Types and selection of tattoo cars

Types and selection of tattoo cars

The choice of tattoo machine for beginners always begins with the study of the market: many popular firms have the best models for beginners. And yet, faced with practice, the master understands that the search for the perfect working tool is not based only on brand fame or equipment price. Choose wireless machines for applying tattoos and model connected to the network, find the best clip-cord and pedals for devices will help a detailed overview of all important points.

general description

Tattoo machine is special equipment to apply drawings on the skin. The device consists of a variety of components, starting with a needle holder and ending with a power source: It can be built-in or remote. Tattoos machine also contains ink tank: replaceable or refilled.

The device of the standard apparatus for work should be considered in more detail. The following items will be included in it.

  • Frame. It places a motor or induction coils, depending on the type of construction.
  • Converter. In induction machines, it looks like a hammer with a spring. The rotary uses an eccentric with a certain radius of the stroke.
  • Pin. On it, the ear of the pusher or needle is recorded. Used in machines of any design.
  • Pusher. This is the name of the two-sided rod, in which there is an ush in one part, and in the other – “cam”. Due to the filing of translational movement, the pusher moves the module and spike needles.
  • Nose. It is selected individually, under the configuration of premade. Need to ensure that when moving the needle did not give the back of the loft or vertically.
  • Holder with Pipe Lock. We are needed for convenient location of the device in hand.
  • Clamping wheel. It fixes nipple on the rod, provides her correct position.

To connect to the network, the device will also need a connector on the clip-cord. In the battery wireless models of the type “knob” it is used to charge the device.

Review of species

Professional tattoo cars of the last generations are most often produced in the form of battery wireless devices. Such elementary level models are released in the form of a handle, they are ideal for working in tattoo technique in a cosmetology cabinet. It looks like a tattoo machine very concise, weigh no more than 100 g, has the most simple structure. All other options have a wired connection, adjustable power, modular design type. A detailed review will help to understand how the working instruments of the tattooer are in what their differences on the principle of operation, configuration and purpose.


All machines of such a design are divided into 2 main groups according to their appointment. The devices themselves are characterized by the fineness of the setup and narrow specialization. Standing from the very beginning to remember the need to buy immediately pair machine. About each option is worth telling more.

  • Liner. This unit is designed to study in contours and lines. Liners have a small weight, rigid spring and high power. When contacting the skin, the machine produces a short and hard blow, providing accurate pigment flow at a specified point. For the painting, such models are not suitable, because the drawing area is highly injured, lead to the formation of scars and scars.
  • Shader. These tattoo machines are used to create shadows and tight painting inside the contour. Equipment is heavier, has a less injured effect on the skin. Shaders work slowly, are not suitable for creating contours: the paint is blown away, the lines are fat.

Comparing liners with shaiders, it can be noted that by the level of noise the first is noticeably superior to the second. In the devices for drawing contours, it reaches 120-150 Hz, while the painting machines are given only 60-100 Hz.


Universal tattoo machines suitable for beginners belong to the rotor type. They do not need complex pre-adjustment. To start work, it is enough just to install the cartridge. Rotary tattoo machines have a motor, frequency and speed of rotation of which can be adjusted, affecting the speed of the needle. The special system of fastening the needle almost completely eliminates the injury.

All rotary tattoo cars are divided into 5 main subtypes.

  • “Direct”. Basic modification in which the needle is attached directly to eccentric. She has no opportunity to change the movement.

  • “Spectrite”. Machine with a brisk for accurate work. These models are more complex and expensive, suitable for experienced masters.

  • “Pen”. Compact and miniature version of rotary tattoo machine. They are pretty roads in service, demanding on the quality of consumables. “Handles” are needed in cases where a soft cracker is created.

  • “Slider”. Tattoo machines of this type are equipped with a slider making the needle movement more smooth and soft.

  • “Pistune”. In this form of devices for creating tattoos, the smoothness of the load adjustment is also made using a special part. The piston performs the same role as the slider.

All rotary machines work with a minimum level of transmitted noise. They are lighter than induction, universal, presented in different price categories. Also worth paying attention to the modular rotary models, which, instead of a separate needle and holder, use a disposable cartridge assembly. They do not give liquids to seep to the holder, allow you to create thin and clear contour lines, are very popular in tattoo and when working in Lainvork technique.

Best models

The modern tattoo machine market is incredibly diverse. There are miniature and budget Chinese devices, as well as a premium model for real professionals: the most expensive will cost more than 50,000 rubles without additional components. Cheap, but a high-quality model can be purchased for 5-20 thousand rubles. Rating Popularity will help to find the perfect solution.

Top rotary machines demanded by newbies looks like.

  • Dm Mechanics Direct Drive # 66. Russian universal machine weighing 118 g is equipped with a motor operating at a speed of 12000 rpm. The depth of the needle is 3.5 mm. Professionals and tattoo lovers recommend this model. It is fast, easily copes with different types of work.

  • DEUCE MACHINES DIRECT DRIVE. Another universal Russian production machine. The model weighs 135 g, has a needle stroke from 1.5 to 5.5 mm. Stylish black housing has a textured coating. “Chip” of this rotary machine – the ability to use with conventional needles and with cartridges.

  • TG-6 Dream Tat. Budget rotary “Spend” for beginners, supports connecting via RCA and clip-cord, weighs 180 g. Steel housing is equipped with a needle impact strength controller and clamp retainer. The machine works fast, universal in the choice of drawing equipment. And contours, and chosen or shadow with it are obtained by high-quality.

  • Thunder Blue. Stylish modular tattoo machine with a rotary engine in the hint of blue metallic. It is highly appreciated by tattoos, and the Master of Permanent Makeup. Easy aluminum case, adjustable puncture depth, good equipment – just a small part of her advantages.

  • Pen Tattoo. Ez Tattoo released by the Chinese company, this machine connects to the network via RCA, weighs 130 g. The miniature “handle” is placed in the anodized aluminum housing, it is equally well coping with the creation of a circuit and the closure. The speed of rotation of the Japanese engine is about 10,000 rpm.

These models will be quite enough to fully satisfy the interest of Master-novice, give it a start for development in the profession.

The rating of induction machines is impossible to imagine without the following models.

  • Tattoomechanics J Shader. Model from the famous Russian brand. Presented in the average price category, weighs 220 g. This shader connects to the power source through standard clip-cord. Good selection for beginner, ready to master professional equipment.

  • Verge Dog Liner Black. Modern Russian production liner. And looks stylish and the build quality has excellent. Model can often be seen in large salons. It supports work with an needle size to 11rl, weighs 165 g, has a working voltage in 5-7 V.

  • B702 (Shader). Vietnamese brand SU TU Wang Tattoo machine belongs to shaiders used to paint inside the finished circuit. Stylish design with a large rhinestone in the housing is complemented by high construction strength.

  • B-421-4 Liner. Basic model for creating contours from the famous South Korean manufacturer. It weighs 170 grams, it works from voltage at 6.5 V. In the kit there is a carbon steel frame, the color of the case is different. Connects to blocks by 1.5-2 A.

  • B242 Shader. Compact machine weighing 200 g for stratum inside contour. Shader works from a voltage of 6.5 V, connects to power supplies to 2 A. This is a good model for beginners, allowing to master smooth learning of shadows.

For a successful work, a beginner master must be purchased at least a couple of liner and shader. But experienced professionals prefer to fill their arsenal a more diverse set of tools.

Spare parts

Collecting components for working with tattoo machine Alone, a beginner wizard faces the need to search for a whole set of components. You can buy a ready-made set with all modules immediately, but it is better to select them separately, taking into account individual preferences and needs. List of main components for work looks like this.

  • Clip Cord. This is a connecting cable (wire), helping to connect the machine to the power supply.

  • Foot pedal. It is needed to free the hands of the master.

  • Power Supply. It provides current to the motor’s motor. Find a compatible option for a specific machine model, paying attention to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Needles. This component is definitely not worth saving. It is important that all these elements are sterile, sharp, corresponded by the thickness of the complexity of work. Newbies usually choose already sterilized premay needles soldered on a bar. Excalibur, Kwadron are considered the best brands in this segment.

  • Holder. When choosing this component, it is important to pay attention to the convenience of work. Universal is considered to be the size of XL, S corresponds to the size of 16-22 mm, M – from 18 to 26 mm. It is important to compare these indicators with the number of gloves involved in the work. In the middle, it will take at least 2 replaceable holders.

  • Barrier Protection. This component is required to prevent pollution when working with equipment. Materials refer to consumables. This includes medical hats, masks and gloves, wrappers, working mats and hygiene litters, aprons. For machine and clip-cord, special linings are also sold.

  • Nipple. With it, the needle bar is fixed on Pine. Also, nipple is sometimes called bulk. It looks like rounded gum with a hole in the center.

  • Bandage. It will be needed if there is no clamping wheel in the model. It looks like this accessory as an ordinary gum, assembled in the ring.

  • Modules or cartridges. So called the set of configurator and spout for the needle. Produced in disposable sterile packs. Best Manufacturers – Kwadron, Cheyenne, Inox Prime.

The system without modules will additionally need a spout. Otherwise, the list of components usually remains constant. You can purchase it in the finished set or give preference to individual solutions that take into account the wishes of the master.

Expendable materials

The consumables required in the arsenal of the tattoo driver are not only ink. Also in the cabin and in the workplace will have to keep the supply of transfer paper, Vaseline and antiseptics. Even for practice, natural or artificial leather may need to be practiced in the creation of drawings.

What typewriter choose novice?

The rules for choosing a tattoo machine for beginners are quite simple. The novice master is important that his first machine is reliable and high-quality, served a long time. “Golden middle” range of prices in this case begins with 4000 rubles and is limited to 15-20 thousand. About cheap models from Chinese sites-aggregators should immediately forget. If the budget is limited, then buy separate induction tattoo machines for the contour and the painting will be difficult, so it is precisely a rotary technique.

If there is a sufficient number of free funds, other options can be considered. Induction tattoo cars allow you to adapt to different techniques and tasks. They are better suited for the artistic incarnation of the most complex plans. Having understood with the settings, the newbie will necessarily receive an invaluable experience, which will come in handy in further work.

To other important parameters for choosing the first tattoo machine, you can attribute the following.

  • Equipment. The finished set solves many problems, but some elements from it may never come in handy. Is it worth spending money on it, everyone decides on their own.
  • Dimensions. The more fragile complexation of a novice tattooer, the easier and the miniature must have a machine. You need to navigate on glove size. It defines the holder indicators required for a particular master.
  • Speed ​​of work. Rotary machines are quite slow, if you compare them with induction. If it is important to fade your hand, it is better to immediately give preference to the second option. But it is not necessary to forget that rotary models choose a majority of tattoo professionals.
  • Tool weight. This indicator definitely wins rotary machines, among which there are really light options. Some models weigh about 100 g. Induction is noticeably harder, not all people are capable of holding them on weight.
  • Vibration intensity. The more powerful machine, the stronger the return from it. Vibratory impact greatly interferes with beginners. Compensate it will help properly selected holder.
  • Noise level. The feeling of discomfort from it is quite subjective, but it can interfere with focusing at work.
  • Ergonomic. Do not purchase goods remotely blindly. Tattoo machine must be installed in hand, hold in working condition by estimating vibration, the convenience of grip. Ideally, the tool must “merge” with the palm, become a continuation.

These are the main parameters that should be taken into account when selecting a tattoo machine for a set of experience. It also makes it possible that high-level models from top brands can smooth small flaws Master-beginner. This can also be taken into account when making a purchase.

Features of use

Properly use tattoo machine too you need to be able to. If a base modular model with disposable needles is selected for newcomer, it will be used as simple as possible. Tips Here are not required sterilization, they are thrown out after use, and new packaging is opened when clients. To start work, it is enough to connect the device to the network and install the module.

If the novice master has to be used by a conventional rotary machine, you will have to give it to maintain a little more attention. When connected to the network, it should be taken into account what polarity is indicated on the clip-cord. With the right execution of all actions, rotation rotation will be directed counterclockwise.

Maintenance of tattoo cars implies instillation of small portions of weapons oil every 20 hours of operation. It is important to lubricate only rubbing parts and bearings, but to protect the electromotor from such an impact. It is also necessary to periodically change the seals (bandage gum), without waiting for their complete wear. This will increase hygiene standards when conducting a procedure.

It is also very important to regularly sterilize tattoo machine with special chemicals. It is possible to collect it after that only by disinfected tools, in new rubber gloves. On the clip-cord before new inclusion you need to wear a paper bag.

The use of an induction tattoo machine requires compliance with a number of rules. Among them should be noted the following.

  • Regular lubricant and cleaning. Mechanisms for pollution lose their functionality. Oil removes accumulated sediments, protects against corrosion, reduces friction and wear of parts. For lubricant, transformer, weapons or flushing automotive oil, applied to clean x / b fabric. The procedure is held weekly.
  • Replacement and correct sealing seals. They must ensure the absence of a backlash between the needle and a brisk. Experienced masters prefer to produce them on their own, paper towels.
  • Selection and installation of bandage gum. The biggest mistake is an attempt to replace special customers with stationery. Whereas for a tattoo machine need a rubber band with a diameter of 30 mm. Minimizing the distance to the needle, you can achieve an increase in stability in the device, slightly loss in its capacity. It is necessary to take into account when installing.

Given all the recommendations, you can easily maintain the right and efficient work of tattooing equipment.

About which varieties of tattoo machines exist, tells the following video.

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