What color lipstick to choose brunette?

What color lipstick to choose brunette?

With properly selected decorative cosmetics, you can look younger than your years or, on the contrary, create an unattractive appearance. The most common product of the cosmetics is lipstick. It allows you to achieve a visual increase in lips or give them a smaller size and change the form, as the diva of the 20s.

Many color solutions, lipstick formats and textures are presented on the market. Some look good on blondes, others – on brunettes. In this article we will focus on lipsticks that are suitable for brunettes, we will examine how to choose the right tool for the color of the eyes and skin, and how to avoid mistakes when selecting this cosmetics.

Choice of lipstick

One of the factors affecting the choice of lipstick is the eyes. The color of the iris directly affects the shade of the means, its intensity, brightness and temperature.


Girls with brown eyes should refresh their image, if they do not want to achieve the monochromicity of the appearance.

It is necessary to give preference to dark red shades resembling a ripe cherry or a weathered wine.

Bright gamma, which includes pink or purple colors, must be with a warm subtock. Otherwise the cold color of the lipstick will give a pale and unhealthy color to the face.

Ladies with black hair suitable pigmented pink shades. They appropriately look at the day and emphasize natural beauty.

Saturated wine and ruby ​​colors costs to save for evening style or for the winter period, creating an image of snow-white.

Cherry, coral tones of lipstand are suitable for holders of brown hair, it is they who perfectly emphasize youth and skin texture. Red shades give the image of brightness and energy. For cold color, raspberry, dark pink colors fit.

Avoid too light neutral colors, this gamma is able to select your appearance, add splashes and inexpressiveness. If you really want a Nyuda, take a shade with brown and gold notes in a warm or cold spectrum.

Blue eyed

The whole bright and rich color palette is appropriate looks at girls with blue eyes, without causing dissonance in the image. They themselves possess bright and memorable appearance.

Fuchsia, scarf red, ripe crimson, coral shades on a warm base – an excellent choice for the owners of blue “soul mirrors”.

But Orange, carrot and cold colors of lipstick will give the face a blue view, they should be refused.


Girls with thy color of the eyes most often belong to the autumn color type with warm skin tone and brown hair.

With green eyes almost all shades of lipstick will be well combined, but preference is worth paying pure colors.

Red, red-brown, beige-brown, lilac, peach, muted pink gamut – good solution for green-eyed fashion.


For such girls there is a universal color – scarlet. The whole palette of red color perfectly looks at the possessions of gray eyes, and the shades of medium saturation of any spectrum look more natural on any skin type.

But too cold colors should be avoided.

Among such tones will be lilac, lilac blue, pearl colors.

Under skin tone

Another factor in the selection of lipstick – skin tone.

The constant rule says that cold colors need to be combined with cold, warm – with warm.

If the skin is light, it will be clean in pink and red gamma with shimmer, glitter or matte texture. Any bright shades look natural, slightly shading skin color.

On dark skin warm shades emphasize tan and hair color. The girl with blond eyes and dark skin is worth choosing dark matte colors for emphasis on the contrast of appearance.

Olive leather owners will fall to taste in the colors in the warm range with satin finishes, which will create focus on the color of eyes and skin. Terracotta, brown, golden beige, caramel neutral colors do not erode appearance, look harmonious, relevant in the style of clothing and in evening images.

Girls with neutral skin type can safely choose any color gamut.

Their appearance can also “pull” controversial colors:

  • turquoise+
  • green+
  • Brick-red+
  • Pale beige+
  • Natural beige.

How to choose?

Matte finish can create a causing image. In order to avoid this lipstick, it is preferable to take with satin effect or dilute matte finishes with a small amount of gloss for lips.

It must be remembered that the matte texture emphasizes the size and shape of the lips. If they are thin, this lipstick will visually make them even less, so this product should be left only to the owners of the plump lips.

Matte lipsticks are more resistant in the sock than glossy finishes due to their dry formula. Before applying such lipstick, you should take care of the moistening of the surface of the skin of the lips.

Glossy finish in any shade can be formed by shimmer or small glitter. Classic transparent gloss is capable of visually adjusting the shape of the lips, make them plump due to the reflected light.

Brilliant pearl lips require a properly selected stylistic image.

Pearl particles in the wrong selected color lipsticks are able to adversely affect the appearance of the girl and the color of her skin.

Lipstick-balms contain little painting pigments. There is a color palette from bright, almost invisible shades to almost black. But despite such an intense color in the tube, the tool will lie on the lips to the translucent layer. Like sparkles, suitable for all lip forms, additionally moisturizing them.

Satin finish gives a delicate shine. Externally, it looks like a matte, but has a softer and humid formula. Natural natural shades are suitable for office and daytime walks. Nude shade of lipstick combines light dresses, skirts, trouser costumes and with any other clothes of simple and complex design.

Saturated colors – the prerogative of evening solemn images, bright paints of makeup are also suitable for visiting the theater. In an office style, if an employer allows, the use of bright red lipstick is permissible.

If you want dark shades or juicy accents day, there is a universal way to achieve this goal. It all depends on the technology of product application. When using a brush or squeezing from a lipstick tube gives a strong pigmented layer of paint.

To make the color more transparent and calm, you need a small amount of lipstick with your finger or paper napkin, creating a slight makeup effect.

However, this version of lipstick socks is not resistant due to the presence of a small amount of pigment on the lips.

With makeup with arrows or bright items worth choosing neutral lipstick colors. The emphasis should be only on one detail of the face. When using juicy wine or dark lipstick eyes remain clean, without cosmetics.

The appearance of brunettes can support simultaneous focus on lips and eyes, but provided that the appearance of the girl is contrasting, – as a rule, it is a winter color. Otherwise, a feeling of overloaded and vulgar image will be created.

To create a solid image in makeup, a blush should be chosen under the color of lipstick or take advantage of the old method – direct application of the pigment from the lipstick tube on the cheeks. The product is to be confused by hand, and if the colors are too much, pointing or easy to walk with a brush with a tonal cream. This method will not suit the owners of oily skin. Oils contained in lipstick can affect acne and pore blockage.

There are many probes from any brands in stores. Choosing lipstick, it is not necessary to apply it on the lips, it is enough to unscrew the tube and just attach to the lips. So it will be easier to understand, the color is suitable or not. With liquid lipsticks in transparent packages, this method also works. In addition, you can apply a little means on the top of the hand of hand.

A few more ideas for the perfect brunette image – in the next video.

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