Value and overview Tatus with lotus for girls

Value and overview Tatus with lotus for girls

Lotus – flower, which in oriental teachings, philosophical and religious, is of particular importance. The world, not alien cosmopolitanism, often borrow signs of some regions and traditions by people who were initially brought up in another culture. And such cultural interpenetration is absolutely normal. And because lotus tattoo – a spread phenomenon, especially often used by girls.

General value

This symbol is very interesting: someone considers him multivalued, but it will be more correct to say that it means a rather large-scale phenomenon. This flower is an ancient sign used at once in several Eastern religions. It is considered a particularly honorable symbol of Buddhist monks. Until now, this tradition has been preserved in the monasteries – wearing a flower image on the body. This is a sign that the monk decided to abandon the many worldly desires in favor of enlightenment, which will gain at the finish.

Lotus – universal symbol of Eastern culture, holistic, recognizable. It is interpreted as a flower of perfection, means life and death, truth and revival. He refers to eternity and purity, continuous development and spiritual growth. It can be called a plant of wisdom, and it will also be true.

In one flower, the symbolism of indispensability and fertility, immortality, divine start can be combined.

All culture considered him a chosen flower, saw in it an important meaning (or endowed it). It is important that the paint is drawn flower. For example, blue – denominator of calm, wisdom. Red color exactly translates passion and love. White means feminine energy and purity, pink – contact with divine start.

Also Lotus found the following designation: he became a symbol of unity of opposites, that is, gained deep philosophical subtext. So, he suggests that antipodes light and darkness are still twins who cannot coexist each other, and meaning they only get together together. The root system of the lotus, as you know, leaves rather deep, it is a symbolism of a female start. The flower stretches to it – to the Divine Forces.

The woman who decided on such a tattoo as if he says: I found the inner harmony, I admit different starts, I strive for enlightenment.

Main modern symbolism Tattoo “Lotos” for women.

  • The desire for development (spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic). A flower that can grow even in a swamp, nevertheless actively seeks to the sun. Lotus can carry a simple truth: no matter where you were born, most importantly, what are you striving for and what you have gained.
  • Favorite happiness. The path to it can be difficult, but in it and is the meaning of life. Such a tattoo may appear like girls who, figuratively speaking, are at the beginning of the road, another young people and everything is ahead, and those who have a reason to make a tattoo after the stage passed, awareness of some values ​​and t. D.
  • Love and cleanliness. Means the desire for love as a basic value and readiness only to clean feelings, high ideals of love. Such tattoo prefer young girls.
  • Search for truth and immortality. Lotus, in which this meaning is embedded, women who collided with the so-called middle-aged crisis are fastened. Then such deep topics seem very important, as well as worthy to be marked even on the body.
  • Fullness of creative energy. Lotus is also considered a flower that can give a person the energy of creation. In some sense, it’s even a charm, a deigious talent.
  • Femininity, seductive. There are no special, precisely related to the lotus meaning. Just this flower, and like any other flower it is associated with these qualities.

The flower combines the subtlety of the mental value and the weighty physical basis. Plant and blooms (Association with female blossom), and fertures (time of the bootonization), and the power of the rod supports a new life. It is not surprising that women choose women more often – too many speaking analogies. There are cases when the tattoo has become for a woman who desperate to give birth to a child, a bodily label that seemed to change her physiology. She believed that with a change in his own body (albeit in the form of a small image that appeared on it), and even using such a strong female symbol, its capabilities will change. And in the reviews, those who went to such a step tell about the success of “Operations”.

Perhaps played the role of psychosomatics, but the fact remains the fact. And there is a rational grain in this: in Chinese culture, for example, the lotus is considered a symbol of revival and fertility. And the Chinese know a sense in unconventional methods of treating infertility. Summarizing, we can say that the lotus is the feminine itself. Therefore, those girls who want to emphasize their nature with the help of a tattoo, and maybe strengthen truly women’s features, lotus choose.

This is a symbol of love, beauty, spiritual development. He never interpreted with a negative assessment, and therefore it’s not worth looking for some tricks in it.

Description of species

The main differences in which this type of tattoo can be classified is to implement the technique – certain styles, as well as in plots, which are not always so obvious and straightforward.

In style

One of the most preferred styles – abstraction. There are many opportunities in it both from the point of view of technology and interpretation. It is drawn so as to highlight every face, every outline of the plant, not without interesting finds. For example, a flower core can be … Present human heart, surrounded by beautiful petals.

What other styles are used.

  • Watercolor. Very colorful and cheerful work, with active transitions, thin methods of coloring. Such tattoo look neatly, concisely, very modern. And here you can pass the value of a specific lotus, including through the color.

  • Blackvork. Need to admit – the lotus in such a style looks non-standard. Yes, and there is no such flower in nature, to be accurate. It looks deliberately allegorical, specially gloomy. That is, the flower, which in itself is very symbolic, philosophical, acquires another sense. As if every beauty hides the mystery, perhaps the dark.

  • Geometry. Flower is drawn up on a clearly verified geometric background. Lotus turns out to be enclosed in the framework that outlines the one or another figure. More often it turns out rhombus. Color can be both bright, and the work is Pystroy and the black-gray. Typically, the lotus color itself, but the background geometry is made in monochrome.

  • Graphic arts. This is a complex composition having a thoughtful, detailed plot. That is, if you consider a tattoo with a message (and in most cases it is), the volume of this message is pretty large. The flower may not even be the main element of the image, but to be only part of it, one of the encrypted thoughts. This is a flat pencil drawing having a clear detail, black gray.

  • Ornamental. Classic Indian patterns are greatly transmitted by flower magic. Style likes those who are close to yoga, meditation and the theme of spiritual enlightenment in general.

  • Lainvork. Linear variation of a popular symbol. This is a large version of the tattoo, which is usually performed in minimalism. They are more massive, the contour lines are worse. If there are shadows, then small, barely noticeable.

  • Oriental. Traditionally for the East in the picture there can be plenty of water. Often it is precisely in this style that the volumes are performed, in the whole back, for example.

  • Minimalism. Style should choose to those who do not intend to make a large tattoo, but wants a small stroke on her body. Usually this is a minimum of lines, exactly as much as enough for a clear identification of the flower.

  • Nesravdishnl. Style, very close old school, leads to Asian aesthetics, brings thoughts about Japanese chrysanthemums. Noticeable bright petals can be placed chaotic, here the accent is coloristic tonality.

In addition to the style, you will have to decide with the plot, which is often more complicated.

According to the plot

Start standing with what a tattoo may well be religious. So, the lotus on the body can be combined with Buddhist deities, and such a body-statement is quite straightforward. Divities can be located inside the flower, but usually they are higher, and the flower is below. Other plots.

  • Spiritual. Their task is to display the spiritual path of the carrier. There are many symbols of enlightenment, opening chakras. Such tattoo love people who are seriously engaged in yoga.
  • Orange. The task of these tattoo is to remove damage and evil eye. You can often find a famous Arabic symbol called Hams in the form of five fingers of a person and eyes, which is connected to the lotus.*
  • Subject. Lotus may be not only in water, but also, for example, in a vase. And the vase is likely to be old, perhaps will be marked by an object of cult. This suggests that the tattoo carrier will honor the story, feeds weakness to ancient teachings, knows them and honors.
  • Lotus and Snake. Also a fairly common variation of tattoo. Snake can crawl out of buds and wrap it. Typically, those tattoo are those who were born in the year of the snake.
  • Lotus and insects. The most popular “partners” flower – dragonflies and butterflies. Such tattoo look lightweight, summer, not claiming deep meaning.
  • Mysterious signs. It can be hieroglyphs, some important statement for a person recorded with these signs. There may be inscriptions in other foreign languages, numeric codes.
  • Lotus with beads, jewels, lace. Also displays female nature with her tight to the beautiful. And partly demonstrates the position of carrier itself – it seems to compare herself with this beauty.

In the most part of the cases, the lotus is a mono tattoo, where the flower is not just an accentrant, but quite self-sufficient.

Choosing a place to apply

Since the lotus is the personification of female nature, then on any part of the body he should look organic. If the images are large and elongated, it is better to apply them on the thigh, if they are small, symmetrical – on the clavicle, on the rib, on the finger, at the bikini line. Where the lotus is stuffed on the female body.

  • On the wrist. On other parts of the hand, the flower also appears often, but the wrist is quite an intimate, fragile area suitable for becoming canvas. Tattoo will be well combined with different outfits, when tattooed on the shoulder, the girls are more often carrying sundresses, shirts without sleeves and T. D.
  • On the foot. May be good on any part of the limb: the hip areas, ankles, as well as the shin, most often become the place where the lotus appears.
  • On the back. Either in the area of ​​one blade, or exactly between them. Lotus Rear – more visual outfit, because the girl itself can see him only in the mirror. It counts on the external effect, surprisingly the contemplator. Also works tattoo on the lower back.
  • On stomach. Since the lotus is considered to be a symbol of fertility, this location of the tattoo will be understood.
  • On breasts. A fairly frank topic requiring special care for this zone that will become faster than many others.
  • On the neck. In this place, tattoos are preferred in minimalism.
  • At the forearm. Especially good will be a tattoo made in this place, for those women who from nature (either their own volitional efforts) managed to achieve beautiful hand flexors.

As usual, before choosing the perfect tattoo, you have to revise dozens, or even hundreds of examples.

Beautiful examples

Seen (and marked as decent) examples can be converted to themselves, change a little, add or, on the contrary, cut off an excess. Cool tattoo in the form of lotus – Women’s options.

  • Color tattoo in which Indian motives are guessed. And yet the black color is more, which is important for girls who are preferred, including in clothing.

  • Similar style, as in the previous example, only the sketch location is different. It looks interesting and not always in sight.

  • Very concise, simple tattoo. Reflects craving for symmetry and perfection. Does not require add-on, although somewhere near (on the side) can be some mini-tattoo in the same stylistry.

  • Another example of when simplicity does not interfere with creating perfect things. They do not overlap their carrier, do not replace interest in it, and will only be an elegant addition.

  • In the technique of watercolor you can see a lot of similar examples, more gentle, less categorical than traditional. Suitable for those who like modern tattoo variations with their departure of color, gentle transitions and any absence of aggressive subtext.

  • An example of whether the active lotus is combined with other tattoos. If techniques, styles do not argue with each other, such duets are obtained. I want to catch a connection, even if the tattoo do dispass, and the author did not invest.

  • Stylish, Volume image on the leg. In it a lot of passion, sharpness, it is impossible to be called soft and gentle. It speaks of radical thoughts, about the categorical owner of the tattoo.

  • Almost the entire line of the spinal column under the “faith” of this tattoo. You can only imagine how it will look like a dress with a bare back.

  • Tattoo under the breast do not very often, considering such topics overly provocative and fear that over the years there will be not the most remarkable zone of the female body. But there are risky ladies.

  • Very delicate image, soft, cozy. Beautifully looks in aggregate with decorations that wear just on the wrist.

  • Large tattoo with color lotus and not only, with a clear consequence of Indian aesthetics. Boldly, of course, not for everyone.

  • It seems that this is a drawing or calligraphic letter, but not a tattoo. On fragile, slender girls looks particularly appropriate and elegant.

  • Those who think to give the zone Ryube (side) under the tattoo can be inspired by this photo. Really beautiful, subtle and noticeably noticeably not all.

  • Big tattoos on the back of girls often won’t meet, and even with a lotus. But this example suggests how it can be done without busting.

  • Another variation of tattoo on the ribs, only the version is smaller. Restrained, flirtary, intimate.

Lotus – according to a standardized image almost perfect flower. It is easy to draw, and an experienced tattoo master will offer many variations. This is a self-sufficient symbol that never tugs with evil, cunning, pride.

He, rather, completely on the other hand characterizes his owner. Therefore, even those who really want a tattoo, but he thinks, at the sight of sketches with lotus turn out to be more decisive.

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