Thermal underwear Nike: characteristics and tips for choosing

Thermal underwear Nike: characteristics and tips for choosing

An indispensable element of clothing for professional athletes and for sports lovers and outdoor activities is the thermal underwear. This type of lower clothes appeared relatively recently thanks to modern technologies and materials. Nike also developed its unique line of these functional things.


For the manufacture of thermal power, the Nike brand uses fabrics from natural fibers (cotton, silk, wool-merino), synthetic fabrics (polyester, polyamide, spandex, polypropylene), as well as mixed options. The most advanced types of materials have a cellular structure, which provides uniform heat distribution and moisture discharge from the body. The choice of material depends on what function this type of clothing is performed:

  • passes moisture and air+
  • saves heat and does not allow overheating+
  • saves body hygiene, has an antibacterial effect+
  • Does not hesitate movements (for this, almost all fabrics contain elastane or lycru)+
  • Protects from wind.

It should be noted that The most important function of the thermal power is still the removal of moisture from the body and ventilation. Therefore, most models for professional athletes are performed from synthetic tissues that do not absorb sweat, or made of two-layer materials. For everyday socks and children, underwear is made mainly from natural fabrics.

For summer and winter sports, as well as for everyday socks, the brand has developed various lines of linen clothing: Pro Core, Dri Fit, Pro Combat.

The newest sports series Hyperwarm Flex Made of high-tech seamless knitwear with various moisture and mesh inserts, with corrugated details on the field of joint joints. In such a suit, you can comfortably run even in severe frosts.


Nike thermal underwear is created not only for athletes. It is indispensable in everyday life for adults and children. The company presents separate models of male, female and children’s linen. In addition to the wardrobe, thermoshtans, thermoshorts are produced. For example, such clothes, like a thermocouple, is used for walking, for outdoor activities, for fishing in the cold season.

It is heavier and warm, merino wool, cotton, and synthetic fleece are used in its production.

Special requirements are presented To children’s linen. According to sanitary standards, cloth for children’s clothing must contain more than half of the natural fibers. Separately, it is worth noting such a product as thermalon. They are produced for summer and winter sports, as well as for everyday socks. In the production of thermal systems are used Special fibers with silver spraying, which ensures their antibacterial properties.

Tips for choosing

Depending on the time of year, thermal underwear must have various properties that serve one or another purpose. For example, in the summer for people leading an active lifestyle, a thermal underwear with a sweating and ventilation function. After all, in the summer the most important task of such a lingerie – to take moisture from the body, “cool” it so that the skin breathe unhindered. In the cold season, the task of the thermal electricity, on the contrary, is to preserve the heat of the body, while weighing the excess moisture.

Based on this, you can give a universal selection board: The higher the activity and physical exertion, the higher the air temperature, the thinner and easier should be thermal underwear. And, on the contrary, the smaller the movement and colder around, the denser and heavier fabric. Soccer thermal underwear can be brought as an example. It should maximize moisture as quickly as possible. For football in summer, a single-layer version with a pronounced cooling effect is better. Winter linen consists, as a rule, of three layers: 1 – moisture-separating coating, 2 – Fleece for heat, 3 layer – dense windproof.

When choosing a thermal package, you should remove your measurements and take into account the growth, then select the desired data on the size table on the site and add to the basket. Nike provides a warranty and free return of the goods within 60 days, which makes it possible to understand whether underwear is correctly selected, and if necessary, replace it.

Rules wearing

Since the thermal underwear is the subject of personal equipment and an extremely delicate thing, Some rules for wearing and care should be followed.

  • Select thermal underwear Strictly in size. It is necessary that it is not too close, but not too free.
  • Wearing only On the naked body, over the underwear.
  • Empty either manually erased or in gentle wash mode at a temperature not higher than 40 ° and dried in a horizontal position away from heating devices.
  • You can wash quite often: As pollution. High-quality thermal underwear from this properties will not lose.

The following video presents an overview of the popular Nike.

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