Norveg Term Coil: Assortment Overview and Choice

Norveg Term Coil: Assortment Overview and Choice

Today, thermal underwear is an indispensable object of wardrobe both in winter cold and in warm weather. The German company Norveg is considered one of the leaders among producers of this specialized product.


Norveg, founded in Germany, has been operating in the global market for a long time. At first, only products for the exhibitory sports were presented in the brand assortment: mountaineering, tourism, fishing, hunting and other. However, when products found their consumer and won the love of a large number of buyers, the range of the thermal power began to expand. Comfortable clothes made in today’s days, sewn from eco-friendly materials According to special technology, which provides tight fit of the tissue to the body.

Gum reliably fix the elements of the wardrobe, but do not squeeze the skin, providing a comfortable sock. Seamless lingerie is created from fibers of different thickness with circular knitting machines.

Pros and cons

Thermal underwear Norveg has a number of important characteristics that beneficially distinguish it from similar goods. It includes Merinos wool, deservedly considered material, best maintaining heat. Curra products are made in such a way that the seams are noticeable only visually, but they are not completely felt on the skin.

For disadvantages, Norveg’s thermal power can be attributed to the overestimated cost of products: for example, the price of conventional thermalons reaches 1 thousand. rubles. The care of the thermal power is quite specific, requiring washing and drying products separately from the rest of the clothes, What, of course, takes a lot of time. In case of non-compliance with the rules of operation, the products are covered by katvils or stretch.


Norveg presented a large number of multifunctional thermoemones. For children You can purchase overalls and bodies, turtlenecks, hammashi and pants, thermal collings and sweaters. In stock Also sets from T-shirts and pants, leggings, cape and other products. Male thermoblash Presented by various pants, t-shirts, thermalons and sweatshirts. If necessary, you can even buy thin but warm boxers. Among Female thermal electricity You can find leggings, T-shirts, tights and tights. By the way, even a thermofashionist, indispensable for winter sports for winter sports.

Materials manufacturing

Most of the Norveg brand products are made of merino wool. This material has unique thermal properties, but at the same time very pleasant to the touch, and therefore suitable for everyday socks. Clothes made of soft fabric you can wear a person even with sensitive skin, not fearing the appearance of irritation, rash or other reactions. In addition, the canvas is processed by a special substance that prevents the occurrence of tingling and gives the opportunity to wear heat underwear straight on the naked body. In some series of brand, organic cotton is added to the Merinos wool, due to which the functionality of the tissue increases.

For the series Active Kids Together with natural wool, high-tech synthetic fiber Thermolitebase. It is necessary to mention the fluff of a mountain goat, which, according to manufacturers, even normalizes metabolic processes and has a soothing effect.

There is also a wool series, the products of which are made of one hundred percent wool of New Zealand sheep without any impurities.

Tips for choosing and care

All thermoemones of the Norveg brand is divided into several series, each of which is aimed at performing specific functions.

  • Soft Series It is considered the most popular and suitable for both adults and children. Natural wool associated in a certain way allows you to create universal things suitable for different ambient temperatures. This material is a natural thermostat that supports the required heat level in any conditions.

In the summer, such clothes creates protection from the Sun, not giving the body to overheat, and in winter, on the contrary, heats it.

  • Winter Series characterized by the use of thicker tissue and bulk structural mating, due to which the extremely dense canvas is formed.

  • clothing Wool + Silk series It is considered the most tender and soft, and therefore often acquired for kids. The combination of sheep wool and silk creates durable, but tactile pleasant material, which absorbs the smell and sweat, and also provides the proper microclimate on the body surface.

  • Active Kids Series, As you can guess by the name, designed for children who are constantly in motion. Used fabric is not afraid of moisture, as a result of which the child does not sweat.

Material retains heat even at minus temperatures.

  • Hunter series Created for “male” classes, that is, hunting and fishing. The efficiency of the kits are provided by the Merino wool present in the composition, capable of warming even a person in a static position, as well as lycra, repeating all body contours. A feature of the clothes are a high throat rack and elongated cuffs with finger slots.

  • Multifunctional Classic series Suitable for everyday socks at minus temperature. It can also be actively engaged in sports. Elastic fabric and low round gate provide convenience socks.

  • Connoisseurs of luxury clothes will definitely have to do Cashmere series, Made of goat fluff. High-quality soft canvas is very thin, and therefore not noticeable under ordinary clothes.

  • Finally, Series Merino Wool Made of material, not only a qualitatively warming organism, but also completely absorbing sweat along with unpleasant odors. Soft fabric does not cause tingling.

As for the dimensional grid, it will be possible to pick up the thermal underwear Norveg as for children, so for women and men.

Children’s thermoblary You can wear from 1 month to 11 years (growth from 56 to 146 cm). The tights available in the assortment will fit girls and boys from 9 months to 16 years. Children’s socks are presented in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Women, The growth of which ranges from 158 to 182 cm, no problems will be able to choose Norveg products. Women’s dimensional grid includes Russian sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.

Concerning Men, The German firm offers products for the owners of sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL.

Care for the thermal power should be careful. Empty the product is allowed only at a temperature not exceeding 40, and even 30 °. It is recommended to do this in a delicate mode or in the program “Wool”. Powder is better to take specialized, but are also suitable products on a soap-based or intended for washing children’s linen. In no case should I use the spin and place heathelf for drying on the battery. Drying it accepted on a flat horizontal surface. Wardrobe items can not be bleached or exposed to the stain remover – if necessary, use the usual economic soap. Stroke thermal underwear is also not recommended.

How to wear?

Thermal underwear Norveg must be selected in size, so that it elasticly tightened the body, but nowhere has shown it and did not cause unpleasant sensations. Otherwise you follow the features of each represented series. For example, the Soft series is suitable for use at temperatures in borders from -10 to 15 °. Such clothes are intended only for a quiet pastime, so it should not be used to use it. After washing, the product can be destroyed almost 5%, but this is the norm and pre-laid in the dimensional grid.

If merino wool is applied in combination with cotton, then wearing products can be from -30 to + 10 °. Wool + Silk series clothing made from a mixture of wool and oriental silk, more suitable for quiet walks in warm months.


Reviews about the thermal underwear brand Norveg are different. Positive, however, much more. Quite often, an acceptable cost is noted, a large range, as well as excellent quality products made of pure merino wool. Children wearing Norveg clothes are almost never complaining about unpleasant feelings, For example, that they are cold on the street, or that they sweat during active games.

Quite often say that thermal underwear does not deteriorate from regular washes, does not rub and not covered by kat. By the way, the washes themselves are not so much – the body and legs do not sweat, as a result of which no unpleasant smell appears. Moreover, if we are talking about Norveg thermocons, in the reviews it is often found information that they are climbing in absolutely any shoes and do not squeeze the gentle skin of the child.

However, negative reviews about the products of the German company also exist, and Most often, the discontent of the buyers is aimed at the thermoemonic. It is mentioned that the material causing discomfort, as well as the absence of moisture-repellent properties, resulting in the legs sweating. There are such disadvantages of products as a thin fabric, requiring the creation of additional layers of clothing and absolutely not suitable for socks in frost. Despite the correspondence of the dimensional grid, the products sometimes turned out to be great.

On how to choose a thermal underwear, see the following video.

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