All about cotton bedding

All about cotton bedding

Cotton bed linen is very popular among consumers. This material is affordable and practical. Use it for sewing interesting sets is very many manufacturers.


Cotton began to use for the manufacture of fabrics several thousand years before our era back. In Europe, the product from this material appeared about 350 years ago. Now cotton bedding is often used for sewing sets for adults and children. He has many advantages.

  1. Naturalness. This cloth is obtained by treating cotton fibers. It is environmentally friendly and safe for health. Continuous contact with such a tissue does not cause any allergic reactions.
  2. Availability. Cotton underwear is inexpensive, so please choose a suitable set.
  3. Practicality. Care for such material is very simple. If you stick to simple tips when washing and ironing linen, it will look good for quite a long time. Therefore, such kits are well suited for everyday use.
  4. Hypoallergenicity. This material is fully harmless. Therefore, it often makes quality lingerie for children and adolescents.

In addition to the pros, this material has its own minuses. This material burns out very quickly in the sun. So you need to dry it very carefully. Saving bedding long. In addition, it often needs ironing. After all, cotton is very many and looks untidy.

Types of fabric

Now the cotton make a large number of different fabrics. They all differ from each other. Therefore, before buying, you need to learn as much information about each existing material.


It’s a light cotton fabric. It does not mean so much like a 100% cotton material. This is one of its main advantages. So that bed linen looks good after washing, it is enough just to shake it slightly before hanging.

But this material has a few minuses. Painted fabric over time fades. Therefore, buying bright terminal linen is not worth. Cite is not very durable material. It is stretched and deformed after several washes.


This type of fabric was named after the city in which he began to produce. In its composition and the peculiarities of weaving, he is similar to Citz. At the same time, it is more dense and coarse to the touch. The material is very light and wear-resistant.


High-quality calica by 100 percent consists of cotton fibers. She is very durable and durable. Such material is able to withstand several hundred styrends, so it can be used as Casual bed linen. Bosi kits are inexpensive. You can choose both monophonic linens and a set with an interesting pattern. So finding something suitable for yourself very easy.

There are no significant drawbacks of this material. But many do not like the fact that she has a slightly rough surface. This fabric is very different from other x / b materials.


For the production of cotton full uses cotton threads of different thickness. Products from such material are most popular, which are produced in Turkey or Pakistan. The most expensive is Cotton Poplin produced in India. It is distinguished by naturalness and high quality.

Bed linen from Poplin is characterized by high density. Therefore, it serves quite a long time, withsting regular washing.


Soft terry fabric is great for the manufacture of warm bed linen. This material warms well and keeps moisture. It does not cause any allergic reactions and irritations. The minus of the terry bed linen can be called his slightly rough surface. But after several styrics, the cloth becomes softer.

As a rule, such material is used to create winter bedding. It is well suited for both adults and children.


This material is a kind of familiar bosal. He was created in Turkey. In the process of the production of Ranfors, long durable fibers are used. Material is fine and easy. But despite this, the fabric is still quite durable and great for daily use. Since this material is natural and soft, it is often used to sewing children’s sets.


Bed linen from Batista is smooth and pleasant to the touch. This cloth perfectly retains the form and does not sit after washing. But so that bed linen remains attractive as long as possible, it is necessary to care for him.


Such material as Mahra, Great for the creation of warm bed linen. Flannel quickly warms and holds heat for a long time. Fabric easy to care. For washing such bed linen you can use conventional powders.


Pie Bed Linen attracts tissue density and soft. Canvas easy to paint in the desired drawing. Therefore, it is easy to pick up a kit with a print of any complexity. It is worth noting that paint with time does not fade in the sun.


This material on softness is not inferior to satina, and by strength – Bosi. It is perfectly adjusted to the room temperature. In the cold season, such bed linen warms, in warm – does not give sweat. Biomatin durable and wear-resistant. Care for it is very easy.


Soft and warm material has an interesting textured surface with barely noticeable nodules. It is distinguished by strength and looks attractive. Bed linen from such a material does not mean, does not sit down and does not stretch. The disadvantage of such sets can be called what they cost more than other cotton products.


Since almost all types of cotton linen are easy to stain, everyone can choose a set of suitable color. There are several colors that are especially popular among consumers.

  • White. This is a neutral color that perfectly helps to relax. The man in the bedroom decorated in bright colors quickly falls asleep. White sets are perfectly suitable for adults and children. They can fit into the style of almost any bedroom.

  • Red. Bed linen in different shades of red perfectly suitable for bright and emotional people. Red sets are suitable for family bedrooms.

  • Blue and green. These shades, like white, help calm down and relax before bedtime.

  • Pastel shades. Gentle colors perfectly fit into the design of any bedroom. You can choose such a kit for both adults and for children.

Choose bed linen sets with prints need carefully. First of all, print should not be too bright and catchy. It is necessary to ensure that the pattern is well combined with the rest of the details indoors.

How to choose?

When choosing bed linen, you should not hurry. First of all, you need to know the size of your bed. For children and teenage bedrooms are suitable one-time kits, for adults – Euro or family sets. In addition, it is necessary to understand how many permanent and duvettes should be in the set. In this case, focusing on the information specified on the package, it will be easy to make the right purchase.

Buying colored cotton underwear, you need to ensure that it is painted neatly. If there is some print on the fabric, it should be smooth. The same can be said about the seams. They must be smooth and neat. After all, it is from this that the quality of bed linen and its service life depend.

Since the fabric constantly comes into contact with the skin, it must be soft. When buying it it is necessary to felt. Products made of boiled cotton and any other soft tissues are ideal for people who are hard to fall asleep. Children will also suit bed linen from merceerized or healthy cotton.

New underwear should have a pleasant smell of textiles. If some extraneous flavors are felt, it is best to refuse to buy. After all, the strong smell of paint usually indicates that the kit will quickly lift, losing its external appeal. In addition, a person can manifest an allergy to the wrong painted fabric.


Prolong cotton lingerie will help the correct care for it. To preserve an attractive appearance of the fabric, you need:

  • Were linen by making instructions manufacturers+
  • dry it in a polished form immediately after washing+
  • Do not resort to machine drying+
  • iron iron with moisturizer+
  • Do not drown cotton in direct sunlight.

It is also important to keep kits in the correct conditions. Place it in the closet, only when it is completely dried. So that the fabric smelled is nice, there can be a sachet with smells of favorite colors between different details of bed linen.

If you do everything correctly, and regularly change linens, it will last a very long time.

What material is better for bed linen, see the following video.

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