensitive to injections. Increased soreness of the procedure scares many people who want to resort to body art.

Today, not every master agrees to put a knock on the knee. Even if you need to fill the sketch on the skin above the joint, it still creates a lot of difficulties due to unnecessary irregularities in this zone. On such a skin, even the highestically performed picture may look a curve and non-accurant.

If a person found that tattoo master who agrees to fill the knee sketch, then you need to pay special attention to the choice of a specific image.

Stripping from the natural shape of the knee joint, it is recommended to choose the foundations of a rounded or oval structure.

The drawing of the sketch is carried out, as a rule, on a straight or a little bent leg. After that it is required to bend it completely and check whether the selected drawing is correctly packed. It is at this stage that you can immediately notice where the introduction of certain adjustments is required.

Fallows most often apply on a bent leg, because only in this way it is possible to achieve the desired skin tension. Because of its density, the master will not be able to constantly stretch the skin on the design of the sketch.

Some people want to apply a tattoo not on the front, but on the back of the knee. This plot has its own characteristics of the structure. Tattoo master puts the selected sketch of the future image only on a completely elongated leg. This is the main difference between the procedures from the front of the knee, where the image must be cut into a slightly bent foot.

On the reverse side of the knee, the tattoo can be applied in the position lying. At the same time, the leg should be direct. Due to this provision, it is possible to achieve the highest possible tension of the skin in the desired area.

If you compare with the front of the knee, this process turns out to be much more comfortable for the wizard, and for the client, who turned to him.

How to care?

Dolls stuffed on the knees require some care. The master can fulfill its work flawlessly, but without the right leaving procedures that promote rapid healing, the beautiful image of the client will never achieve.

As soon as it will appear on your knee, it will appear, it is advisable to immediately consult the master, as best to care for him. Be sure to be moisturized packed image.

Every time you should pay attention to the level of purity of the dressing.

In the first days after applying the image on the knee, it is recommended to abandon active physical exertion. Even with ordinary walks, it is still advisable to postpone. Need to try as little as possible bending processed knee. Even after removing the bandage, the knocked down need to be able to regularly moisturize.

For the period of full healing of the applied image, it is recommended to completely refuse to wear too close and wearing wardrobe items. This will prevent possible injury or irritation yet until the end of the restored skin.

You should not forget that the quality of leaving activities directly depends on how long the pallium will keep its attractive appearance.

About how to care for the tattoo, look in the following video.

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