Brasters from Balci

Brasters from Balci

Cute ladies, it’s not true, sometimes it is difficult to find an inexpensive company that produces beautiful lingerie. So that the bra and the material model approached so that the material was excellent, so that he got well, and and stylish was.

Of course, Italian and French firms are sewered underwear that meets all our requests. But expensive for every day.

What to do how to find a suitable? We will help you with this and introduce the Baltic firms of women’s linen and bras.


Baltic bras have always been popular. In the times of our moms and grandmothers it was believed that they were stylish and high-quality, laconic, simple, but at the same time in design and cut nothing different from the French. And their prices are very democratic.

Now hearing such Baltic brands such as Rosme, Laguna, Vova, Simona and others. Excellent design, comfortable landing, wonderful fabrics, many models, but at the same time pleasant in all respects Price.

Girls who first discovers the bras of these firms for themselves and always recommend girlfriends.


Ladies know: so that the chest looked luxuriously, you need the right bra. And, of course, the right size.

So, what are the models of bras?

Bra classic bra. That is closed. Cups may be lace or fully or partially molded. Very convenient. Suitable for any breast shape. Therefore, it is called classic. The chest is closed and supported on all sides.

Bras “on the bone”. Suitable for medium breasts. In the lower part of the cups there is a special arc, at the expense of which the breast is formed.

Push-Up Bra. This model is designed for visual increase in breast, and significant. A foam rubber or gel in the form of special pads is inserted into the cup. Having great popularity in the ladies. However, it should be remembered that it can challenge the chest, so constantly carrying such a bra is not recommended.

Bra Balconet. Designed for open dresses in front and rear. The chest is maintained from below, but not at the expense of the pads, as in Push-Up, and at the expense of the bone and cut. Great for big breasts.

Bra without seams. On the cups of such a bra seams there is no. Edges treated with laser. Such bustik is not visible at all under transparent or fitting tissues. Suitable for small and medium breasts. Often used for sports. Enjoys great popularity in nursing mothers.

As for the seams on the cups, they are located differently on bras. Horizontal seams on a bra – a sign that bustic is designed for large volumes. For a small breast, to visually increase it, make vertical seams on cups. Diagonal seams are considered universal.


Lauma (Lauma)

Linen of this company enjoys straightly popular popularity. Here you will find bras for any breast shape, as well as busts for nursing women.

The company has a series of Tuxedo, in great demand. Here you will find and push-up, and smooth molded cups with satin ribbon, there are bras with removable straps, with straps, from which you can change the position, and dramatically.

For owners of lush forms there is a bra “Minimizer”. He makes breasts visually careful. Well in such a sport, for example.

There is a special series of bras for women who have suffered a breast surgery.

There are lace bras, so favorite by representatives of beautiful sex.

Vova (Latvia)

Firm just over twenty years old, but it already sells her underwear in Europe, Scandinavia, USA. Every year releases two new collections of models. She has bras for big breasts, seamless lingerie, body, corsets, corrective.


Bras of this firm stylish and concise. They have no excessive parts. It can be openwork, lace. Models on busts of any shapes and sizes.

Nikol Djumon (Latvia)

This is a full-cycle factory – from design before execution. Here you will find both lace, and embroidery, all you can wish. Moreover, brars of this company from the inside are all cotton, which are very loved by our women. The brand is young, started working since 2004. And almost immediately began to enter the European market. Models are successful in women.

ROSME (Latvia)

Factory almost 70 years. And the trademark has become a symbol of female beauty and attractiveness. Here you will find models for every taste, color and size. All firm bras are distinguished by excellent quality, combine functionality and at the same time sophisticated design. Here and lace, and cotton, and elastane – any models. Ladies with a big bust will also find many excellent options for themselves.

Factory models constantly receive prizes on professional competitions.

We also recommend the company Roksa, Simona, Laguna, who are also heard from Russian buyers.

Beautiful models

Classic Bra Vova. On the “bone”. Side lace grid. Comfortable breathable material. Almost impaired and implacable on the body.

VOVA bra with lace. Soft Porporal Cup. Simple and functional option for every day.

Lauma bra on the finest foam. The top is finished atlas, the back is smooth. Without Push-Up effect. Material: Polyamide and Elastane.

Orhideja Bra with Push-Up. Laconic model, perfectly emphasizing breasts, visually increasing it.

ROSME bra – elegant model without seams and frames. Has laser trend. Model with removable straps.

Bras “Orchid Branch”. This is corrective seamless lingerie. It has inserted chashes. Due to the lower elastic ribbon and cups, breasts are always in excellent condition. Wood Suitable for Sports. Sold in a set of three pieces. For stronger fixation of the chest, you can wear two sconce. For example, for fitness classes. You can wash in a washing machine at 40 degrees in a special bag.

So, dear girls, we presented to you the Baltic firms that sew high-quality bras. We hope you find suitable models for yourself who will delight you. Enjoy the shopping!

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