White bra

White bra

White bra is a classic accessory that suits almost any fashionista. Such a tender item looks very fresh and air. Many modern brands provide a choice of ladies stunning models of beautiful white.


Modern manufacturers give fashionable chic selection of a variety of classic white models. We will analyze the most popular models.

Infinity Lingerie

Infinity Lingerie manufactures high-quality Push Up Calypso model. Among all the products of the brand, it is this product that uses the greatest demand among fashionistas, appreciating comfort. This bra is made of delicate cotton. Cups have a classic shape and effect Push-up.

T-Shirt Menorca

Infinity Lingerie Releases Laconic T-Shirt Menorca Model from Elastic Textile and Charming Lace. High quality and comfortable products are decorated with traditional bows and flowerflakes of satin fabric. Simple and tender products of T-Shirt Menorca are distinguished by their versatility and convenience.


Apollo – this is another line of feminine braids from Infinity. The range of this collection is represented by both concise models and gentle copies with lace and festons. Women’s underwear is made of high quality elastic textiles.

Lira Bandeau

White model Lira Bandeau has a beautiful bodice balconet with a molded cup. Convenient bra will be an excellent solution for everyday socks. Kaim removable straps is supplemented with silicone, so they will not rub and fall.

Laundry landing as convenient as possible, which will definitely appreciate the owner of the bulk breast.


Model called Versailles looks very feminine and attractive. These bras are decorated with a lace mesh on the surface of the cups and under them. In the center of the model there is a miniature bow of atlas.

Brand Bravo

Bravo trademark produces very beautiful and seductive products. It is especially to highlight a stunning model with a bodice balcony. It has transparent cups decorated with lace patterns.


TRIBUNA brand releases wonderful bodies for lush chest. Beautiful white models are made of cotton, polyamide and elastane. They are equipped with comfortable wide straps that will provide additional support for the bust. Cups are made of elastic lace on the foam rubber.


The world-famous brand GUESS gives the ladies very comfortable sports bras. These comfortable and elastic models made of cotton and elastan more resemble short tight tops.

White copies are supplemented with a gray line on the bottom, which demonstrates the name of the brand.

Calvin Klein

Want to purchase a bright and original bra in sports style? Then you should pay attention to the products from the famous brand Calvin Klein. In addition to classic and monophonic models, it produces wonderful white products with black details (letters from the company name), the lower part of which is framed by a bright yellow stripe with the name of the brand.

Zet Day

Zet Day makes very elegant and feminine linen, which falls in love with her senses at first sight. Especially bright and attractive watching spectacular black and white bras. Light cups in such models are complemented by unobtrusive gray patterns and black lace stripes.

Dea Fiori

Want to choose the original and bright bodice? Then you need to familiarize yourself with DEA ​​Fiori catalogs. Brand produces beautiful and high-quality products for ladies with any breast size. Especially feminine light bras with floral decoration of cups and beautiful patterns.


MODIS brand produces original models that are attached with three straps drawn through the neck and fastening on the back. These comfortable and beautiful products are perfect for everyday socks.


Sermija gives fashionable beautiful bras of white and black minimizers from polyester, polyamide, elastane and cotton. Quality and comfortable models are made without seeds. Bretens are wide and soft.

How to whiten the linen

Bright clothes quickly loses its whiteness and attractive appearance. Underwear is no exception. Such things require special and regular care, otherwise they quickly cease to delight eyes.

Synthetic properties

White bra is an excellent solution for light and transparent clothing from flowing fabrics. As a rule, manufacturers make products from synthetic materials. Find a thing from natural textiles is very difficult.

Synthetic has the following qualities:

  • Eech fiber is much easier to return to the initial white color+
  • It is very resistant to the harmful effects of the bleach+
  • It is more accessible, and bleach it easier than natural material.

Oxygen bleach

As a rule, in any store selling household chemicals there is a large selection of oxygen bleach. All of them possess the same mechanism of action. Be sure to learn the instructions for the means and strictly stick to it so as not to spoil the thing.

Mode of application:

  • Dial a little warm water+
  • Pour one measuring glass of bleach+
  • Carefully stir+
  • Put the bra on the resulting liquid for an hour+
  • If the hour passed, you can take a thing and rinse under running water+
  • Send Lingerie in Ordinary Wash.

It is worth remembering that other proportions may be indicated in the selectors on the bleach! In this case, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Simple white

Normal White is the most effective and popular behavior for bleaching. This tool will eliminate foreign footprints and colors with things most effectively. But it is worth remembering that the whiteness includes chlorine, which has a negative effect on the fabric. After regular processing, the whiteness will lose strength.

Whiten whiteness:

  • We recruit 3 liters of cold water+
  • Add one tablespoon of white and a bit of washing powder into it+
  • We stir the liquid+
  • Lay out in the resulting solution a white bra+
  • Leave for 20 minutes+
  • During this time, the material must be soaked in chemistry and all defects must gradually disappear+
  • After all the manipulations done, the thing can be obtained from the mixture, wash off the remnants in warm and rinse in cold water.


Whitening with Xinka is the old “grandfather” way. This tool helped clean the bright clothes to our predecessors. At the moment, Xinka is hard to find in stores.

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