Female nike socks

Female nike socks

Socks – this is an important attribute of the wardrobe not only men, but also women, and children. Choose them to be high-quality and comfortable for legs – not easy. Testing various stamps, pay attention to Nike.


Nike socks can be used for everyday socks and go to the gym. They are mainly produced from natural materials, which means they can absorb an extra moisture, to provide air exchange, save legs from an unpleasant odor. Strength is provided by seals on the heel and sock.

Produced different sizes, you can choose to any leg. There is a choice of models. High or short socks are offered. Diverse colors. But the most worked are white, pink, gray and black.

Important moments in basketball socks of this company – Fixation of the ankle, accounting of the anatomical features of the foot. Need to pick up correctly in size and density. If they are tightly sitting on the leg, lose too quickly. Great – will be assembled inside the sneakers, creating discomfort. If the sneakers are narrow, we should wear thin socks when the shoes are free, it is worth putting fat.


  • Depending on the purpose, socks are produced different in length, color. In addition, collections are divided into men’s, women’s and children’s models.

  • Fans of rollers usually choose high models that protect the shin. Such suitable for football players.
  • For tennis players and runners are more short, such as tracks.

  • For fans of morning jogs or athletes, the company Nike produces excellent socks capable of keeping your feet dry. Mixtures of natural fibers and synthetics are used for production. Such socks absorb moisture, protect against corns and rubbing, reliably fix bundles, protecting against stretching.

  • For yoga, a model similar to silk ballet pointers, but with a finger cut. Everything in order to conveniently bend and knead the feet and at the same time remain protected from dermatological viruses, possible in public gyms.

  • Women’s sports socks are made of soft knitwear combined from cotton and synthetic threads. It provides air access, makes it easy to remove moisture. In some cases, special technology is applied using mesh inserts for air exchange. Women usually choose short socks that are comfortable to wear with sneakers and shorts. Such a model is suitable for socks every day. The elastic material from which they are manufactured are tightly tightens the foot, and they will not be removed along with shoes.

  • Thin, but durable basketball socks are very wearing and able to withstand constant friction, inevitable with active movement during this game. Do not break after the first competition.

  • Warmed socks for training when it’s cold outside. As part of natural wool, which is well processed, and therefore does not roll a foot. They are soft and elastic.

  • With non-slip sole soles are used for training in fitness clubs. The effect is achieved for set of special soldering inserts.

Color spectrum

Training socks for gymnastics most often produced in white color without adding dyes. This avoids allergic reactions. The filaments for them are mostly cotton, as a result, gymnasts feel comfortable.

In addition to gymnasts, white socks choose other athletes. Despite the groin, they are particularly popular. According to athletes, white color disciplines. In such socks, always perfect appearance.

But they require special care. Return the original color after training will help soaking and whitening. There is a people’s way: boiling for a few minutes by adding a little tea soda and salt into water.

Black socks are the most practical, but, according to women, they are less spectacular. Gymnasts do not use this color gamut.

In addition to white and black, Nike produces socks of various colors. From monophonic, bright, multicolor, geometric or abstract pattern. Each product is required by the company emblem in the form of a prostrate wing.

Where can I buy?

In order not to run into the fake, buy nike socks stands in branded stores or in supermarkets Sportmaster.

Brand Nike loved buyers. Many observe the strength and durability of these products.

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