Bra without brains

Bra without brains

Bra rafelle brains indispensable for amateur profound cuts and dresses with open back. It is comfortable, practical and comfortable: you do not go strap and do not worry that they will be visible. Bras without straps differ by species that wear a variety of clothing. We will analyze more Features, advantages, rules of choice and many other nuances of underwear models without straps.

Features and advantages

The bra straplex is popular among women. It has a number of benefits:

  • Suitable for exquisite evening outfits with open shoulders. The shoulder line will remain seductive and attractive, the appearance will not determine the presence of straps+
  • Ideal for summer light dresses, sundresses and blouses. Cloth involves no extra details, including underwear straps+
  • Will create a neckline with which ordinary bodies will not cope.

The peculiarities of the bra straplete brains include the following:

  1. Lifting without straps (his name – “Strapless Bra”) complex in development. For better support, it is equipped with a wide belt, special inserts on sides and in front and deep bones.
  2. Special design is needed for reliable landing without straps. Tight material and rigid cup – a guarantee of effective support, due to which the weight is evenly distributed over the leaf ribbon.
  3. Bones are located down a little higher, have a curved shape and a little bevelled for better chest girth and exclusion of its slip.
  4. No straps for many is an indicator of comfort and convenience.
  5. Lifters are not suitable. The holders of lush breasts are better to stay on models with straps.

Designers are happy to indulge and amaze fashion. Branet Bra Run – Real Fashion-Masterpiece. He meets all fashionable requirements: comfortable, reliable and impeccable.


Strapless Bra – Total name for all brarebel bras. Fashion designers do not limit their fantasy by creating several models of similar bodies. Consider each of them Read more.

Strapless BRA – a common name for all brarebel bras. Fashion designers do not limit their fantasy by creating several models of similar bodies. Consider each of them Read more.

Silicone bra Suitable for amateur extreme cuts, lack of strapless and fasteners on the back. It will not support the chest, but to give the volume and correction of the form – this is what you need. It is worn under dresses with open back.

Silicone models have several advantages:

  • Provide good chest girth+
  • Apply additional volume+
  • Masking protruding nipples.

Supporting bra Combines reliability, convenience and sexuality. The structure of the structure is laid in the system “Breasts”. The essence is as follows: bones are replaced by special devices “Four Fingers”. Three of them are attached to the side and perform supporting function, the fourth – reliable fixation. Due to this, it became possible without much effort to increase and round the chest.

Bras without backs long ago became favorites at Modnitz. Without them, it does not go into light in a chic outfit with an open back. It is not noticeable under clothing, comfortable, beautiful.

Lifts without a back consist of two cups that have an adhesive surface. It replaces straps on the back and shoulders. To securely secure it, you must follow the instructions:

  • Take a shower, paying special attention to the chest: wash with soap, warm water, wipe the soft towel+
  • Remove the film from the inside of the cups+
  • Press the chest cups under the desired angle+
  • Buttoned cups in front.

Now we wear a chic outfit and admire everyone around! A bodice is removed without much effort: cups need to pull down from top to bottom, rinse with warm water with soap and dry, watching nothing stuck. The brawl without a back is not suitable for daily socks, especially for skin owners, prone to irritation and allergies.

    Brailleter without a back can not be washed in a washing machine!

    Bras with Effect Push Up like many – they allow you to make breasts of expressive and appetizing. This is achieved at the expense of various inserts in the cups that raise the mammary glands, visually increase their volume by adding an empty between them. Inserts can be located at the bottom of the product, on the sides or along the edges. The model is suitable for a small breast.

    Brassets with Bando – This is a band of fabric, which is divided into two cups with any decorative elements. There are several types of bandandes: hard with cups, a simple strip of fabric in the form of top, smooth models, with drapery, lace, without push up or with it.

    Lifts without bones Not suitable for widespread chest, sagging bust, greater girth. It will not work with him to make a fence, it’s not to wear it under the blouse with a deep neckline and not add expressiveness of the chest.

    Bra Balconet, The top edge of the leaf in which is horizontal, due to which the chest opens and efficient support is ensured. A variety of bra models without straps allows you to create stylish images and wear clothes that emphasizes the individuality as possible.

    Useful advice

    Brandli bras – specific goods, many ladies prefer classic models with comfortable straps. So that fashionista felt comfortable in bonds without straps, stylists developed a memo with answers to popular questions.

    1. Lifts slides. What to do? The usual situation is trying on a bra straplete brains and feel how it goes? I immediately want to remove and buy the usual model? Do not hurry, the problem is solved. Most make a mistake – take the thing the same size as with straps. Need to choose the size size less, then underwear will stay. The problem of a narrow bra and folds of the skin under it will solve a model of dense tissue with a wide stripe on the back.
    2. Why the bodice does not fit tightly to the body? The problem more concerns inexpensive manufacturers. They want to kill two hares at once: make a gangster with removable straps, forgetting about silicone ribbons, which give the effect of tight “sticking” to the skin. Carefully before buying inspect the bodice. If the misfortunes revealed at home, they sew a ribbon on their own (they are sold in sewing stores).
    3. How to avoid the breaking of a bra under the weight of clothes? The main task of the bra – breast support, but sometimes he is forced to keep clothes. In this case, the lifeth without straps will help dresses with a belt, a belt, cutting line of waist – these elements will create additional support.
    4. How to extend the service life? Each lift has its own service life, after which it fades, pulls out, loses the form. Qualitative models with regular toe withstand a maximum year. The process of pulling the tape is inevitable. In this case, hooks come to the rescue, which we often use not by appointment. Buying bra Please note that it must be perfectly sitting with the fastened first hooks, as we wear it is necessary to fasten all the tight and tight.

    To select the optimal model:

    • We draw attention to the fabric: the product must be made of cotton, microfiber, lace. The material is selected depending on the clothes+
    • Seamless technology will provide maximum comfort+
    • Than a magnificent bust, the wider there should be a kiss part that will support the chest as much as possible.

    Tips are simple, affordable and understandable, they will allow the properly to choose a bra, wearing it comfortably and extend the service life.

    Look at the following video on the choice of bras without straps.

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