Values ​​and overview of Tattoo Samo

Values ​​and overview of Tattoo & Samo &

Tattoos “Samoa” have many features, they differ significantly from ordinary tattoo. What is the importance of self-auenic drawings, and what is their peculiarity, we’ll figure it out in this article.


“Samoa” is one of the varieties of tattoos, which takes his beginning in Polynesia. The main feature of the drawings made in the self-decreed style is that they look as if they were cut out of wood, which is achieved due to a clear drawing of lines.

Currently, such tattoos are not so difficult to transfer to the skin. But in ancient times they were different. This process was for people incredibly painful and, according to current standards, even inhuman, because the pattern on the skin was not applied using special tools, but using sharp fangs and claws of wild animals or special scrapers.

The process of application of such an image on the body was a whole ritual, about the intricacies of which only the Samoants themselves were aware.

Each element of such a navigate image is characterized by its uniqueness and uniqueness. As a rule, geometric shapes predominate in such drawings, quite complicated performed. They are woker together, thereby forming a single and interesting ornament. Very active in such drawings, triangles and shapes with sharp corners are used. And here are different curls, spirals and too large details in the tattoos of the self-sustains are almost completely absent. However, there are exceptions.

Samean style is quite ancient. However, despite this, it has almost undergone changes in all the time of its existence. This is due to the fact that self-sustainers tried to save the originality of their style, protecting it from the influence of other cultures.

As a rule, each detail is of great importance in such tattoos, each touch and pattern – no line has been drawn clean for aesthetics. Often, a chronicle of human life, important events in his fate, his feats in battles are presented in such forsy drawings – it is for this reason that the image in this style is most often occupied by such a large skin area.

Today such tattoos are still in demand for people. They can be applied purely of aesthetic motivations, and can and carry a certain promise.

For the most purpose, such a full drawings symbolize force, power, courage, the ability to protect themselves and their relatives, will, hard character, the desire for their goals, to victory, self-confidence and their own forces, and the originality. However, in some cases, the tattoo may carry in itself and other meaning. For this, a person must contact a specialist to work with it an individual drawing.

Despite the fact that Samoan tattoos are considered most of their masculine, you can see them on women’s bodies.

Usually, the fair sex is choosing such drawings or due to their effect, or because of their desire to emphasize their inner strength, independence from other people and circumstances.

Tattoo Options and Sketches

There are many different sketches of self-aneg tattoos. Unites them one – they are all drawn exclusively in black color, other shades for such drawings are usually not used. In addition, it is worth saying that such an image is not easy to make understandable, turning it, for example, in something similar to the beast or flower. However, in some cases, see and depict specific images in such tattoos can still work out.

The drawings themselves can be varied in its plot content. The importance of the native picture depends on them.

  • So, often among the patterns can be seen Spears, arrows and other weapons, Related to the number of primitives – they all symbolize militancy, desire for victory.

  • Image on such drawings of different Outcomes of labor, For example, hoes or ax, denotes the self-suicide human activity, and also demonstrates his skill and achievement in certain areas.

  • Animals on such tattoos can also be seen often, although Fauna of the Samoan Islands is not distinguished by its abundance. Often on such drawings you can see a lizard, which in the self-suicide was considered to be divine creation and symbolized the connection with another world. Turtles on such tattoos are also found often. These animals in self-school culture symbolize the genus, family, good health and long life.

  • Shark In a native image, it suggests that its owner is distinguished by its strength, courage and courage. He knows how to stand up for himself for his relatives. This value of the tattoo is quite understandable, because the shark is considered one of the most dangerous inhabitants of the ocean. Skat on such a drawing will symbolize sanity, experience and freedom. Whale – family relationship, prosperity and abundance in the house. Dolphins are friendliness, positive and sincerity.

  • For the most part, all marine fish carry a positive promise. But Muren is an exception. According to the self-suicide, this maritime inhabitant means ailment, problems. Many consider it a conductor for unclean forces and spirits.

  • In some cases, in such tattoos you can see Floral elements, that at the present time is especially characteristic of female tattoos.

But most often, of course, on such tattoos are prevailing beautiful, but the more intricate patterns, whose value will be understandable only to the person who is wearing such an image on its body.

How to locate on the body?

Samoan tattoos can be located on any part of the body. The place for the tattoo is largely determined by its scale, as well as human preferences.

As a rule, Samoan tattoos differ in their dimensions, and therefore occupy a large area of ​​the skin. For this reason, they often arrange at the same time, back or chest. Medium-sized tattoos occupy significantly less space – they are placed on their shoulder or forearm.

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