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Features and advantages

Underwear, perhaps the most part of the expenses from all that is a woman. Beautiful bra is able to give confidence more than anything. But choose the perfect option for yourself is quite difficult.

A good bra should not only maintain and create the form that is necessary, but also not to squeeze the chest and not to break the blood circulation, as it can negatively affect the health of women. The form of a “Angelica” bra has a specific free form, which with all its simplicity looks very beautiful.

When buying a bra “Angelica” woman can choose the desired and comfortable form of the cup.


The form goes directly from the name. Breasts as if exhibited on a balcony or pedestal. Widely arranged straps and a straight line of the neckline, opening up the top of the chest. Sometimes the upper cup is replaced with a guipure or lace.


The cup of this model almost completely opens the chest, but not as the previous model. Such a bra will suit not very deep neckline.


For this model, a wide corse and fusion cups are characterized, which cover the breast only below, and the upper part of the cup can be completely absent. Despite this, the Bracser still provides breasts visual volume. Braceru should look at those who have a small breast.

As you already understood, the main feature of the “Angelica” bra is to provide support and give the form of a breast without closing it completely.

Widely spaced straps are also a plus. Thanks to this cut bra, he becomes invisible under clothes. All familiar to the sense of discomfort when the straps “look” under the dress. With “Angelica” this will not happen.

Stamps also in many embodiments it will be possible to replace the usual on silicone, or remove them altogether depending on the case. This bra is ideal for a deep neckline, open back and to V-shaped.

Because of its form, the Angelica bra is suitable for women with small breasts. But almost all manufacturers of this bra produce it for owners of lush forms. They are most likely the best balconets from all models. The main thing is that the bra has a silicone strip on the edge of the cup, then he will not crawl.


Basically, the Angelica bra is produced from a dense stretch, it is not visible under clothes. What once again confirms the statute of “invisible” and allows you to wear this bra with tight clothing. But there are models and for sophisticated. Who wants not only practicality from underwear, but also beauty.

In 2017, the lace, chiffon and other translucent fabric come to us. They will replace the satin and silk, although these fabrics remain popular this year. Summer Trend 2017 – These are bows, prints, lacing. The bra “Angelica” is also not bypassed.

Bretels Designers offer more and more in a removable version. For the “Angelica” bra, it will allow to expand the kind of neckline. Already good breast support by corsage allows you to wear outfits with open shoulders without a hint of underwear.

Well, where without Push-Up. Probably there is not a single woman who in the cherished box did not lay a bra with this magic effect. Removable pillows or a solid version of Push-Up will help correct the shape of the chest.

The first option is convenient because, if necessary, these custvines are easily removed and one bra can be worn in two versions – with Push-ap and without. But there is a minus. With pads chest looks fixed, and therefore deception from the effect will quickly open.

The second option gives not only volume, but also visual naturalness. Such a model is tightly adjacent to the chest and lifts it, providing the desired tightened form.

For those who want to increase breasts, at least visually, several sizes, manufacturers offer double push-up.

With past collections, pastel, peach, powdered, sandy shades and classic white. Speaking of classics, then all designers, despite trendy trends, are always present red and black colors.

Undoubtedly, in any female wardrobe there should be bright underwear, well, or at least just with a drawing. This season is very relevant to floral print. As for the color scheme in bright colors, stop the choice on Bordeaux or blue. This season they are relevant at least pastel shades.

Red, yellow, blue and other bright colors of bras wear from the same color clothes.

Body or light bras wear under the clothes of warm tones, and gray sconce – cold. White bras – a lot of the same color shirts and wedding dresses.

Motley colors, such as animal (leopard, tiger, zebra and t.D.) it is better to leave for home or for the outfits of the same color solution. With others, especially bright colors they look vulgar.


Almost every brand provides its buyers a “Angelica” bra. The choice will only be for you based on preferences and financial capabilities.

  • A fairly available option “Angelica” – the Belarusian brand Milavitsa. The company offers good quality underwear at relatively affordable prices.
  • Lomar – Releases Bra “Angelica” mainly in pastel shades and concise design. This option will be suitable if the bra needs to be masked under the clothes.

But all the favorite Victoria’s Secret, on the contrary, offers bright and interesting models “Angelica”.

  • Charmante – Italian Lingerie has always been an embodiment of style and sexuality. And this brand has not exceeded. Charmante offers women refined underwear from lace and atlas with handmade elements.
  • Dimanche Lingerie – This is another Italian brand, his bras won popularity among women of all over the world, thanks to the good quality of cotton and silk and unique design.

  • Kris Line – Brand brand from Poland, which creates underwear for all occasions. Embroidery, tulle, lace prevails from the decor.
  • CHANTELLE – all you need to know about this underwear is that it comes from France. And then comments are too. French chic, elegance and refinement.

Who fits?

Sure, Bras “Angelica” embodiment of the dream of any woman. But he fits, unfortunately not to all.

First, women with great breasts are better forget about Angelica. Yes, some trademarks produce this model for holders of lush forms, but taking into account their features. And it will be just fine if you manage to find it. If not, then it is better to continue the search or completely refuse to buy.

But girls whose size does not exceed the units, too, should not be considered “Angelica” or its varieties of “its” bra. Very small breasts will look not aesthetically in such a bra. Because the cups will not be able to impart close.

An ideal option This type of bra will become for girls with the second-third breast size. He will feel good to the body and contributes to the formation of a hollow, which attracts men’s eyes so.

Tips for choosing

To choose not just a suitable, but the perfect bra, you need to adhere to several rules.

  • When choosing a bra and underwear as a whole, you need to pay attention to the type of your figure and appearance – the color of the eyes, leather, hair.
  • For light skin, it will be better to stay on bright models, any colors will be suitable for dark. Especially winning coral and orange shades on tanned skin.
  • The cup should sit so that the chest does not fall out and the bra has not passed. But at the same time, tightly facilitate the chest.
  • For big breasts it is better to choose a more closed cup and wide straps.

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