Term underwear Rukka: pros, cons

Term underwear Rukka: pros, cons

With the onset of cold weather, our body especially needs protection and warm. Many acquire thermal underwear with which winter and severe frosts pass unnoticed. Among the large number of thermoplary production companies can be distinguished by a brand called RUKKA.

Features, pros and cons

Rukka’s success secrets consist in sewing the thermal power, which has its own characteristics and pros. It is distinguished by the latest materials and design. All production meets world standards, has patented technologies. The company does not regret forces and funds for the development of each product. Before use, the new material undergoes mandatory testing. In one model, linen can be a combination of several different tissues.

Thermal underwear is pleasantly fitting the body, the seams do not rub the skin, t. To. Have a flat surface. All tags are located on the outside. Lingerie does not absorb unpleasant odors and moisture. Even with the most active loads in it, Nezarko. Among product range, there are not only underwear for professional athletes, but also for use in everyday life for different times of the year. Of course, thermal underwear has their own small disadvantages. The price of this product is significantly higher than regular linen and requires special care.

After each active use, it must be washed in warm water without the use of funds that are in their composition chlorine.


All brand products are divided into several collections.

  • Seamless. This collection includes the entire range of underwear (smelting, body and t. NS.), which is ideal for sensitive skin, does not have seams. The material includes fibers produced by the latest technologies. Thanks to them, the skin breathes, and with the most active loads it remains dry. Thanks to the additives of the spandex in the material, the underwear has elastic qualities, you do not feel on the body, it does not hurt and does not cause discomfort.

  • RVP TECHNICA, SANITIZED – Collection of thermal power, which is suitable for everyday use and outdoor activities. The main material is polypropylene, due to which the moisture is transmitted from the body to the external layers of clothing. Leather remains dry and protected. Lingerie has a porous structure, quite light, is well erased and dries. It has high wear resistance.

Thanks to the special processing, Sanitized has a deodorizing effect on the skin.

  • Sport Set. In this collection there is underwear for the whole family. Male, female and baby clothes can be used both for everyday wearing and for outdoor activities. Linen is soft, barely tangible on the body, perfectly removes the extra moisture and keeps heat.

  • Thermocool. The range of the collection includes linen, capable of cooling the body in hot weather, and warm in cold. All this becomes real thanks to special fibers that are intertwined with each other in a special way. The material does not roll and perfectly retains its appearance for a long time. The fabric does not require much care, it is well erased and dries.

  • Microflece. Thermal underwear is based on polyester fleece material. It is pretty warm due to its texture with an “air cushion”. Linen can be worn as a native and as a second layer.

  • Merino Wool. Thermal underwear is intended for strong frosts. Fabric includes sheep wool. The material does not olive, does not irritate the skin, it retains warmth well and removes moisture.

  • WINDSTOPPER, SANITIZED. Clothing of this series is designed for windy weather, as well as for active sports, which lead to increased sweating. The material of this collection does not miss the cold and wind, regulates the heat balance of the skin. The fabric has a special impregnation of Sanitized, thanks to which the skin remains dry.

Materials manufacturing

The main materials for the manufacture of the thermal electricity are polypropylene, cotton and wool, polyester. Products and polypropylene have good hydrophobic properties, they do not absorb moisture and smells. But the material has the ability to roll after washing and has a weak resistance to high temperatures. Polyester does not roll and resistant to high temperatures. Polyester from microfolocon perfectly keeps moisture, nice to the body, keeps warm well.

The presence in the tissue of the spandex additive gives the linen of elasticity. It gently adjacent to the body and does not annoy it. Cotton products are considered more natural, but cotton has the ability to wet with a strong sweating. After that, he becomes cold and unpleasant. Such products may after inappropriate washing lose the shape and color.

Tips for choosing

So that the linen performs its functions, it must be properly pick up. For no matter what conditions the conditions are intended, it must first of all should facilitate body contours. If it is a set, then the upper part must close the lower back, especially when the slope. Lingerie should be without seams. Or they must be absolutely flat. If you choose clothes on big frosts, it is better to choose a model with a wool additive. And the products from polypropylene and polyester do not absorb moisture, but they have good wear resistance.

How to choose a thermal underwear, look next.

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