Variety of tattoo in the form of bracelets

Variety of tattoo in the form of bracelets

Tattoo is an excellent opportunity to emphasize your own individuality. One of the fashion trends of recent years has become tattoo bracelets, they are applied to different parts of the hands and legs. Such a full drawings look very impressive and have many style styles.


Tattoos in the form of bracelets in arms and legs have a long history. Since ancient times, they were pounded by representatives of different nations and cultures. Special importance attached to the ring form of patterns. It was believed that closed bracelets do not allow to penetrate into the biopol of the man hostile to him. This is the symbolic meaning of the tattoo bracelet as a powerful talisman is relevant to this day.

However, the knockers in the form of bracelets in the hands are far from always carrying deep sacred meaning. Sometimes they serve unobtrusive, but at the same time elegant decoration. This pattern organically fits into any style, similar decorations are stuffed on the body not only women, but also men.

Beautiful sexes prefer elegant drawings. For a strong half of humanity, patterns with laconic geometric shapes are more suitable. Men’s tattoo bracelets are usually made wide and black and white, such palls indicate the decisive nature of their owners, while color, on the contrary, choose sociable people with a thin mental organization.

Types and sketches of tattoos

Tattoo in the form of a bracelet is presented in a variety of execution options. You need to choose them intuitively, definitely listening to the inner voice, because any new-fashioned trends are breeding, and the native pattern will remain with you until the end of days.


The most romantic features are suitable bracelets with floral plots. It can be both floral ornaments and images of several plants collected in one wreath. Especially spectacularly similar dolls look in the color version, the monochrome will look too restrained and will not fully reflect the entire attractiveness of the picture. At the same time, flowers can be absolutely different – bracelets are stuffed with poppies, roses, orchids and other plants. Such tattoo mean femininity, mental and bodily cleanliness of their owner.

Men often prefer the outlines of trees, usually coniferous. Basically, they depict the forest on the background of the lunar light or the starry sky. Figures are sketchy schematically, blackwood style. That is, the skin is painted completely, but thanks to a specific silhouette, the drawing remains well recognizable. Usually, such bracelets choose creative nature seeking inspiration in silence.

With Runa

Runes are powerful ancient faucet, they are endowed with sacred meaning. It is believed that their image on the body can neutralize even the strongest generic curse. It is not surprising that the runes in the form of a bracelet are so popular.

However, before you decide on a similar squabble, it is necessary to carefully study the value of the rune.

It is important that the work performed a professional professional professional. Any extra touch can change the value of the tattoo until the opposite.


Very stylish bracelets in the form of inscriptions. Usually, Cyrillic, Latin alphabet and hieroglyphs are used. Most often on hand feed names, geographical names and birth dates. Relevance of famous people who have become a life credo are very popular.

Font, size and text are selected depending on the individual wishes. Usually fragile girls prefer calligraphic style, for men are characterized by Gothic and Rounic fonts.

Bracelets with signatures often choose in loved ones, in this case the tattoo is stamped in a double version. The text of the lettering becomes the name of the partner and complemented by the date of dating / wedding or symbolism in the shape of a heart.

Patterns and ornaments

Women love to fill patterns on the body, imitating jewelry. No less demand enjoy lace and openwork ornaments. Such tattoo look consistently sophisticated and attractive.

Men when creating bracelets choose geometric ornaments. Such motifs are associated with courage and hardness character. In addition, it is believed that they bring good luck.

A real hit in the field of native painting in recent years has become Celtic. It is an intricate interlacing lines. Our old ancestors believed that such patterns carry a powerful positive energy charge.

It should be noted that such the subject is considered a male. Nevertheless, no gender limitations in this regard are not. Therefore, the pattern can be seen on the body of women who are passionate about the culture and traditions of the ancient Celts. In addition, luxuriously luxuriously looks on the delicate female skin.


People of creative specialties – musicians and poets – sometimes stuffed on the hands of a ton mill or a treble key. Especially spectacular like a pall looks on the wrist.

A rather stylish solution will be a stuffing of the image of the snake, wrapping hand. In many cultures, this reptile is considered an impersonation of wisdom, prudence and calm in. Similar decorations indicate their owner as a person who knows how to soberly assess the situation and make weighted decisions. But be sure – in case of danger, this man will inflict an instant blow.

To create an emphasis on physical strength, a man feeds a barbed wire bracelets and thorns with spikes. There is an opinion that such topics is characteristic of people who visited the places of detention. However, it is not. In general, such symbols indicate the masculinity of the owner of the Palace and his readiness in any situation to protect their territory and defend personal interests even if the numerical superiority is behind the opponent.

Laconic, discreet, but a very stylish solution will be leather cord. Such a tattoo man snacks on biceps. In the Middle Ages, such a pattern was popular with warriors, he was considered a talisman defending against injuries and death in battle. Nowadays, the tattoo has mainly decorative character, it is puffed by people engaged in bodybuilding. In this way, they emphasize well-developed muscles.

If you wish to the cord, you can add an amulet. Then the pallium will also acquire protective energy. Usually bracelets complement runes, crosses or solar characters.

Among the women’s audience, tattoo bracelets are endowed with magic properties. Many girls are trying with the help of symbols to attract happiness in personal life, success, wealth, health and beauty. The optimal choice in this case will be bracelets with feathers.

Young girls prefer tattoos with bright butterflies: red, blue, yellow. They talk about lightness on the rise, symbolize the purposefulness of their owner.

Such a solution will be optimal for those young specimen who lack determination.

It looks very strongly tattoo with an elephant bracelet, such a sign indicates exceptional spiritual power, devotion and wisdom.

Very good on female hands Looks like a native pattern with keys. It is believed that such a tattoo indicates the naivety and chastity of its owner.

Styles and color solutions

As a separate ornament, the tattoo bracelet is similar to the real jewelry. In essence, it is a drawing that is powered by a certain part of the body. It can imitate the decoration or be formed from flowers, classical ornaments, all kinds of geometric shapes and mystical symbols.

Imitation of jewelry will be a good alternative to acquiring expensive products in the store. In this case, such a bracelet will not break and not lost. Similar ornaments are usually stuffed in a realistic manner, tattooers as accurately select the color solution, characteristic of precious metals and stones, draw their radiance and glare. The most experienced professionals even imitate the effect of a lightweight embossing of individual elements of the pallium during the movement.

In addition to realism, the stylistics of Barochko is suitable for creating bracelets. It is distinguished by a scrupulous study of the smallest elements, lace and openwork. This choice will be optimal for creative natures.

Male compositions are preferably performed in an abstract style. Here the bracelet is a combination of pointed and torn lines, geometric elements. Each of them carries expression, dynamics and even aggression. Such bracelets reflect the force of a male character, emphasize the physical power of its owner.

Men’s tattoo bracelets are preferably performed in black and white. In this way, they seek “no” to compromise. Girls, on the contrary, make a choice in favor of color images – Bright colors will indicate the sensitivity of their nature.

Places of application

Esotericians believe that the native paintings having a coated force must be stuffing on his left hand. And talismans that attract finances and other desired resources should be positioned on the right.

Most often tattoo bracelets do on the wrist. Here, fine chains in the style of minimalism are particularly well, they can be single or consisting of 3-5 layers.

In this place, patterns, imitating valuable metal and stones look good.

On the forearm, sampling tattoos in the form of weaving and letting. Among well-developed people got the spread of laconic black threads, as if shooney.

On the shoulder stuff more bold plots, because if necessary, they can always be hidden from surrounding clothing. Therefore, here you can meet gothic drawings, runes, hieroglyphs. An ethnic will be appropriate here, Polynesian pictures look especially successfully.

Except for hands, tattoo bracelets are stuffed and leg. It looks like this solution is very original and stylish. On the hip and knee pictures, as a rule, choose men. They pour wide strips, chains and Celtic patterns. Women in this place make a tattoo in the form of a snake, so they emphasize their wisdom and abstract temper.

Very feminine look at the mini-tattoo in the form of beautiful beads and pendants on the ankle. If desired, the design can be harmoniously supplemented with flowers, leaves, feathers and rings. This design visually lengthens his legs and thus adds an attractive girl.

An even more interesting sketches of the tattoo in the form of bracelets you can find by looking at the following video.

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