The value of the snake with the dagger in the tattoo and sketches

The value of the snake with the dagger in the tattoo and sketches

Tattoo with daggers and snakes always attracted the attention of lovers of gloomy and ambiguous symbolism. Such a full drawings are suitable for both guys and girls.


Deciding to fill tattoo with the image of a snake with a dagger, you need to know in advance what it means. To do this, you need to deal with the value of each individual item.

Start stands with the foundation. The sword is an ancient weapon, symbolizing the struggle for justice, as well as the desire to always move forward. Tattoo with his image is more popular among men. After all, they personify all the basic qualities of real warriors.

The image of the snake only enhances the symbolism of the selected tattoo. After all, this creation is considered a symbol of tricks and wisdom. Therefore, tattoo with a snake, wrecking sword, emphasizes the determination and courage of man.

Similar image can also symbolize a constant internal struggle. Such a meaning is full of women. The combination of dangerous cold weapons and frozen snake hints at the dangerous nature of the owner of such a tattoo.

Options sketches

Now find interesting sketches with a snake and a knife is very simple. First of all, it is necessary to decide which style will be performed in the future tattoo. The following stylistic directions are now considered the most popular.

  • New Skul. Sketches made in this style are in many ways similar to classic tattoos that have been applied to the body of sailors. But for their creation is usually used more bright colors. In addition, drawings can be complemented by various unusual details. Tattoo with a snake and a sword in the style of New Skul like a guy and a girl.

  • Realism. I wonder and realistic tattoo with snakes look. Such sketches allow us to transfer all the beauty and danger of these amazing creatures. But, deciding to fill the tattoo in this style, it is important to carefully treat the wizard. After all, only a good professional can make such a tattoo, indeed, luxurious.

  • Doosek. Speeciously look at the tattoo made by black paint. Such drawings consist of small points combined into one big drawing. Tattoo in the style of the doorway will like those who love simplicity and elegance.

After that, you can start creating a perfect sketch. To do this, you can pay attention to the examples of finished work.

  • Cobra. Such tattoos have a special attractiveness. The image of the cobra is quite controversial. The poison of this snake can be both fatal weapons and a strong medicine. Tattim values ​​with cobra and blade can also be different. Such bright tattoos usually choose charismatic creative personals.

  • Two snakes. Tattoo with the image of two snakes, oddly enough, can become a symbol of strong relationships. The skull in this case acts as a reminder that lovers want to live together to death.

  • the Rose. Image of roses and snakes is one of the main temptation symbols. Rose personifies passion, sensuality and brightness of emotions. Snake only enhances this value. The image of a sword, around which the viper was won, reminds of the danger of love. Volumetric tattoos with a large number of such characters usually choose people who are not afraid to risk, and also want to try in this life.

  • Snakes with wings. Tattoo with the image of a snake with demonic wings looks interesting and unusual. Such a tattoo can symbolize temptation. She will suit a person who constantly has to fight with his “demons”.

  • Celtic cross. Of great interest for lovers of unusual tattoos are sketches with a sword, whose handle is decorated with a Celtic cross. This symbol in world culture is closely connected with the image of St. Patrick. This saint, according to legend, managed to expel all the serpent to the ocean, who inhabited Ireland before. Therefore, the tattoo with the image of this symbol and the defeated snake symbolizes the victory over the evil forces.

  • Caduceus. This is one of the most ancient characters. In Greek mythology, Kaduchi was used as the key from the kingdom of the dead. He was a golden rod, decorated with wings. Traditionally, he was depicted surrounded by two snakes. The Version of Cadouce, in which the staff is replaced by a sword, it looks no less interesting. Such a tattoo symbolizes power, which is impossible to achieve without certain losses.

In addition, the tattoo may also act as a symbol of wisdom and the desire to develop, as well as fight for its place under the sun.

  • Scull. In many cultures, the snake is a symbol of rebirth. Tattoo with the image of a sword, skulls and snakes can perform a symbol of the beginning of a new life. Such a tattoo looks great in black and white.

  • Defeated snakes. Like a tattoo with the Cross of St. Patrick, a drawing with a picture of the snake pierced symbolizes victory over evil. To emphasize the importance of this victory, the snake always try to portray dangerous and aggressive.

Liked Sketch Tattoos worth using only as a source of inspiration. After all, a native drawing will delight a person much more if he is unique.

Places of application

Tattoos with a sword and a snake can be both small and large. So you can fill them everywhere where it wants.

  • Arms. Minimalistic women tattoo stuff on the forearm or wrist. There is beautifully looking tender monochrome tattoo. Easy contour drawing It is quite possible to place even on the finger.

  • Legs. Since tattoo on the legs are not so often visible to others, there can be even bright and aggressive drawings.

  • Neck. Small tattoos look beautiful on the neck. There usually have simple drawings with a minimum number of parts. Drawings on the back of the body to fill not very hurt. In addition, they are easy to hide behind long hair. All this makes such tattoo among women.

  • Back. On this part of the body it is customary to fill large tattoos. There is a sense to locate bright color tattoo. After all, they will almost always be hidden from direct sunlight. Therefore, the tattoo will not lose its brightness in a short time. Beautifully on the back look at tattoo with cakes or bright drawings, complemented by flowers.

  • Stomach. Tattoos on this part of the body are not suitable for all. It is quite difficult to fill large drawings, because the process of applying tattoo on the belly is characterized by soreness. Women planning to give birth to children do not risk beat there tattoos, fearing that the drawing will flash and become fuzzy. The tattoo with the snake and the dagger on the stomach should be done only to those who are ready to monitor his figure, not allowing the deformation of the selected drawing.

Stylish tattoo with the image of the snake and dagger is a great way to decorate the body and tell the world about your difficult character.

If it is responsible to refer to the choice of tattoo, and also correctly care for the drawing, it will always look bright and bring only positive emotions.

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