LEOMAX thermal underwear: variety and choice

LEOMAX thermal underwear: variety and choice

With the arrival of winter, people think about buying warm clothes, which will warm in the cold period. Special popularity in recent years has acquired a thermal underwear, which can be bought at any sportswear store. Leomax has been manufacturing detailed products for many years. In the article we will talk about the features of the brand products, consider popular products for women and men, as well as give advice on the choice and make an overview of reviews left by buyers online.

Features of products

Thermal underwear Leomax will be an excellent acquisition for the following categories of people:

  • spending a lot on the road (in public transport the legs is always cold)+
  • working behind the wheel (With a long stay in a sitting position, blood no longer circulates as during activity, so legs begin to freeze)+
  • working on the street (they are simply necessary thermal underwear, because to distribute flyers or work at a construction site even in zero temperature is very hard)+
  • Fans of fishing, hunting and tourism (In this case, it is important not only not to climb, but also to bring extra moisture from the body, the Leomax thermal underwear will fine with it)+
  • Athletes (Winter jog refreshes and holds the body in a tone, insulated underwear and socks will become excellent acquisition, as they will not be given to stand).

Consider the features of warmed brand products. On the sight and underwear, and Leomax socks are similar to ordinary products, they have no. They are similar to terry products, but at the same time thin. Thermal underwear will not be noticeable under clothing, and socks will be comfortable in any shoes. The main distinguishing feature of Leomax products is the creation of a special airbag, which retains the temperature of the body unchanged. Thermal underwear will not give you to climb even in severe frosts.

    Products provide Full diversion of moisture and prevent breeding bacteria. Often in the room the body sweats, and when you enter the cold begins to freeze. As a result, on the coming home legs and armpits are wet. Thanks to its moisture properties, Leomax products will evenly distribute heat and will not give a sweat.

    This will prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

    The brand thermal underwear is made of a triple thread with a three-layer knitting. The first, the inner layer is responsible for the antibacterial effect. Material due to chemical composition prevents the reproduction of harmful microorganisms, which in the future become the cause of an unpleasant odor. Thermontoski companies will not give fungus. The second row of threads is considered to be termoneous, it is he who is responsible for the delay in air and the formation of an airbag. It does not give the body and legs to climb. The top layer is responsible for the discovery of sweat. From the surface, the moisture evaporates well, it does not delay in the lower layers, so the body is warm and dry always.

    For the production of its goods, Leomax applies a special material consisting of an optimal combination of certain microfiber.

    • 70% cotton. If the products are not used in fitness classes, they must be mild, elastic and pleasant to the skin. To do this, cotton is added. Thermal underwear with sufficient content of this material absorbs moisture and significantly more comfortable.
    • 26% polyester. This element is required as part of the thermal package, as it provides better wear resistance and antibacterial properties.
    • 4% spandex. It provides increased elasticity and good landing of the thermal power and socks. The optimal number of spandex is 5-10%, but this manufacturer has a slightly less.

    It should be noted that brand thermal underwear completely hypoallergenic and does not cause scabies like woolen things. Material does not prove. For the manufacture of all products, special threads are used that increase the wear resistance of socks and linen. Thanks to the absence of seams, things are not rubbed, and they can be worn under clothes, they are not visible. The big advantage of brand products are frequently held shares, during which you can buy warmed goods at a reduced cost or when buying one pair, the second to receive as a gift.

    From the minuses of the thermal power and socks of Leomax should be highlighted in China, where manufacturers are not always distinguished by the desire to make a high quality product.

    Another feature is the high price of thermocons, which are too expensive for those produced in the countries of Central Asia.


    Brand Leomax offers a wide range of thermal power. Consider the most popular products for women and men.

    “Delicate Hugs” from Leomax

    The female set includes thermolegins and sweatshirts. Products are presented in a lilac, gray and beige tones. Suit of universal size, so it will suit both thin girls and ladies with forms. One of the main features of the thermal shell “Delicate Hugs” is its fucking properties. In the abdomen and buttocks, there are tightening inserts that make a figure slimmer. The costume does not tighten and does not rub the skin, it is pleasantly fitting the body without delivering discomfort. Lace elements give femininity. The cost of the kit is 1,500 rubles.

    Term underwear “Alaska”

    This kit is presented in two versions: male and female. Single size allows you to use underwear to people of any configuration. INIt is only in black color. The set consists of thermogegins and sweatshirts. Products are well sitting on the figure and keep the heat of the body, weighing moisture. Leggings on the rubber band tightly hold and not slip. The jacket has a semicircular cutout. The price of a costume both female and male is 990 rubles.

    Temmones “Alaska”

    Men’s and female warmed socks are released in black color. The universal size of the product allows you to buy them on any leg. Women’s models go on a foot from 34 to 41 sizes, and men’s from 40 to 46. Due to the high spandex content, things are well drawn, so it is equally tightly sitting on the foot of any length. You can wear them with any shoes: with insulated boots, sports products and rubber boots, while the legs will not sweat.

    Due to the special properties of the tissue, the products are perfectly removed by moisture, so the effect of the bath disappears when indoors. Gentle fabric does not rub anywhere. Seals in the ankle and sock give better fixation on the leg. High wear resistance of products is provided by compacted threads used to create thermocons. Just buy 2-3 couples, which are enough for several seasons.

    Product price is 990 rubles for two pairs.

    How to choose?

    When buying a thermal power, it is recommended to pay attention to important factors.

    • Material. It is not recommended to take 100% cotton products. They have low wear resistance and will not be able to fully remove moisture, although this is the main thermal power function. Take the products of mixed composition using synthetics, it will prevent rubbing. It can be acrylic, spandex, nylon and others. Very well performs thermal funque underwear using sheep wool in composition. It optimally absorbs moisture and removes it from the skin.

    • Seam. In no case do not take underwear and socks with seams. They may cause pulp on the skin.

    • Allocation of zones. If the thermal underwear is purchased for tourism or sports, buy special products with enhanced in zones of high loads. These are areas of knees, shoulders, heels and socks. Similar item is needed if you are engaged with weighting agents or wear a big backpack. In this case, it must be borne in mind that such underwear and socks will be slightly thicker than usual, so clothing and shoes must have a small stock so that the body is not counted. Thermoscience with amplification will help high-quality sports shoes improve depreciation when running.

    • The size. Pay attention to the landing of the body on the body. If it is large, it will be sliding and collected in the fold. If the products are small, they will interfere with movement. Socks should make a tightness of the heel, and the pants are the knee. When buying, try to measure thermal underwear and socks with shoes and clothing with which they are planned to be used in the future.

    Review reviews

    Customer Reviews about Temmones Leomax are quite ambiguous. Some prases the goods of the brand, others found disadvantages. In positive posts there is a good quality of products, despite the production in China. No sticking threads and arrows. The lack of seams allows you to wear thermolegins even under a thin tunic or classic pants. Despite the single size, the products are perfectly stretching and sitting well on any shape and foot size.

    The underwear is convenient in the sock, it does not rub it anywhere and perfectly copes with its main function – the preservation of heat.

      Disabled buyers noted the inconsistency of advertising models with reality. Temmones Leomax look like terry socks and heat similarly to the products from Angora. Many wonder if the production of the brand is true of the category of thermo. At the same time, the cost of clothes and socks is quite high, if you do not at the promotion. Similar products without the “Thermo” in the title can be bought significantly cheaper, but they will be warm, they will not be worse than Leomax.

      One of the users is questioned and the presence of cotton in the composition, as the manufacturer claims. Provide one size for all products with such a quantity of cotton and spandex is very difficult.

      Review about thermal underwear “Tender Hugs” See next video.

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