Choose thermal underwear for children

Choose thermal underwear for children

Thoughtful parents try to wear a child in the cold season as warm. You can not allow Cada hypothermia, and even more so cold. Salvation in such situations is the purchase of a thermal power. However, few people know that his choice is not so simple, because thermal underwear is not a wonderful body warmer. The material of this article will talk about the features, varieties and nuances of choosing good baby thermoemonic clothes.


Contrary to strengthened philistine opinion, thermal underwear is intended not so much for body warming, how much to create a comfortable microclimate under overalls, jacket, pants.Under the thermal power it is customary to understand the native clothes of different types and destination. These may be all kinds of wardrobe elements, such as horses, thermotrutes, thermoshorts, thermalons, thermofoots, turtlenecks, thermal oils, Longsliva and Body.

Depending on the production technology, the product can be suture (with flat seams) and seamless, with a withering and without it.

This clothing is optimally dense landing on the figure, but does not shive and will not strain. With the right choice, it is not visible under the main clothing.

The thickness of the underwear can be different. Some models are homogeneous in thickness, others have reinforced inserts in the zones of groin, elbow, knees, feet. Constructive features of cut is the presence of cuffs-rubber, located on the bottom of the sleeves and underpants, as well as the crate sleeves of “Classic” and “Raglan”. The weight of the thermal power is different because it is made by different technologies. In one case, single-layer products, besides them, there are options for two- and three-layer type.

Children’s underwear is distinguished by appointment. Depending on this It is designed for different time of year. This is not universal clothes for the winter. Term underwear buy for summer, offseason and winter. At the same time, the models for each season have their differences, properties and operational characteristics. The main task of such clothes is to maintain the dryness of the body both in the cold and in the heat.

It works on the following principle: Between the body of the body and the material of the tende, the air layer is created optimal for body temperature. As the moisture is allocated to the interlayer (sweat). It gets on the linen fabric and is quickly displayed on the surface of the outer layer, where evaporates without cooling the air layer. Thanks to this, the body is not transferred and does not overheat.

Advantages and disadvantages

Thermal underwear for children enjoys great purchasing demand and has a lot of advantages. It is distinguished by:

  • Practicality and functionality+
  • Efficiency and durability+
  • variety of dimensional row+
  • Color solutions+
  • variety of manufacturing materials+
  • Normalization of air exchange+
  • Caring for delicate skin+
  • Creating a comfortable body microclimate+
  • Elasticity of materials used+
  • The strength of the connecting seams+
  • The presence of antibacterial impregnations+
  • Lack of stitching internal elements+
  • Wearness and focus resistance.

High-quality thermal underwear for children is steadily for deformation and does not change its properties after multiple styrices. However, along with the advantages of children’s underwear there are several flaws. For example, parents consider key overcame for one product or kit.

Moms are confident that for the money they buy wonderful linen with high heating properties. In fact, the “Thermo” prefix is ​​not a guarantee that the underwear will save the child from jubilate frosts.

In addition, this clothing must be tight. She has a different composition and this is precisely this determines the main purpose of the products.

In fact, This is a twin from high-tech or natural fabrics. However, not every product has heat-saving properties. Some fibers are not so effectively withdrawing moisture. Adding Others Reduces Heating Saving Clothing Quality.


The entire available range of children’s thermal electricity can be classified by several features. For example, By age groups It is designed for children of teenage, younger school, pre-school age. In a separate line, it includes products for newborns and babies. They differ greater softness, made from hypoallergenic materials using harmless dyes.

The type of cutting products are divided by Open and separate. The first are overalls and bodies (thermofootballs with short or long sleeves and with fasteners below). Separate elements of kits – these are thermoshtas (thermal colliding, thermalgins, thermotruses) or sweaters (thermomasics, terlamocuffs). Also on sale there are also the variants of the heat plane in the form of hats (for example, a helmet mask).

For the purpose of the product are divided into several lines. Trademarks produce Children’s thermoemonic for everyday socks, sports and wearing in the cold season. Variants of sports type, in turn, are divided according to the degree of activity. Such thermal underwear take children engaged in different sports. There are models for young hockey players and skaters.

Thermal drying for figure skating is characterized by thick and appointment. It is thin, imperceptible under the main clothes, does not shine body movements. Ski and hockey underwear is featured by the structure and number of layers. There are models for running models, active outdoor games. There are those options that wear cold weather for walking.

According to the type of effect, options are divided into 3 varieties.

  • Thermal cover. Products of this group are distinguished by high moisture. This is a thin and comfortable thermal underwear. It has a special cellular structure, in view of which removes moisture from the body very quickly. Due to the dryness of the body, the child does not freeze and does not catch fire. Lingerie is seduced from synthetic materials that do not absorb sweat and smell.

  • Heat-saving. This type of thermal facing is designed to warm the body. It is endowed with the same functions as the usual warm clothing. Lingerie accumulates the heat of the body and does not give it to evaporate when the child is in the cold. However, the warmer, the thicker and inconvenient in the sock. It will not be able to wear under the clothes so that it remains unnoticed.

  • Combined. This type of thermal power is considered hybrid, since it consists of synthetic threads with the addition of natural. Such products have the characteristics of moisture and heat-saving models. This clothing protects the baby body from supercooling. It is insulated, can have a different number of layers. There are options with anti-allergenic impregnation.

Materials manufacturing

In the production of children’s thermal electricity use different raw materials. By type of origin It happens artificial and natural. The composition of the fibers used and the type of weaving determine the heat-saving and moisturizing functions. The most common materials of synthetic origin are Polyester, Polypropylene, Microfiber, Liker, Elastane, Acryl, Fleece.

Fleece underwear is characterized by soft and pleasant tactile sensations. Models made of artificial fibers buy schoolchildren and adolescents. These are clothes for active children who move a lot and sweat. The composition of the material is often enriched with cotton or wool fibers. At the same time, the artificial threads are prevailing.

Single-component linen occurs on sale quite rarely. It is advisable to buy options for combined type, consisting of different materials. This is a two-layer or three-layer underwear with a wool additive. Merino wool thermal underwear can be worn in autumn, spring and winter.

Rating manufacturers

The range of thermoemones for children is truly diverse. Many leading companies are engaged in its production: products worthy of choice, there are Norwegian, Finnish and Chinese brands. The line of manufacturers have options for hockey, figure skating, casual socks.

In the top of the best companies included brands, the range of which enjoys great purchasing demand.

  • Yanus – Norwegian brand engaged in the production of products for adults and adolescents. Releases warm and warmed models from wool, specializes in the production of hybrid type options. Sales hypoallergenic thermal underwear with original design and high quality.

  • Guahoo – Finnish trademark, offering the attention of buyers a wide range of children’s heat facing for everyday wearing and outdoor activities. Brand products are distinguished by practicality, efficiency and durability, as well as heat-saving functions.

  • Norveg – produces professional thermal underwear for future athletes and very active children. Products of the brand are made of hybrid textiles, measurement of merino wool, bioclopok, cashmere and innovative material “Thermolate” are used in production. Models have not only heat saving, but also a moisture effect.

  • Oldos – different from competitors for the release of linen, reduced heat losses in cold weather. Two-layer products for boys and girls are soft and comfortable, they are comfortable in the sock, possess high quality and practicality. Assortment of models is quite accessible to an ordinary buyer.

  • Dr.Wool – Russian trademark engaged in the production of premium baby thermal power. The models are classified on the ruler for boys and girls who are characterized by anatomical cut. Rostovka products starts from 128 cm, this clothing is suitable for outdoor activities and daily socks.

Tips for choosing and care

In order for purchased thermal underwear to have the necessary characteristics, it was warm, moisturizing and durable, it is necessary to approach its choice. It is impossible to buy products for several sizes more. Options “on the gross” do not warm and do not dismiss moisture, their effectiveness is reduced. You need to take products, corresponding to the size and complex of a particular child.

It is important to carry out the fitting, it will allow to understand the degree of convenience of bed.

Products should be optimally sitting on the figure, not hanging and not fighting movements. You can not take options that tighten the body, in the area of ​​the armpits and groin.

It is important to choose the right melt destination. For active walks in the fresh air and sports, it is better to acquire options from synthetic or combined materials. They are practical and durable, not deformed after multiple styrics, do not rush, differ in wear resistance.

For everyday wearing in cold weather you need to take models from Merinos wool or camel. However, to buy for small children 100% natural product is undesirable, as clean wool rolls the skin. For children 1-2 years old you need to take two-layer options, not irritating skin covers. Inside they are soft, outside – stroke.

Choosing options for the one and a half year old, it is worth looking at cotton products. In 2-3 years, you can wear not only cotton, but also fleece clothing. In 5 or more years, it is possible to wear products from polypropylene, polyester and other synthetics with the addition of cotton fibers or wool. Options for walking in winter should be made of blended fibers with a predominance of wool.

When choosing a particular product, you must pay attention to its marking and textile density. This will make sure to choose the thermal underwear for a specific time of year. For instance, Thermalovels with Lite marking says that this product is intended for spring or autumn, cool and windy weather.

Analogs with a DUO mark is recommended to wear at a temperature of +7 to -20 degrees. For cold season, things are suitable with marking AeroEffect. They can maintain the optimal body microclimate at street temperatures up to -30 degrees.

Choosing a clothing model for a child, you need to pay attention to labels. Each of them manufacturers indicate the main and additional functions.

For example, products may have antibacterial inserts, hypoallergenic effect. Indicated on the label and the density of the weave of the threads per 1 kV.M. However, among decent manufacturers there are those who produce products not the best quality. As a rule, such things are distinguished by low price, which attracts buyers with budget disabilities. When buying low cost models, it is worth thinking about their quality. Such clothes quickly roll, it does not have properties characteristic of a children’s thermal power.

Before you buy a product of favorite brand, It is necessary to scroll about her reviews on the relevant Internet forums. In addition, you can familiarize yourself with the recommendations of manufacturers for choosing a specific thing from their range. Released products are divided into ruler or series, characterized by appointment, degree of activity, the number of layers, different effects.

You can buy products under the membrane or sets of classic type. Upite fitting you need to ask the baby to go. This will make it possible to evaluate the degree of comfort and understand whether the thing goes around during the socks, is it not short.

When buying models for kids you need to consider: the quality of the seams are located outside, so that the lines do not rub the gentle skin.

Care for the thermal power is easy. It must be washed manually either in a washing machine on a gentle mode no more than once a week, however, it is possible to apply for this only non-aggressive detergents: soap either liquid washing powder. You can not try to whiten or paint underwear, you can not use a stain remover.

We can wash the thermal underwear at a water temperature of no more than +40 degrees.

It is impossible to press such clothes, as well as dry it on the battery, a heated towel rail or heater. It will break the structure of the material and deform the product. Dry such products need naturally by setting up on a flat surface. Woolen things need to be tired. Dry cleaning such clothes can not.

How to wear?

Turning the thermal underwear, whether it is a thermomyka, thermocraft, pants, or thermofootball, you need to go on a naked body, the effectiveness of the underwear depends on it. If you put it on top of standard T-shirts, pants or socks, there will be no proper effect. Turn things need on a dry and clean body, without any interlayer.

The only exception is the diaper: toddler underwear need to wear on top of it. You can wear clothes on panties.

After that, we put in touch and outerwear. but don’t wear heat underwear constantly And on the street and at home. Having come from school, the child should be changed in natural clothes, removing winter underwear. Wear special tights and leggings, boys pants can be outside at temperatures from +7 to +15 degrees.

If the weather is cool, it makes sense to wear a combined type thermal underwear with the addition of woolen fibers.

On top of the thermal packing is put on the usual, however, the number of common clothing layers should be reduced. This rule concerns not only thermoshtans or thermocoft, but also the thermocons. They are also worn on a naked body, otherwise they are not only bad sit on the leg, but also do not fulfill their functions.

How to choose a thermal underwear for children, look in the video below.

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