THERMOCOL ACCOUNT: Features and Recommendations

THERMOCOL ACCOUNT: Features and Recommendations

In winter, it is not so easy to look feminine, because at this time you should dress warmly. In this case, thermocoliths will help.

Features, pros and cons

Thermocolings protect legs from cold air exposure. They can be made from both natural fabrics and synthetic. This allows the product for quite a long time to maintain its original look: the fabric is not exposed to stretching and the spools are not formed on it.

Manufacturers for the production of thermocrolling use materials such as:

  • cotton+
  • cashmere+
  • lycra.

The principle of the thermal power is to lead moisture and the sweat from the body. As a result, a peculiar air layer is formed, which allows you to feel comfort in any weather.

There are no female tights, in which any representative of the fine sex will feel the same cozy. When choosing, you need to consider the features of your body. For example, for women suffering from abundant sweating, synthetic tights are well suited, and for ladies with dry skin – models made of cotton with wool. Share synthetics should be small.

Thermocolot has its advantages and disadvantages. Benefits include the following characteristics.

  • Hypoallergenicity. Such things do not cause negative reactions on the skin. Products can be used with very susceptible skin and with diseases wearing dermatological character. In addition, due to their hypoallery, tights can be used for children of any age.
  • No intelligible sensations. Despite the fact that some products are made of synthetics, they are comfortable for the skin, do not absorb moisture, and bring it out.
  • Heat insulation. Thermocoliths do not warm, but retain natural heat. This action is caused by hollow fibers located in the structure of the fabric.
  • Wind protection and humidity protection. The material is not blown and does not miss moisture. This completely eliminates the danger of supercooling, the appearance of colds and negative skin reactions. Other elements of clothing can be put on top of the tights.

Minus thermocrolling – in their high cost.


Thermocoles are a variety of species.

  • Term underwear for pregnant women. It is usually manufactured from natural materials and does not cause discomfort, negative skin reactions, which is important for a woman waiting for a child. Products have good moisturizing properties and warm well, for a long time their initial species.

  • Children’s and teenage, which are made of natural materials on a special cut. They are thin and with puff. Such tights for girls are well discharged moisture, retain the natural body temperature, do not allow overheating and supercooling. The presence of anatomical cutting and elastic mating make it possible to sit on the body well. The presence of a wide gum is well kept the thing on the body, while not shifting. Tights are resistant to wear

  • For figure skating, it is also used by such a type of thermal cover covering the sock of shoes, but at the same time with an open heel. There are also tights covering heels, fully closing boots or refilled in it. A combination of synthetic and natural tissues is used for the thermal ward. Thanks to this legs during training “Breathe”. The presence of elastic inserts provide perfect support throughout the leg. Most of the manufacturers use materials with water-repellent impregnation, so products are well suited for young figure skaters, which are just starting to engage in figure skating. With quite frequent drops on the ice tights remain dry.

Tips for choosing

When choosing, thermal traffic should be proceeding from the characteristics of the lifestyle of a particular person. If a person is active, then it will be more suitable products from synthetic, which are well discharged sweat. Natural fabrics at elevated loads simply absorb sweat and stick to the body, while the cold will be felt stronger, because all the forces of the body will be thrown on to evoke moisture. With a quieter lifestyle, it is better to take tights with a high content of natural fibers. Such products are suitable for people with skin, characterized by high sensitivity.

In order for the thermocolot to be use, they need to be selected according to the size. Most manufacturers provide a full dimension row, which makes it possible to choose a similar piece of clothing for any shape. Reviews on these products in most positive.

Users note the convenience of thermal traffic, their ability to retain heat, attractive appearance, long service life.

In the next video you will find a brief overview of the thermocolot.

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