Janus thermal underwear: description, varieties, choice

Janus thermal underwear: description, varieties, choice

If it comes to winter cold or temperature drops in the late autumn, the majority of people immediately come multi-layered outfits, consisting of a huge number of various elements of clothes: tights, socks, hammashi, insulated outerwear and much more. Even more complex combinations are created when dressed in a child. All this so that a person is simply not a frost, keeping the heat of his own body, especially if it is not so active while spending on the street so as not to lose heat.

However, wearing such a large number of different clothes items is not always convenient, so a unique alternative was developed, allowing not to blame, – a thermal pack. In this article we will look at thermoemones from Janus.


Under the thermal power is meant the underwear, which can save heat just as several layers of ordinary clothes are coping with this, allowing a person not to sweat and do not blame. This type of linen is great for sports, for active pastime, walks in the cold season.

The secret of the thermal work is that with its help between leather and directly clothing A certain air layer is created, allowing to save a specific temperature. It is she who gives the human body that the warmth.

It is worth compare the effect of the thermal shell with routine clothes. With any human activity, its sweat glands allocate a certain amount of moisture (sweat). It wets the fabric that holds it, and then cooling, takes part of the heat from the body. If you say About thermal underwear, with him moisture is rapidly removed on the surface and exposed to evaporation, and the air layer is not cooled. Consequently, the cost of the body to heat up to a minimum, the body does not overheat and is not transferred.

In the modern clothing market, a wide range of a variety of brands engaged in the manufacture of thermal facilities for children and adults. One of the most famous companies is the Janus factory. It was founded in 1895 in Norway and for such a long time interval conquered the hearts of many people around the world with excellent quality of their products.

The Norwegian firm positions itself as the largest manufacturer of knitted products from Merinosa’s wool (breed of sheep with wool consisting of thin soft fibers). Tested technology and high-quality raw materials allow to make truly decent elements of warm clothes for socks in cold periods.

The company’s lineup presents a great many different products for maintaining heat: T-shirts, turtlenecks, rates, overalls and t.D. The range of the brand includes men’s and women’s clothing, as well as products for children.

Wide size row helps to choose a thermal power in accordance with the physique of a child at any age.


All products of the Janus brand are made from high-quality Merinos wool, which, according to representatives of the company, has “advantages without flaws”. It is worth lifying some benefits of such a thermal power.

First of all, the clothing of this brand is completely hypoallergenne, it is not only not contraindicated, but also recommended for sensitive skin. Excellent thermostatic properties are also attributed to the Lingerie Janus to the list of the best products: A peculiar microclimate is created on the surface of the body, the giving comfort of the child. Antibacterial characteristics and massage from wool allow you to wear clothes with full comfort.

Brand Janus offers its customers various types of thermal power.

  • Heat-saving. Such things acquire parents not the most active kids, because in the frost it is very important to keep warm, and if the child moves little, it is pretty problematic. Sets of this species are made exclusively from Merinos wool. The air layer between the surface of the skin and clothing has a greater thickness, as the fabric rides in the form of so-called cells, volume.

  • Mooring. Such a thermal service is ideal for kids who have been engaged in sports from an early age. It helps to absorb excess moisture from the skin, which is actively standing out with long loads. Due to this, the human body temperature is kept at the required level.

This type of linen is manufactured from synthetic materials.

  • Hybrid. It acts as a cross between the two previous types of thermal facilities. Manufacturers either increase the density of the mooring tissue, or make less the thickness of the heat-saving interlayer.

Although these are contradictory processes, specialists are able to create a truly warm and suitable for sports lingerie.

To provide a child with all the necessary elements of clothes for walking in the late spring, winter and early autumn, representatives of the Janus brand advise to purchase several units of goods. Most successful purchase – overalls, which allows you to maintain heat throughout the body of the child, the fabric does not roll and does not create inconvenience. You can also purchase individual clothes elements – pants and turtleneck.

Be sure to buy and thermoons, which will help keep legs warm. If the child is convenient, you can purchase Thermocolty, which may be even more effective in pursuit of maintaining a comfortable body temperature.


In order for the thermal shell of your child to retain the original appearance, which had even when buying, and it could be worn for a long time, it is necessary to care for him. Since this is not a cheap type of clothing, it is worth considering the care of it as responsibly.

First of all, you need to get acquainted with the instructions. According to the reviews of experienced mothers, Thermacete you can most often wash in a washing machine, Installing the “Synthetic” or “wool” mode (depending on which clothes are made).

Manufacturers do not recommend setting the washing temperature above 30 degrees, And also use various household chemicals for rinsing. It is known that they spoil the structure of the specific tissue of the thermal fabric, depriving its ability to remove moisture.

In some cases Manufacturers recommend using special powders for breathable fabrics, to preserve the material structure. Many argue that the use of the dryer is also unacceptable. However, it is important to consider here that in itself the thermal shell dries pretty quickly.

Criterias of choice

To make the most correct choice in the selection of the thermal package for your Chad, you need to pay attention to a number of criteria: The age of the child, the physique, the level of activity, as well as personal preferences. It is important to take into account I Template to allergies, But, as already mentioned above, the janus brand clothing is made of high-quality raw materials and does not cause any side effects.

Selection of thermal power for very little kids (up to 1 year) – extremely responsible business. It is better to give preference to such a material like Merinos wool, to be sure that the child, lying in the stroller, will not leave.

If we are talking about the older children, it is important to observe the child: he is active during walks or, on the contrary, he likes to watch the world around. From this will depend on the choice of material, more precisely, the percentage of the ratio of wool and synthetic in the composition. If your child behaves quite actively, it runs a lot, then feel free to choose a thermal package, which contains more synthetics. If the baby is more calm, then prefer the composition with the predominance of wool.

If the selection of the thermal electricity concerns sports, then, without thinking, acquire a synthetic kit, which perfectly absorbs the released moisture. Even spending time in a warm room, the child will not leave when it turns out on the street.

Even more about Janus heat underwear will learn from the following video.

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