Tronoscale: Features, types and selection criteria

Tronoscale: Features, types and selection criteria

Tronoscale – a unique element of clothing and a mandatory part of a modern man’s wardrobe. They protect the legs from supercooling in winter and do not allow them to overheat in the offseason. The material of this article will tell about what is the thermocons, which differ from ordinary, what advantages and disadvantages have. In addition, you will learn how to choose them correctly, wear and wash.

What it is and what differs from ordinary?

At first view, thermontoscience may not differ from ordinary socks. Sometimes they look at all as simple classic counterparts. The “Thermo” prefix means that socks are designed not so much to warm legs, how much to preserve their dryness. They are considered a thermal power, they are responsible for the thermoregulation of legs in the shoes and the discharge of extra moisture from stop.

Thanks to the special technology of weaving fibers and threads, thermolate, which are part of the material, an airbag is created between skin legs and textiles. Their main difference from the classics is that, regardless of the intensity of the thermoscience loads, always remain dry. At the same time, at the expense of the fibers of Elastan, they are sufficiently tightly sitting on the legs, but do not rub the skin.

Such elements of clothing have unique properties. They are summer and winter, differ by appointment and have their own classification. Thermoscience can be female, male, teenage and children. They are always warm and dry even in slush and cold.

Made them by zonal and continuous mating. Socks made by continuous mating are characterized by the same thickness anywhere in the product. Analogs made using zonal mating are highlighted with a more dense weaving in the zones of fingers, heels and sides. Thanks to this feature at the points of the highest pressure on the foot, additional depreciation is ensured.

Pros and cons

Tromnos have a lot of advantages. They are distinguished by:

  • Functionality and practicality+
  • Durability and efficiency+
  • Wide sized row+
  • variety of shades and colors+
  • Maintain a comfortable feet temperature+
  • Destination and design variability+
  • The presence of areas of thermoregulation+
  • Resistance to absorbing odors+
  • Wearness resistance and stirmers+
  • Aesthetic attractiveness+
  • Price variability and availability for buyers.

Thermontoski have the ability to adjust the balance between body temperature and external environment. Thereby ensures not only the prevention of overheating, but also prevents the appearance of fatigue.

Along with the advantages of the thermoskov there are disadvantages. According to buyers, not all products are so effective as it would like to. Someone does not like that socks are not too heat saving and can not warm the legs in the frost. However, buyers do not always take into account that the models are distinguished by the appointment, and this factor determines their thermal properties. For example, thermoscience for sports and walks are characterized by manufacturing material and moisture-absorbing function.

Someone is confident that thin thermocons must be necessarily warm. This is a delusion, since each type has its own characteristics and operational properties. And the point here is not so much in price, how much in ignorance of the nuances of each variety.


To date, the range of thermocons has a lot of lines, calculated at different times of the year and a different sport (for example, for figure skiing, snowboarding, ski ski). They are summer, winter, thin, dense, warm. In the range of manufacturers there are male and women’s options for classic type and waterproof models heated. At the same time, based on the appointment, the products can be elongated, conventional and shortened.


Products of this line are designed primarily for the prevention of veins diseases (phlebitis and thrombosis). In addition, they are suitable for all those who sick legs. Compression-type thermoscience are designed to increase blood flow to muscles, saturation by their oxygen, fast recovery after long workouts.


This category includes products for cross-trekking and running, as well as classic type modifications for the gym. Attretic thermalons are characterized by the presence of the function of moisture absorption.

In this case, individual modifications of the multistivial linear series are equipped with a minimal insulation layer and inserts for depreciation.


The products of the treadmill are two species: homogeneous over the entire surface and with different thickness. The second modifications are equipped with amplifiers in the zones of lifting and heel.

This allows you to reduce the load on the foot, which is important for athletes who are engaged in running and similar exercises.

For walking

Thermontovka data is distinguished by a small thickness and are designed for those engaged in fitness walking. In comparison with classic counterparts, they have additional inserts with moisture absorption.

Feet in such socks remain dry, regardless of the intensity of training.


Unlike sports analogues, options for everyday socks are not performed from 100% synthetics, but from the threads of the combined type. They are characterized by a slight weight, mean thick, they are made of synthetic fibers with the addition of merino wool. Casual socks Have good heat saving functions, however have less moisture absorption.

For Hayking

Hayking options have strengthening in the heel zones, lifting and making. Developed using high-tech material, due to which they are tightly sitting on the leg and are characterized by resistance to the gap. In comparison with other modifications, haking options are much longer.

Such socks do not rub the skin, and corn do not appear even with intense and long-term sports loads.


Models of the ski and snowboarding line have inserts in areas of the legs and soles. They are designed taking into account the protection of the stop and the legs from the tough points of contact. In addition, they possess optimal moisture protection and windproof properties. Among other functions of such elements of the wardrobe It is worth noting the preservation of heat.


Thermontoski of this linear series are designed for long-term physical exertion. They are distinguished by the convenience and comfort of wearing, optimal landing density and lack of friction of skin about fabric. These are quick-drying models from synthetic material with high moisture trap features. They stretch in the ankle zone, so the blood flow to the feet is ensured.

For hunting and fishing

The structure of these products is much more complicated than classical thermocons. Their length can be standard and elongated, they are performed with thickening over the entire length. In the line there are options equipped with additional thermal insulation and heating systems.

These are dense socks whose task is to heat the legs, they are performed from the material with the so-called dry heat.

Materials manufacturing

The whole raw assortment for thermoscience can be divided into 3 types: synthetic, natural and combined. More often, products are made of polyester, lycra, nylon, as well as their combinations. Rarely make them from natural material (Angora, camel, dog wool, as well as Merinos wool). However, woolen models, although they have high heat protection properties, but are expensive, and slower synthetic analogs will dry.

Good thermocons combining the best properties of moisture and heat shields, consist of synthetics with the addition of natural fibers (for example, Merino wool). Such products are designed for winter sports.

They use Thermolite and Primaloft insulation, which are raw materials for the production of sleeping bags and outerwear. From the inside these fibers hollow and thin. Thanks to them, socks are suitable for exercising sports in frosts (for example, ski tourism or mountaineering) and feet saved from the cold.

For those who are engaged in active sports in the warm season, develop trekking waterproof thermophones using Coolmax or Polipropilen fibers. These artificial threads do not have warming properties. but They do not absorb moisture at all, so man’s legs always remain dry, regardless of weather conditions.

Rating manufacturers

Many leading company companies are engaged in the production of thermoscience. Many high-quality and practical products produce trademarks of China, the Czech Republic, Germany. There are decent attention options for Finnish and Mongolian brands producing a wide range of thermalized sports and daily socks. At the same time, large firms are engaged in the manufacture of models for different shoes, including membrane.

The top of the best includes several thermal manufacturers, whose products use great purchasing demand and has a lot of positive feedback on the worldwide web.

  • Lasting – Czech manufacturer of high-quality thermocons with excellent performance. Different release of practical and durable models for men and women.

  • Norfin is the leader in the development and production of modern, light and comfortable linen. Trademark socks are excellent for everyday wearing, they are equipped with a soft rubber band, not rubbing skin.

  • Haski Offers the topics of the topics for hunting and fishing at any time of the year. Production products are distinguished by high quality, excellent heat-saving properties and ambiguing moisture from the skin surface.

  • TESEMA (Finland) produces thermoscience with internal fleece insulation. The range is distinguished by pleasant tactile sensations and the optimal level of convenience. Disadvantage of products are their thickness.

  • Temmones brand Smartwool Designed for lovers of long tourist hiking. They have thickening in the heel area and feet, which reduces the shock load and makes it easier. Models are suitable for fans of winter sports.

  • J. B. Extreme produces thermocons in which it is not cold even harsh winter. The brand products are distinguished by the convenience of fixing on the leg, these socks are not slipped from the feet even if the person will walk in high boots on the snowdrifts.

Tips for choosing

Choosing thermoscience models, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors. It is important to understand that the products are not at all universal: you can not wear in the summer, in the offseason and in winter the same pair, counting on the fact that it will be at the same time and warm, and to remove excess moisture.

Products for rubber boots, skates, sneakers and trekking shoes differ in each other, as well as options for summer and extremely low temperatures.

To select the desired option for winter, you need to explore the composition of the products:

  • for cold season It is worth taking options with wool, nylon and elastan+
  • For active sports, Including jogging, products with high polyester or other synthetic and wool+
  • For daily wearing in frost Or winter fishing need woolen socks with low synthetics+
  • For summer daily socks You should choose high-quality socks with a cotton or silk content+
  • Do not buy 100% cotton socks, they do not dismiss moisture and absorb odors+
  • The best socks are made without seams and have gain in the zones of the highest load+
  • For spring and autumn, the models of the middle thickness will be suitable, which are made of two layers, for winter need three-layer.

To make the right choice and choose the best functional models, you need to pay attention to the height of the thermoclaim. According to the recommendations of manufacturers, it is impossible to take products more than its size. The parameters of the dimension range of each brand are indicated, taking into account the shrinkage of the manufacturing material after the first washing.

Too big socks will hang on the legs, which will reduce thermoregulation.

How to wear and wash?

      Contrary to popular opinion, ordinary and even snowboarding thermosciences need to wear on bare legs. When they are put on tights or other socks, thermoregulation is disturbed, and therefore, the properties of products are reduced. Erase socks need to be manually either in a sparing mode of the washing machine without a strong press. It is impossible to use the bleach or a stainover.

      Water temperature can be cool or warm. Do not use aggressive detergents. You can not dry the thermoscience on the battery and iron. This leads to a violation of the structure, fiber deformation and loss of their properties. It is desirable that the drying of the items is natural.

      About how to choose a thermal underwear, look next.

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