Women’s heat underwear for everyday socks: features and tips on the choice

Women's heat underwear for everyday socks: features and tips on the choice

Most of the territory of the Russian Federation of winter are pretty harsh. Therefore, the question of how to protect yourself from the cold as much as possible from the cold, is very relevant. However, an attractive appearance is not less important, as well as mobility (hardly at least someone is delighted with the prospects to put on the “one hundred deals” and turn into a bad ball).

Modern fashion industry prompts the solution – Thermal Shell. In our article we will tell about the features and varieties of female models, as well as conduct a brief overview of the best manufacturers.

Features, pros and cons

Features of the female thermal service:

  • Each model is designed for a certain degree of motor activity Media: high, medium or low+
  • You can choose a heat pack For any weather and temperature indicators: both for very strong frost, snow and blizzards, and for autumn morning coolness+
  • Termeless little weaves and does not create an additional volume under clothes+
  • It has antimicrobial properties, Some models contain even lining of silver, eliminating malicious microorganisms and struggling with unpleasant odors+
  • it It has several layers, Each of which is intended for certain purposes: the lower – to absorb and remove moisture, the average – to withdraw it outward, top – to protect against frost.

Pluses Thermal Shell:

  • Perfectly kept warmth+
  • Suitable for active winter holidays: sporting events, trips to nature, long walks+
  • Protects from blowing into windy weather+
  • does not create a “greenhouse effect”.


  • For different types of activity, different linen models will be required+
  • The product is often washed+
  • good thermal cover is quite expensive.

Types and materials

The thermal package is divided into varieties depending on the task it performs.

  • Heat-saving. Sewing is made from materials with a volume weaving of threads, which contributes to the formation of mini-pockets from air, reduced heat loss.

Such linen is great for everyday socks.

  • Vaulting or functional. Differs from the previous species in that thinner, but very well displays moisture.

It, as a rule, choose people who actively spend time on the street (skating and skiing, snowboard and t. D.).

  • Hybrid. As clearly from the name, such linen combines the functions of the two above: heats and displays moisture. The best models consist of two layers: inside is a moisture permeable, outside – insulation.

Materials used to sewing a female thermal cover are divided into artificial and natural.

To natural attributes:

  • Merino wool+
  • cotton+
  • Bamboo fiber+
  • silk+
  • angora.


  • polyester+
  • Microfley+
  • Micropluut.

The best thermal cover for every day – two-layer (one layer – natural raw materials, the other – synthetics).


Now let’s get acquainted with the best manufacturers of women’s thermal power. For your convenience, we placed the information in the table.



The country of manufacture




Products most often produced in unisex style. Fit for socks even in very strong frost. In production, artificial and combined fibers are used.



Looks up a thermal power for lovers of winter sports. Polyester is included in the fabric.

The North Face


Universal thermal shell, natural wool and synthetic fiber are used in production. Suitable for everyday socks.



Thermal rubber is sewn exclusively from Merino wool. This uses a special technology in which the lingerie is very thin, but at the same time warm.



Production uses high-quality synthetic materials. The collection is divided into 2 rules: underwear for women and everyday thermal shell. The first is represented by T-shirts and panties, insulated in the right places and decorated lace + second – sets from leggings and long-grade.



Distinctive trait of the brand – a unique design characterized by using bright contrasting color combinations. Products can be worn even as basic clothes, and not “Freak”.



Production is used both natural merino wool and purely synthetic materials, as well as combined. Among the products of the brand you can choose the option for every day or for sports, trips to nature.

How to choose?

And finally, let’s give some tips on the choice.

  • If you plan to wear a thermal pack every day, give preference to cotton products with a small addition of synthetic threads, thin or medium density. Give preference to heat saving linen.
  • If you leave for nature in winter, but do not move too much, stop your selection on heat underwear, designed for a low degree of activity, with a high wool content in the composition.
  • If you are, on the contrary, a fan of winter sports, pay attention to the hybrid mixes. Optimal combination – polypropylene tissue and natural wool, but you can choose a polyester with cotton.
  • Stayed in campaign? Boldly wear a moisture-free thermal power, which will not allow you to stand, but it will warm.

In the spring and autumn, that is, when it is not too cold, instead of leggins and climbing can be limited to a T-shirt and thermochorts.

In the next video, learn what three main mistakes are allowed when choosing a thermal electricity for the city.

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