9 square kitchen interior. m in modern style

9 square kitchen interior. m in modern style

Modern interior solutions can decorate even small rooms, including miniature kitchens. Usually 9 kV cuisines. M. You can meet in “Brezhnevka” – compared to “Khrushchev” they are more spacious, but require a special approach to the design of high-quality interior. Next, we learn more about how to independently create an interior in a modern style in a small kitchen, get acquainted with the advice of specialists and consider ready-made options that can be taken as the basis for planning your future interior.

Features of design

The interior of a small kitchen in a modern style to make enough not easy, being unprofessional. However, if you explore some information regarding this topic, it will be much easier to cope with this task.

In the kitchen in 9 squares, it is possible to ergonomically to place both the cooking zone and the recreation area with the presence of a dining table in it. All inventory for cooking, appliances and everything that the owner needs during cooking, usually in such a room is within walking distance – it facilitates the cooking process and is a significant advantage.

Interior Let and a small kitchen room can be issued in different modern style solutions, which expands the possibilities of posting many objects.

The main thing in the design of a small kitchen is to competently use each square meter, while placing everything you need so that the room is not only multifunctional, but also very cozy for all households.

Modern interior

To date, there are several varieties of modern interior styles in which even a small kitchen can be issued in 9 square meters. Consider them in more detail.

  • High Tech Style. It is considered the most relevant not only among professionals, but also among lovers. Usually in this style, preference is given to glossy and metallized surfaces, as well as finishing materials from glass. Preferably used small, ergonomic and built-in techniques. Lighting is always thought out to the little things. Often predominate clear geometric lines, completely absent everything that can hint on an old or retro style. The main advantage of this style is that it is equally well suited for both large and miniature premises.

  • Minimalism style. The name already speaks for itself. In such a style there is nothing superfluous. The kitchen, which is made in the style of minimalism, usually includes everything just the most necessary. Maximum functionality with a minimum of unnecessary parts and accessories. Any decorative details that can overload the interior of a small room are missing. Usually used muffled color gamut with a minimum of bright accents. Technique embedded.

  • Loft style. This style also refers to modern. It is great for extraordinary personalities and creative people. Many believe that such a style always requires space and large premises, but this is not the case, because in recent years, many designers are drawn up with its help even small kitchen facilities. For this style, it is characteristic of using finishing materials under concrete or brick.

It is best when in a small kitchen in this way only one wall is drawn up. Furniture is very often used for zoning. Also in this interior it is often possible to see outdoor ventilation and pipes that often hide, but in this style they are part of the interior.

  • Style Contemporary. In such a style, there are simply no restrictions in the color palette, and, and, in general, the whole style is a flight of fantasy and the incarnation of the brightest ideas. Usually in this style, the kitchen set is selected bright, in the indoors can be placed extraordinary and original accessories. Also, designers pay great attention to the light in such a kitchen – usually it is stretched ceilings with an unusual color backlit. Small premises in this style are taken to execute only professionals, since such interiors require a clear study and great mastery.

Tips for specialists

To maximize the use of each meter of a small kitchen room, We recommend listening to the advice of professionals.

  • Top cabinets kitchen headset best do under the ceiling. So you can save a lot of space, in addition, they will serve as a great place to store the kitchen inventory.

  • If possible, it is best to acquire embedded technique, even though it comes out more than the usual.

  • The glossy surfaces are very difficult to care, which is why when choosing and designing a kitchen headset it is worth noticeing to the combinations of textures. So, the facades of the upper cabinets can be matte, and the lower – glossy.

  • Very winning in modern kitchen interiors look integrated into the tabletop washing from artificial stone. And in kitchen headsets – integrated handles.

  • In a small room, it is best to give preference to the bright color range without superfluous and obsessive brightness. Moreover, everyone knows that bright and muted shades always visually expand even the most small space.

Usually the most questions in the small kitchen occurs with the refrigerator. In such a kitchen, it is often placed closer to the window or at the entrance to the room.

Often in 9 kV. M. Install and sofa. Usually it is located at the table opposite the kitchen headset. Most often, soft corners with a table are purchased.

So that the kitchen looked fashionable and modern, You can place a mirror surface at the table, which will also help make the room visually a little more. You can also purchase one wall Photo wallpaper.

We organize space

In order for a small kitchen to please every day, it is very important to properly place all the necessary objects in it.

To begin with, let’s talk about the headsets. Kitchen set, regardless of the selected interior style, it is best to consider straight (in line) or corner. If the window is located opposite the door to the room, the refrigerator is best to choose the built-in, and here is the dining area in this case can be placed next to the window.

The table, of course, have to choose not very large, usually for 2-4 persons. It is best to give preference to glossy options or glass. Glass tables are extremely winned in small kitchens, especially in tandem with acrylic chairs.

For even greater visual expansion of space, special attention should be paid to textiles. So, Curtains are best to choose translucent, they will create a feeling of lightness and comfort indoors.

Depending on the color of the kitchen headset as a contrast, you can pick up the upholstery on the chairs. If the kitchen set of snow-white, then chairs can be white and black.

Ideas for inspiration

For clarity, consider some interesting options for the interiors of a small kitchen in 9 kV. M.

  • Very original, bright kitchen set in the style of contemporary, complemented by an extraordinary hood.

  • Always in small rooms will win white kitchen. For a variety and emphasising of modern design you can prefer a headset with special pressure mechanisms, that is, the facades will be without a handle.

Such a modern kitchen can look very concise, and if the headset is matte, then it will be easy for him to care.

  • If the kitchen set in the kitchen 9 kV. M. Made in neutral colors, the emphasis is best put on bright textile. So, if the headsets are gray, lemon soft chairs with a white table.

  • Wallpaper on the wall, which will stand the table very winning. For example, they can perfectly combine with a kitchen apron, complementing each other in color scheme.

  • Glossy stretch ceilings with spot lighting look in small kitchens. Large chandeliers, as a rule, in the modern interior such a small room are inappropriate, because they visually grind space, although a lot depends on the design in general.

About the design of small kitchens you can watch the video below.

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