All about wax candles

All about wax candles

Candles are an integral attribute of numerous holidays, romantic dates, and just a cozy pastime. Use for all of these goals best wax products sold in specialized stores or do it yourself.


Today to meet high-quality wax candles is quite difficult – as a rule, preference is given to more budgetary paraffin varieties. This solution is quite dangerous: when combustion, products from derivative oil isolated such toxic substances such as benzene and tallol, which fall into the body through the respiratory system.

Against, Candles made of unprocessed natural wax are not only environmentally friendly, but in some cases even useful. Such products have a pronounced natural aroma of wax, which is felt when they approach their nose.

However, if peeled wax is involved in production, the smell is practically absent due to the removal of smelling impurities.

To the touch wax candles are pleasant and natural: either rough or smoother. They are easily bent and cut, like plasticine, not breaking and crumbling. Products burn brightly, smoothly and slow. They do not form drowshes, but periodically make a crack. The burning is accompanied by melting and forming a drip of wax inside the candle.

If you place the glass above the light, then the soot either will not appear at all, or it will be practically invisible. Extinguishing will be accompanied by the emergence of natural smell. It is worth mentioning about the fact that wax candles are considered rather cheap, if it comes not about designer copies made by hand.

What wax do?

Candle production can be carried out from several types of wax.

From beeland

Beeswax, which is natural natural material, has long been used to create lighting devices. Such honey samples even favorably affect the body in the absence of allergies to the key component and its derivatives. The plastic material, in turn, also has a series of varieties. So, sheproof or fused bee wax is mined at the dafeques by processing cells, crumbs or intake. Production wax is created on specialized enterprises by industrial processing of depots from the apiary.

Kapaneta, the highest quality material, forms due to raw materials, collected on well-lit wax furnace. To create an ardent beeswax, it will be necessary to organize a water bath and ensure the protection of wax from water. There are also raw beeswax, peasant, non-thendation, containing impurities with propolis, presses and others.

From Soyo

Soy wax is obtained on the basis of soybeans. This natural product is not toxic and long burns without the selection of soot. Melting of raw materials is carried out at a temperature of 70-85 degrees, since when the indicator is raised above 90 degrees, it is discolored, hoomed ugly jaundice shade. Soy wax is suitable for creating candles in containers, as well as candle-columns. In the first case, the material must adhere tightly to the box and be pretty soft. In the second – it is easy to move away from the walls of the form and differ in high density.

From Palmovoy

Palm wax is a good alternative to bee wax, produced from palm tree fruits. The solid substance melts at a temperature of 60 degrees. After soaring, its surface is covered with “frosty” patterns, as on a frozen window.

From coconut

Coconut wax is not poisonous and burns cleaner than paraffin without producing a dangerous soot. In any condition, including during heat treatment, it has a pleasant, but specific smell. The melting point of coconut raw materials is rather low, so it burns longer than other varieties of wax, and almost 60% longer than paraffin. Consistency and shade of substance resemble coconut oil. It is worth mentioning that the process of production of coconut wax is considered more environmentally friendly than soy.

From artificial

If the candle states that it is created from an artificial wax, we are talking about the cooker produced from paraffin and similar compositions. The disadvantage of this material is the allocation of a large amount of carbon dioxide during burning, which causes harm and human health, and the environment.

Forms and sizes

Today and industrial production, and small firms, and needlewomen create candles of any shapes and sizes. Selection of one or another variant is carried out depending on your own preferences. For example, the largest candle in the world that fell into the Book of Records of the Guinis, possessed 73 meters high. Conventional instances, as a rule, have a diameter of no more than 10 centimeters.

For interior design, both flat options and thin or thick high candles are used. As for the form, classic models are performed in the form of a circle, square or cone. However, an increasing number of manufacturers attracts a buyer with candles in the form of silhouettes of people, animals, dishes and abstract figures.


Although wax candles and in pristine looks look very interesting, some people choose their colored varieties to decorate their home. For example, white will look great in the Scandinavian interior or minimalism space. They are most often used for meditation or protective rituals.

Decorative red candles are needed to create a romantic atmosphere. Green products, money color can be lit to improve the financial position. Golden and other shiny candles help to attract a variety of gray everyday life, and thick black – add style with a laconic interior.

By the way, wax candles can be large and small, as well as simple cylindrical and curly.

Special shika possess the models, when creating which dry leaves, grass or buds were added to the wax. Evils will be used in the ecosyl, decorated with burlap. Pretty simply transforming a simple candle, covering it with a glitter planted on a simple glue. No less often encounters with inscriptions or decoupage elements.

How to choose?

When choosing wax candles, it is important to carefully study their composition: there should not be paraffin in it, as well as dubious dyes of incomprehensible shades. The most high-quality samples are painted either by food dyes in a small concentration, or remain not painted at all. If the candle is represented in the tank, then it should be durable glass, not plastic or other low-quality material. Well performed product, smooth wick without zinc thread is located in the core.

How to do at home?

Make your own hands a candle is possible in different ways, but at home to choose the most secure and easy way to choose. For example, it may be macania – the process during which the wick is lowered several times in the molten wax until the product reaches the required thickness. When riding a breathtone, a brazier is rolled down by a cylinder containing inside the wick.

There are also a consecution – uniform wick floating melted on a water bath with wax, stretching the wick through a bath with liquid raw materials, as well as the douse of phytel. To give the wax, the color of them will have to be immersed in molten colored wax or after cooling to paint with a brush.

Before starting the creation of a homemade candle, it is necessary correctly organize a home workshop. For work, it will be necessary to take a wide horizontal table, protected by newspapers, packaging paper or an old tablecloth. Ideally, the floor is also covered with something like a loss carpet or a linoleum fragment.

Choir the wax is more convenient on a cutting board or a piece of plywood. Turn the raw material safer in the water bath warmed on the kitchen stove. An alternative to her can be a rice cooker, a multicooker or such a device. Paper towels will be useful to eliminate waxes.

Wax melting with your own hands can be carried out on a water bath, built from a metal pan and placed inside it containers of a smaller diameter. Performed the latter can be stainless steel, aluminum or heat-resistant glass. It is extremely important that in the process the substance does not interact with black metal or copper, since the color will deteriorate. Control the process taken fine bamboo skewer. In a large saucepan, it will be necessary to pour water, and in a smaller – chopped with small pieces wax. For melting, a small saucepan will have to put in a big one, after which it is placed on fire.

Acquaintance with handmade candles is better to start with casting, that is, filling the hot substance of suitable molds. Experts recommend to prepare seamless aluminum designs, transparent polycarbonate or elastic silicone. For chopping wax, a hammer or a flat screwdriver will be required, as well as a knife.

Fitil is more convenient to cut the usual scissors. For alignment, the pedestal of candles after frozen can use the construction hairdryer. Basic materials for creativity should be beeswax and eco-friendly wick from twisted cotton ropes. By the way, the more it is planned to make the diameter of the lighting device, the thread should turn out the thread.

Before starting direct casting, it will be necessary to think about the phytyl will be fixed in a vertical position. For example, you can do it with clothespins, hairpins, homemade wire or wood structures. In fact, the whole process of creating candles with your own hands is in the installation of a wick inside the shape and the pouring of the molten wax. If the container is made of glass or porcelain, then for fixing the thread costs a bit from below a little wax. Next, it is wound on a wooden wand or a pencil laid on top.

So that inside did not form empties, a thin stick in the substance can be made a couple of holes until it froze. Celebrate homemakes will be from 2 to 6 hours at room temperature. To make the candles to just extract out of the forms, in the latter it is recommended to make a couple of cuts. The upper part of the thread is correct to shorten, leaving about a centimeter in length, and then dip in liquid wax for a simpler igniter.

It is worth mentioning that the candle filips can be made color, if you use natural moulin, pre-closed in a salt and boric acid solution. As a rule, the glass of water accounts for a tablespoon of the first component and a pair of second tablespoons. Anterhalned thread will need to dry, then twist the flagella or braid. Also, instead of purchased molds, any hollow objects made of material withstanding the temperature of 100 degrees will be suitable.

Alternatively, it can be a glass wine glasses, glasses, jars from coffee and canned and even orange peel or mandarin.

How to use?

All wax candles are used on the same scheme. Lighter or matches set fire to wick, during the burning he slowly melts wax. For safety, the product must be placed on smooth, reliably fixed surfaces away from flammable items, for example, curtains. Fire is not left unattended, especially if there are children in the house. In addition, the candle can not be taken to the street or terrace into windy weather.

How to make candles from the coaster, look in the video.

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