Value and variety of tattoo with compass

Value and variety of tattoo with compass

Tattoos with a compass have always been popular among sailors and travelers. Now they are far less. Nevertheless, sketches with images of compasses and maps attract travel lovers and people seeking complete freedom and independence.


When choosing a suitable tattoo, pay attention to the features of the drawing. There are several basic compass symbols that use various masters.

  • Lo Pan. The traditional tattoo with the image of a Chinese compass is very popular among Eastern Topic Lovers. It is distinguished by an unusual appearance. The dial of this device resembles a grid decorated with hieroglyphs. Lo Pan is a symbol of love for the ancient Chinese traditions and art Fengshui.

  • Runic. Such a tattoo is a large circle on which the ancient Scandinavian runes are located. Tattoo with the image of a rune compass – this designation of its desire to find the right life path. It is believed that such a drawing on the body does not give a person to get lost in life and constantly directs it in the right direction.

  • Classical. The compass with the usual appearance was also invented by the Chinese. Simple tattoo with color or black and white compasses are excellent fit geography or travelers.

Modern tattoo with a compass may have several values.

  1. Hope. Traditionally, such a tattoo means hope for a bright future. Previously, similar images on their body applied sailors. It was important for them to come back home from any trip. So they stuffed such a tattoo on their forearms or wrists.

  2. Equilibrium. Stylish tattoo with symmetric arrows is a great symbol of equilibrium and self-confidence. Such a compass can fill in your body a person who has already made his life calm and harmonious.

  3. Loyalty. Another sense that people are investing in such a tattoo – loyalty to their loved ones and oneself. Such a tattoo is suitable for both the girl and for a man.

Stuff on the body as black and white tattoo and colored.

Description of species

Sketch selection is now very wide. Tattoos with the image of the compass can be both large and small.

In style

When choosing a sketch, the first thing you need to decide on what style the tattoo will be performed in.

  • Realism. This style is very popular among professional masters. The compasses depicted on the body look three times and worked out. Such tattoos are both bulk and black and white. Often, similar drawings complement the images of other details that were previously used by travelers and sailors. The background for such a realistic tattoo usually serves as a map.

  • Minimalism. This stylistic direction is popular among young people. Such tattoo look neat and very simple. Small images of compasses are usually located on wrists, ankles or forearms.

  • Watercolor. The main feature of this style is that the finished tattoo looks as if it was applied to the skin with watercolor paints. There is no clear contour. Very often, the tattoo consists of bright smears and colored spots. An image of a compass made in such a style looks very modern and stylish.

  • Graphic arts. Original black and white tattoo in graphic style are also gaining popularity. The basis of the compass master is complemented by images of circles and triangles. They can consist of solid lines or neat points.

  • old school. Bright tattoos with a clear black contour – this is a great option for lovers of traditional native drawings. They usually have their forearm or on hand. Old Skull Tattoo, often complement other significant elements. It may be anchors, screws or similar to the meaning of the part.

When choosing a style, it is important to take into account your own preferences. In addition, you need to think about how good the new tattoo will fit into the usual image. Especially in the event that there are already other tattoo on the body.

According to the plot

Images of compasses often make the basis of a thoughtful and beautiful tattoo. To add a tattoo, you can use different significant details.

  • Map. Realistic tattoo with a bulk map looks beautiful on hand or leg. Such a sketch means craving for adventure, as well as the desire to explore the world. Tattoo with a card and clock most often make realistic and worked up to the smallest detail.

  • Anchor. Tattoos with a compass and anchor – this is an excellent option for people who have decided to tie their lives with travel or sea. In addition, such an image can be a symbol of constant. The small tattoo with the image of the compass and the anchors can be done by pair. They will suit both friends and beloved.

  • Martin. Bright tattoo with the image of the compass and swallows will also suit the sailor. Best of all, such sketches look in the style of Old Chelse. Traditionally, sailors have stuffed such drawings after they overcome their first 5 thousand nautical miles. Now this image can also be done in honor of achieving some significant goal. Figure can be supplemented with thematic inscription.

  • a lion. The tattoo with the image of the Lion is perfectly suitable for a strong and confident man. The head of this animal applied to the skin is a wonderful protective symbol. A tattoo with such a lion and a compass will suit a man who is used to the last defend its point of view.

  • Lighthouse. Like a compass, the lighthouse is a symbol of stability. Such a tattoo carries positive energy. She will suit people who are open to the world and are ready to overcome any difficulties.

  • the Rose. Compass with a rose is a symbol of loyalty to yourself and selected life principles. Men often pinch such a tattoo in order to designate devotion to their chosen. For sailors, tattoo with such a symbolism serves as a reminder of love for close and native home.

  • Turtle. Tattoo with the image of the turtles symbolize a long life and gradual movement to the goal. Such drawings are well combined with images of simple symmetric compasses. Such a tattoo is perfect for a person who seeks longevity.

  • The Dragon. Dragon images are particularly popular among fans of Eastern Topics. Such tattoos look perfectly in arms or legs. Previously, a tattoo with a dragon and a compass was stuffed on the body of sailors who fell into the eastern ports. Now the picture with this image most often serves as an ordinary symbol of love for mythical creatures.

Such a set of ideas for sketches will help a person faster to decide on the choice of a suitable tattoo.

Where to locate?

After that, you can proceed to the search for the perfect place to apply the tattoo. Images of compasses beautifully look at almost any part of the body.

  • Arms. Volumetric tattoos with compass, as a rule, are styled for forearm or shoulder. Such tattoos are often complemented by a large number of parts.

Best on the forearm will look a tattoo in the style of Old Skull or Realism.

Colored or monophonic tattoo of small size can also be placed on the brush or wrist. Beautiful will look compass and on the elbow. It should be borne in mind that such a tattoo is rapidly erased. In addition, it hurts it.

  • Breast. Bright tattoo can be placed on the chest. This option fits more men. Tattoos at the top of the body are long preserved attractiveness and eventually not deformed.

  • Legs. Tattoo with compass Most often stuffed on Ires. Girls also like drawings located on the hips. They often decorate similar sketches with flowers of different shapes and sizes.

  • Neck. Small tattoos in style minimalism can be located on the back of the neck. Such drawings are often complemented by thematic inscriptions, runes or hieroglyphs.

  • Back. This part of the body is ideal for large and worked tattoos. Most often drawings on the back pinch men. Similar tattoos with time almost do not lose form. An image of a compass on the back can be supplemented with such significant details like a lighthouse, anchor or map.

Office workers cost more carefully to choose a place for tattoo. In this case, it will be very easy to hide for hair or clothing.

Beautiful examples

Inspire a person to create a unique sketch can examples of finished works.

Bright tattoo with a rose

The volumetric tattoo on the chest looks great on the male body. It is made in 3 main colors. They are all well combined with each other. Figure made in bright colors. The edges of each detail are outlined with a clear contour of black. The basis of the tattoo is complemented by two symmetric ribbons. They can write any motto or an important date.

Color sketch for traveler

Such a tattoo is perfect for creative personalities and travelers. The drawing is based on a beautiful symmetric compass. Complement his bright images of mountains, rivers and forests. A similar tattoo can be devoted to its beloved city or country.

Tattoo with a compass will be perfectly looking at both male and female body.

The main thing is to choose the appropriate drawing style and make it truly unique.

In this case, the tattoo will eventually delight its owner only more, reminding him of pleasant life moments.

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