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Tattoo “Horseshoe” – a beautiful and original symbol, whose sketches in the style of Old cheekbones are especially popular in men and women, always seeking to take a chance in the game or talk to themselves nerves in other spheres of life. You can choose a suitable drawing for the placement on the hand, shoulder, chest, leg, wrist. But first it is necessary to explore the meaning of the Tattoo “Horseshoe” in different variations – with pen and wings, with clover or olive leaves.

What does and who will fit?

Since ancient times, the horseshoe was considered a symbol of good luck, a kind of amulet attracting success. Found on the road Talisman kept in the house, hanging on the entrance. However, quite soon symbols of good luck began to replicate in the form of decorations or miniature pocket products that the horse’s hoof never concerned. Later appeared and tattoo in the form of horseshoes, allowing you to always have a talisman with you.

Today, this drawing is considered universal, suitable for men, girls, women. Tattoo with undercurrent combined with other popular success symbols:

  • Playable bones+
  • Four-grade clover+
  • rabbit paw+
  • Stack of coins+
  • Wheel Fortune.

It is believed that such a combination doubles good luck. Masters and the location of the horseshoe. The directed arc down, it symbolizes an analogue of a horn of abundance, is considered a happy sign, which promise big profits. Arc up – powerful champ. Horseshoe in this case protects a person who is wearing her, from misfortunes, unclean power.

If the arc horseshoe looks sideways, it is considered an analogue of the month. Such an image is identified with a growing moon, linguing wealth. It is better to choose a person who does not seek easy way to enrich in gambling, but wants everything to achieve.

Women prefer a combination of horseshoe with a heart, enlightening good luck in love.

Options sketches

Tattoo with undercover most often done in the style of Old cheekbones with clear contours and juicy natural colors. And you can also use watercolor equipment if the drawing makes a woman on the body. Men often choose for themselves black and white Classic images or sketches of the style of realism. The color of the horseshoe is made characteristic, metallic – from dark steel to silver and gold.

Dimensions of the drawing also have a certain framework. Usually in open parts placed small tattoo without unnecessary parts. On the hip, back, chest horseshoe can be larger, to enter the whole composition. Here it is done larger, but with the observance of realistic proportions.

The diversity of sketch solutions in the case of a tattoo with undercalaust is impressive. They are presented in execution for men and women, there are options that take into account the hobby or the lifestyle of the owner of such a talisman. Among the most popular scenes can be distinguished different combinations.

  • With feather. Most often what is taken for an element of a bird tail is part of a dream catcher – a powerful magic talisman. Such a combination can be considered a fault of evil forces at night. It can use people who want to get rid of nightmares. Just horseshoe and feather can symbolize that a person is easy to rise.

  • With wings. The combination of horseshoes with this element promises freedom and happiness. The main thing is that high hopes do not turn over excessive carelessness.

  • With playing bones or cards. Here, the symbol of good luck works at 100%. Sketches with such elements choose enthusiastic players.

  • With four-liter clover. It is believed that such a combination brings good luck in the square, magically enhances it.

  • With an infinity sign. So people try to attract good luck to their side forever.

  • With dove. Such a combination promises family peace and comfort, promises harmony in relations with loved ones.

  • With a swallow in flight. This plot is directly connected with the faith that this bird promises hope. Tatu is considered a security sign, protects a person from possible dangers for his life.

  • With an inscription. Most often used universal wishes. For example: Good Luck, Lucky, promising good luck. Sometimes the wish is located inside the circuit of the horseshoe or ishing it with a ribbon.

  • On the other sub-arts. This symbol is similar to the wedding rings. He promises a happy marriage, confirms the hardness of the intentions of the pair.

  • With the image of a horse. Freedom sign, frequent movements. As well as sketches with such a composition are sometimes considered as a faith for good luck.

  • With flowers. Such a combination – a double mascot, which is unprecedented luck. However, such a composition is most often considered female. Exception – Horseshoe with a rose inside, facing down the arc – a symbol of love suffering.

Among the symbols of good luck, you can find a lot of those who have an ambiguous interpretation. Horseshoe – a happy exception, at all times those considered a positive sign, guarded.

In the east, it is considered a similar bowl of abundance, and in South America, they believed the guard from evil spirits. Tattoo with such a symbol – an international symbol that will be correctly understood and appreciated on all continents.

Where to apply?

Since the tattoo with the horseshoe is considered a symbol of good luck, to the choice of space for drawing a picture should be treated as carefully. There are points on the body, which are believed to increase the influence of this symbol.

  • Wrist. Tattoos have a palm or from above. For the brush, miniature characters are often chosen, applying them on the edge of the palm. Horseshoe in this performance does not attract too much attention.
  • Wrist. Here have a symbol for good luck in finance. Horseshoe on the wrist should be on the lead hand – the one that a person enjoys daily.
  • Ankle or Stop. Here apply a tattoo for good luck on the road so that it is always lucky on the way. This is a symbol for tireless travelers.
  • Breast. Left have a horseshoe to attract love. Right – to avoid failures in this area.
  • Neck, shovel, back. In these areas, tattoo is placed as a guard, protection against the evil. Horseshoe depict an arc up.

Sometimes tattoo with a horseshoe is only part of the composition. In this case, it includes the “sleeves” or a whole picture on the back. The most brave cause tattoo on the back of the head, making it a major, noticeable afar.

Beautiful examples

When creating tattoo with undercalable many people are looking for a source of inspiration. An overview of the interesting and most typical work will help to figure out how different this image can look on the body.

  • Miniature image on the wrist in monochrome. Such a tattoo looks unobtrusively, but it may well bring good luck.

  • Crossed dula revolvers, wings and horseshoe. The one who chooses such a tattoo is definitely not going to give up without a fight.

  • Combined composition with swallow on the foot. The bright picture in the technique of Old Skull is made in traditional colors for countries.

  • Catcher of dreams and roses, harmoniously inscribed in the whole famous symbol of good luck. Such a composition will decorate an elegant female shoulder.

  • Technician old cheeky in action. Laconic tattoo under the breast is supplemented with flowers, sliding double luck.

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