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Salamander is a lizard that can be found in the territories of Africa and Europe. For a long time, this exotic creature caused people interest. Many endowed him a number of magical features and noble qualities. At this time, the image of Salamandra is often applied to the body as a tattoo. What does such a drawing mean and where it is better to apply it, it is described in the article below.

Value and to whom it will come?

Salamandra is a reptile that many of their features resembles an ordinary lizard. And although this creature from nature has a low body temperature, it, as a rule, has a bright coloring, often called “fire”. For this reason, in ancient times, many people believed in some magical features of this amphibian, endowing it even the ability to live in fire. Moreover, Salamanndra was considered the spirit of the fiery element.

Christians believed that this reptile is a crufare, and therefore for them it was a symbol of faith, purity, virtue, as well as fire fighting with temptations, passions and various temptations.

In England in the Middle Ages it was believed that Salamander means strength, heroism, durability and courage.

By the way, it was this creature that was depicted on the emblem of one of the French kings. In his sense, Salamander personified good and victory over evil. Subsequently, the coat of arms depicted by reptiles wore representatives of many noble childbirth.

If we talk about the value of the tattoo with the image of Salamandra, then the message has exceptionally positive, although it is interpreted in different ways. For some, this amphibian personifies persistence and invincibility, for others it represents a kind of charm, which protects against evil spirits, dirty thoughts, confronts any evil. In addition, many consider Salamandra a symbol of revival, since this creature is able to regenerate.

The tattoo with the image of Salamandra is suitable for both women and men of different ages. And for those and for others, such a tattoo has the same meaning.

Usually, Preferences such a tattoo give people who are typical of leadership and victory. Usually these people have confidence, decisive, clearly followed the goal, trying not to go from the planned path, and they are not frightened by the problems. They are calm, proud, although sometimes they fall into extremes, do not depend on others and have a huge faith in themselves, in their own strength.

Beautiful sketches

There are many different options for tattoo with a picture of fire salamandra.

Pretty effectively and brightly looks on the body drawing of this lizard, made in the style of realism. Basically such images are detailed. In this case, the drawing is most often performed in color. The choice of options for the image of a realistic lizard is not so wide: it can be depicted sitting on a stone or flower, among boulders crawling in the sand. The choice, of course, depends only on the wishes of the owner of the future tattoo.

No less interesting is the option and with a stylized drawing of Salamandra. Such a drawing can be black and white – in this case it will look pretty strictly and concise. But in color, for example, in watercolor technique, it will look no worse.

In the case of a stylized image options for the image, it becomes somewhat more. It can be both a silhouette of amphibian and detailed drawing.

In addition, often paint the lizard in the cartoon style, depict the flame tongues around it, thereby emphasizing the fire of this being. You can also draw two salamanders at once.

It is interesting to beat the pattern on the body of Salamandra. For example, it will be nice to look a pattern made in the form of a mosaic masonry. There are other versions of patterns: different kind of curls, magic symbols or flame tongues, symbolizing the mystical of the image of this amphibian creature.

It is worth considering that The image of Salamandra on the body, as a rule, is not complemented by various types of inscriptions, as often happens with other types of tattoos. The fact is that for many such a drawing is increasing in itself, so unnecessary elements will only spoil it, make an image overloaded, sloppy.

Where to apply much better?

The tattoo in the form of Salamandra will look beautiful and effectively practically on any part of the body: on foot, hand, neck, ankle, hip, back or chest. Choosing the location of the future drawing on the body, proceed from its planned sizes.

So, If you are planning a large tattoo, the area of ​​the skin area must be the corresponding size. Best of all Large images with salamandy look at chest, back or shoulder. Such drawings often give preference to men.

The girls are often choosing more miniature images of Salamandra. They can be applied to the neck, shovel, wrist or in the area of ​​the clavicle. Images of such a plan will look neatly on the female body, even more emphasizing his sophistication and beauty.

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