What is the blue color in clothing?

What is the blue color in clothing?

What does it mean and symbolizes blue?

Blue color symbolizes restraint, calm, balance and self-confidence. Deep and rich shades of blue serve as an indication that a person is in Lada with the outside world, and harmony is characterized by his sincere world. Dark shades are associated with rigor and stability, and bright – with romanticity and spirituality.

Blue is psychologically felt as a color associated with silence and peace, safety, associated with calm waters, depth. Serves as a symbol of seriousness, concentration, loyalty, and also talks about psychological susceptibility, tendency to deep reflections and sensitivity to change.

Psychologists use a special color test to determine the emotional state of a person – a lascher test. According to this test, the choice of blue is talking about the physiological and psychological need for peace. The rejection of blue may indicate a tendency to depression.

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