Compression leggings

Compression leggings

Such a sports or, sometimes, medical type of clothing, like compression boosters – Detail of the wardrobe is not for beauty. These leggings have a number of features that it is worth talking.


First of all, compression gters allow a person to increase endurance and performance, regardless of whether it works on his feet or sitting. Gaiters put pressure on foot, which improves blood circulation and provokes an active oxygen inflow to muscles. So in the legs, and more energy appears in the whole organism.

Wearing compression ghee also reduces the risk of seizures and spasms in the legs. Due to the improved blood flow from the muscles, lactate is excreted. It also has a beneficial effect on rapid recovery after loads. Milk Acid leaves the body at times faster, it allows not to feel discomfort.

If during loads – exercise or active work, you will wear such legs, then significantly reduce injuries. Here, the compression as it were to additionally “holds”, stabilizes the joints and muscles, extinguishes microvibration, helps to reduce the effects of footmills, muscle tensions or overvoltage.

Another important point is coordination in the space that compression legs are very helpful. In them the leg comes more confidently, and the man as a whole better controls his body.

Compression leggings, unlike ordinary, are prevention of extinguishes, gravity in the legs. This unpleasant effect will often earn office employees or those who have to sit for a long time – on trips or flights. What is important, in all these situations, compression leggings will serve the “faith” from the veins (varicose veins) and reduce the risk of thrombov.

What is the difference between gters and golf?

The leggings differ from the golfs by the fact that they do not have a sock, that is, they only affect the leg above the ankle – from the ankle joint to the knee. This has its advantages – first of all, it increases the life of the product socks, as often the golfs come into disrepair precisely in the area of ​​the foot. Secondly, in the festers you can do yoga, swim and conduct other workouts on which you need to be bosyak.

In everyday life, the leggings are more convenient to wear, as you can pick up any shoes, even in the summer, even open, and no one will notice this element of clothing.


Professional runners do not think of life without compression ghee, which significantly facilitate the process of workouts that can last several hours.

With the help of the heter, the athletes warn those frequent when running injury, like stretching and dislocations, help the muscles drink with useful substances that brings in them the enriched blood.

In addition to crossing gage, there are their variation for recovery, which is used after intensive trainings or after competitions, where the athlete is laid out for a hundred.

Compression legs are also used to prevent varicose varicose groups (as a rule, these are women) and for its treatment. Wearing a ghee slows down the course of the disease, makes a more obvious result from conservative or operational intervention.


  • In Russia, compression booms at an affordable price produces the company “INTEKS”. Also, Voteks (USA) and Relaxan (Italy) are also famous for democratic prices. However, athletes argue that their products though inexpensive, but are short-lived in the sock and how it is impossible to suit everyday wearing, as treatment or prevention.
  • The German manufacturer of “copper” produces compression leggings in the average price range, and here the quality of products meets the cost – it copes with the tasks that athletes put, and with the prevention and treatment of varicose veins. Another brand – “Sagvilius”, which sews compression leggings from very high-quality materials, resistant to wear. But the price for such pleasure is not small.

If we talk about the reviews of athletes, many are acquired for themselves compression lingerie “Sermen” (Germany), the leading global manufacturer of sports compression. His products praise for discreet, but stylish design, high wear resistance and an acceptable cost.

Another well-known manufacturer of sports compression – CompressPort company (Switzerland).

How to choose and wear?

Choosing compression linen, first of all you need to pay attention to its price. Quality costs money and purchasing compression, it is better not to save, because we are talking in your health. It is important to choose the size that suits you. Too big will not bring benefits, small – hurt. Remember that leggings should make a tight leg, but do not transfer it. Also pay attention to the seams – to exclude discomfort, they should be flat.

When you already bought leggings, it is important to wear them correctly. To do this, turn out the product inside out and gently tighten from the ankle up. Compression leggings can not stretch styling or pull on itself – their properties lose.

The principle of putting on can be seen in the following video.

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