Tattoo value with fox for girls and their varieties

Tattoo value with fox for girls and their varieties

Fox is an animal, the image of which is interpreted ambiguous. Despite this, people often apply his image on their body as a tattoo. Below we will tell about what this image means in different cultures and what options for tattoos with this image exist.


Fox is a beautiful predatory animal, the image of which is often found in mythology, bass and children’s fairy tales. Many interpret the image of this animal as a symbol of tricks, trembleness and flattery. However, in fact, the image of this animal has a more extended value.

So, In India it was believed that this wild animal defended people, and therefore, many tribes were worn with him. Moreover, this predator was considered sacred, because she helped people find therapeutic herbs. It was believed that it was she who taught people to hunt and put the traps. Such a nice image was also often applied to their bodies Lekari, warriors, hunters and shamans. Usually on their bodies of Lisa depicted with rux.

In the Eastern Culture of Fox – a symbol of longevity, which can bring good luck to a person. As a rule, the eastern residents have formed their settlements only where fox are found.

The locations where the foxes were not happily were considered unsuccessful. In China, the image of the fox often applied to the body by men, for which such a drawing became a faith, predicted a long and good life. For girls, the image of the fox had a negative importance in this culture: he symbolized cunning love, seduction, due to which families were destroyed.

In Japan’s mythology, the Fox image is of particular importance: There is a creature that is referred to as Kitsune or a nine-throat fox. It has magical abilities and is able to reincarnate in people upon reaching certain age. As a rule, this creature turns into a beautiful girl, but sometimes it chooses the image of an attractive young man. It was believed that the nine-boss fox knows how to bring realistic illusions and dreams on people, penetrate into their consciousness and cause madness, as well as it can cause “fox” fire and unexpectedly disappear directly in the air.

This creature caused people and respect. He was given the following qualities: deceit, dexterity, dodgy, seduction, sharp mind, prosperity and financial well-being. It is believed that the image on the body of foxes with nine or three tails protects a person from financial problems and love misfortunes. In addition, the fox in Japan was associated with such a shinotoy deity as Inari. This is the God of abundance, rice and other cereals serving foxes. For this reason, the Japanese believe that fox symbolizes prosperity.

But the scandinavians and the Romans image of the fox interpreted negatively. They have meant negative, evil and pain. In Egyptian culture, the image of this animal was also not in honor, since he was associated with hypocrisy, betrayal and deception. Moreover, people were confident that meeting with a fox in the forest symbolized an ambulance death. If the fox had a black color, he was considered an adware messenger. This image is also found in Cults in Culture. They have a fox head is a significant link, which is necessary to communicate with the dead and for interacting with the afterlime world. In itself, this animal in Celtic culture is interpreted as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and honor.

In Russia, the image of the fox symbolized deception and rods, and in Western culture this animal was generally considered the Devil’s Messenger, which the Inquisition was actively contributed to. However, despite the large number of negative interpretations, this animal cannot be called the personification of something bad. Let in the legends of the Fox and is distinguished by cunning and rutting, but it usually reaches its own forces and mind, without using cruel methods. For this reason, this image is often interpreted as the personification of acute mind, wisdom, observation, smelling and intuition.

Besides, This animal can symbolize the desire for freedom, and both in physical and in spiritual sense. This is due to the fact that Lisa, having fallen into a hunting drone, can overlook the paw and thereby saving himself. It is worth saying that some nations bind the image of a fox with a fiery element, which is explained by her red color. For this reason, Tattoo depicting such a wild predator is recommended to apply to those who were born under fire signs.

Tattoos with the image of foxes are predominantly applied to the girls who, thereby wishing to emphasize their mystery and mysteriousness. On men such tattoo you can see extremely rarely. As a rule, tattoo with foxes are applied to girls who differ in their openness and sociability. They are confident in their attractiveness and without any constraint of this.

Tattoo with a fox is unlikely to suit indecisive and shy. They better give preference to other native images.

Types of tattoos and sketches

Consider some species of tattoos with the image of fox.

According to the plot

Tattoos on which the image of the fox is captured may differ in their composition. Quite often, the fox is depicted as an independent image. At the same time, an important role is played by the appearance of an animal, its mood. So, if the focus in the fox is made on the fox muzzle, then it symbolizes curiosity, interest in life.

Accent on tail means agility. Usually the tail is depicted with rich and lush, drawing in detail each wool. If the fox rocks, it means strength and aggression, the ability to stand up for yourself, for your loved ones, give back to unfriendly. Privacy Eyes Liser on Tattoo Symbolizes Cunning, Sharp mind, Rezkaliost.

If the fox is depicted with a beautiful curved body, it means femininity, charm, charm and ability to deny. Such an image is considered to be right in women’s. It looks very harmonious on the girl’s body. If the fox is depicted curled into the ball, then this means a vulnerability, the desire to protect yourself, save from the enemy or from cold.

Sometimes there are pictures where the fox has not two, but three more eyes. This means hyperopia, good intuition and developed instincts.

Quite often, such drawings are complemented by different composition elements: It can be flowers capable of emphasizing the tenderness of the owner of tattoos, various decorations with diamonds and capacious quotes, the content of which is chosen at the discretion of the owner of the tattoo. If the girl depicts his body is not just a fox, and a creature from the Japanese myths of Kitsune, then there can also be their own characteristics. Usually, the nine fox is depicted as an independent image, however, additional elements here may also be present.

So, the skull at such a tattoo symbolizes the revival, connection with the otherworldly world. If the fox comes to him, this means superiority over death. If the skull will go to her muzzle, it symbolizes the experience and wisdom. The presence of a mask on such a native drawing, which the face of the fox is covered, speaks of a man’s mystery, about his mysteriousness.

In some cases, this kind of image is complemented by different hieroglyphs.

However, they need to be applied with the mind. Before complementing its tattoo with one or another hieroglyph, it is necessary to learn exactly about his meaning. Otherwise, you can get into the awkward and ridiculous situation, if a sign inflicted on the body will mean something stupid or vulgar.

In style

According to the style of the tattoo with the image of the fox, too may vary. So, traditional style can be considered realism. It is characterized by a high level of detail and naturalistic. Due to this, the image in such a style looks really like a living than many and amazes. At the same time, the drawing itself can be both color and black and white.

However, it is worth noting that work on the drawings in this style is complex, it should be a good and experienced master. Otherwise, the final result may disappoint you.

Such a style decision like watercolor, For a tattoo with a fox will also be a good option. This style is characteristic of brightness and tenderness. It is distinguished by its soft transitions between the shades, thanks to which the wizard looks as if it was applied by watercolor.

Tattoos made in style New Skul, also look bright and unusual. They are characteristic of the colorfulness and clarity of contours, due to which the tattoo looks quite expressively and spectacularly on the body of its owner.

Style geometry For tattoo with a fox will also be appropriate. It is distinguished by simplicity and laconicity that many and attract. In this style, lines and figures are of great importance. They affect the interpretation of the image. So, if smooth lines are dominated in the figure, this indicates a peacefulness of a person, its softness. A large number of zigzags and fades, on the contrary, will say about impulsiveness and energetic.

Such a style decision like minimalism, girls also enjoys great popularity. Tattoos with fox made in this style look very carefully and restrained, do not attract unnecessary attention.

Accommodation options

The tattoo with the image of the fox can be applied to any part of the body, it does not matter much. If an experienced master will work on the tattoo, then it will look harmoniously and successfully.

A large role when choosing a place for a tattoo play its scale, the preferences of the girl, as well as what part of the body she wants to pay attention.

  • So, if a woman is the owner of beautiful and slender legs, then in this case the tattoo will be appropriate to be located on the tibia, on the ankle or on the thigh.
  • To emphasize the elegance of your body, the tattoo should be applied in the area of ​​Ryube. Extremely harmoniously such an image will also look in the area of ​​the blades, shoulder or forearm, on the clavicle, on hand, on the back and on the wrist.
  • If the image is quite small, it will be very interesting. It will look after the ear or in the neck area.

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