Tattoo value with pen for girls and their diversity

Tattoo value with pen for girls and their diversity

The history of native painting is rooted in ancient times, when people applied tattoos as charging. Throughout history, the image of the feathers had a negative meaning. However, in our days, the symbolism of such a knocker depends largely on the style, the place of application, compositions and the plot.

General value

Feathers throughout the history ended with sacred meaning. They were still used shamans of ancient Indian tribes for ritual rituals. People believed that feathers make it possible to communicate with dead relatives and felt from evil spirits. In addition, feathers bind to the wind, speed, weightlessness, so they created a powerful amulet “Catcher of Dreams”.

In the tribes of the Indians on the territory of America feathers were considered symbols of leaders, they were the attribute of power, power and relationships with ancestors. They were associated with the names of the strongest and bold warriors who are respected for their combat merit. Package in the form of a flock indicated an exceptional status and authority, because such a decoration was stuck on the skin of the most senior members of the community.

Feathers had a deep symbolic interpretation not only for the tribes of the Indians, their image was used in the cultures of various countries. For example, in the days of the Celts, they personified heavenly wisdom. It was believed that with the help of feathers, you can communicate with the deities and cause the spirit of past people. It is no coincidence of druids when holding their rites put on long clothes finished by feathers.

An important meaning had feathers in ancient Egyptian culture. The Egyptians were associated with the goddess of justice having the name Maat. According to old legends, when a person goes into a different world, Maat is weighing his heart. In the event that it is easier for a bird pen, therefore, the soul of this person is clean – you can safely let him go to paradise.

In many cultures, feathers were considered signs from deceased relatives, they were often used during spiritual sessions to establish contact with the other world. In the Christian interpretation feather personifies virtue. For example, the ring with three feathers was associated with love, hope and faith.

Nowadays, such a doll on the female body indicates kindness, mental purity, ease of rise, as well as sexuality. She personifies the grace and physical beauty. In addition, such a symbolism indicates the thirst for life, sincerity, loyalty and creative deposit of their owner.

Review of varieties

Tattoos in the form of feathers are presented in a variety of options for the style of application and the plot used.

In style

For many years, feathers were stuffed on the body exclusively in black shades. However, in recent years, colored sketches. At the same time, the tint palette directly affects the interpretation:

  • Purple tattoo indicates the principle of its owner+

  • Green and blue – symbolize stability, position strength and root connection+

  • Red – interpreted as victory over their own enemies, including internal+

  • Orange – indicates a state of human peaceful harmony+

  • Black and gray – indicate restraint, modesty and resistance to any tests.

    As for the technique, Lainvork, Graphics, Realism and Watercolor received the greatest distribution.

    According to the plot

    The scene line naked on the body of the composition allows you to give a pinch of specifics. So, to give an additional value to the pallium will help the location and appearance.

    • Cut pero – indicates the mental suffering of a person, a loss or defeat, which he could not survive. Such tattoo make people in a state of deaf longing.
    • If the tattoo depicts Pyryshko with a broken rod, it means that a person survived the separation with a partner or his expectations were destroyed.
    • If the feather looks up – in front of you freedom and purposeful people.

    Special meaning of the composition add additional elements.

    • Feathers with Flying Birds – the interpretation implies craving for independence and freedom, the striving for the flight, the desire to forget the past.

    • Tandem Feather and Books gives a writer, poet and creative personality, indicates love for reading. Indirectly such a tattoo may indicate a person who makes his fate himself.

    • The combination of feathers and drops the cleanliness, Transparency of thoughts and actions of a person, his sincerity. Such a tag makes people who feel unity with wildlife.

    • Large sacred meaning is associated with “Dream Catches”. This image is performed by magical abilities. It is believed that amulet allows you to establish a connection with the dead relatives. In addition, such a squint is stuffed as a talisman from defeats and ailments, indicates the purity of thoughts and immortality of the soul.

    • Feather with Skull – Symbolically means the unity of the world of living and dead.

    • Feather depicted on Luke Arn, Indicates a man’s desire at all costs to reach his goal.

    Tattoo, on which there is an image of a wolf with a pen or several feathers, usually does not carry a special sense load – It should be viewed as a tandem of the values ​​of the tattoo wolf and a symbolism of a bird feather. Such dolls symbolize the harmony of spiritual and physical components, the unity of the lightness of being and vital wisdom. These figures can be cut into combination with a rose – such a tattoo indicates ease of love and loyalty to its partner. And if the image of the pen and the wolf is complemented by the Moon – this indicates the power and independence that a person draws in his loneliness.

    Feathers on the body of men and women can be applied as decoration to the inscription and enhance its meaning. In this vein, it is applied along with memorable phrases, words about love, tenderness, soul and infinity. In addition, feathers often decorate the favorite quotation of a person who has become his life credo.

    Most popular composition with peacocks, or rather, their feathers. These are noble, majestic and royal birds, which have always symbolized honors, glory, success and prosperity. However, in Greece, this symbol was treated with great care – it was the opinion that Peacocks feathers are the eyes of the devil. But in Christianity, such an eye personifies the all-seeming eye, and the feather itself is considered a familiarity of benefactors. In China, peacock feather on the skin indicates extraordinary beauty.

      In any case, the palls with the pen of this exotic bird talk about the greatness, luck and foresight of their owner. Such images are printed patient, honest and kind people. They live active, bright and non-pie life, causing admiration for others. However, in some interpretations, Pavlin feather may indicate egoism, narrowing, self-ability and the desire to dominate the surrounding.

      Where you can accommodate?

      Tattoo in the form of a pen can be applied to any body zone. Everyone chooses the site himself, taking into account the general style of clothing, the possibilities to close the knocked out of others and its size.

      Girls most often prefer the ankle zone. The tattoo on the leg indicates that its owner would like to attract the attention of others.

      Pulling on the wrist or fingers point out an open, light and cheerful man who seeks to share their spiritual warmth with the whole world.

      On the belly, the tattoo make girls who want to hide it from strange eyes. This is how it is impossible to better characterize the condition of the soul of the owners of this picture. They try to protect themselves from external influences that they can prevent them from achieving the goals. However, sometimes girls choose this zone from practical considerations – to disguise scars and stretch marks.

      Spin for tattoo more often choose representatives of strong sex. Thus, they demonstrate the strength, thirst for self-realization, power, domination, hidden protection.

      Feather with a broken rod side or under heart indicates pain from unhappy love and heavy separation with a loved one, perhaps his death.

      Beautiful examples

      An image applied in the form of a tattoo may be for those around people completely different. Sketch depends only on the imagination of a person and the sending that he invests.

      Peacock feathers causes association with beauty, grace and chic. In a religious context, it symbolizes the update. Usually women apply like tattoo on the back, wrist and ribs. Men make a squint on the neck, as well as the ear either on hand.

      Tattoo in the form of a pen of ostrich became a symbol of updates and rebirth. It is also associated with the truth, since the Egyptian goddess Maat was usually portrayed with such a decoration in her hair. This tattoo is usually stuffed on shoulder, shovel, stomach, as well as on ankle or thigh.

      Great sense carries an eagle feather in itself. Eagle is a predatory proud bird, which is performed by courage and honor. This symbol was used in the sacred rituals by the Indians during the celebration of the Great Victory or the ceremony of the patient’s healing. Nowadays, such tattoos indicate power, strength and nobility of man. Most often, similar dolls are found under the breast, on a side or clavicle.

      About mystical bird Phoenix Ancient people said that she could die, and then revive from ash. It is a popular tattoo motive. According to the ancient Greek myths, the feather of Phoenix gives his owner eternal life, because the tattoo symbolizes immortality. Such a squirrel made in the ankle area.

      Owl in Greek mythology is closely connected with wisdom. That is why her feather in the pallows indicates the intellect and high mind. The most popular destination in young people is considered the neck, girls – the forearm area.

      Boys and girls often complement the tattoos inscriptions. Similarly, they are trying to express themselves or clarify the value of their pall.

      And of course, classic is the image of a tattoo from pen and bird flocks. This drawing personifies independence, freedom and strength of the Spirit. Nowadays, this is one of the most common sketches among representatives of weak gender.

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