Apron for Kitchen in style Provence: varieties, choice, beautiful examples

Apron for Kitchen in style Provence: varieties, choice, beautiful examples

The style of Provence is considered the embodiment of coziness and harmony. It is not surprising that he does not lose its popularity. When placing a kitchen in the style of provincial France, it is important to consider all the nuances. Not exception and apron, closing space between tabletop and upper cabinets headset.

Features style

Provence style combines the simplicity and French charm. Such an interior is appropriate in country houses, and in urban apartments. For this stylist characteristic:

  • Gentle tones+
  • Natural materials+
  • Simplicity of lines and forms+
  • Floral patterns+
  • Wrought items.

Classic Provence suggests rough surface treatment, furniture and finishing. Modern interpretations allow accuracy and elegance of design.

The atmosphere of lightness and charm of the French village in such cases is created by characteristics, forms, color schemes.

The walls are usually made with paint, plaster or paper wallpaper (monophonic, striped, with small colors). Furniture is performed in a vintage style. Selected corresponding to the appearance of the plumbing. Lighting is organized using luminaires with twisted elements, “under the forging” or with fabric lampshers. An apron for a kitchen in such a style can be performed from various materials, but with the observance of general mood.

Color spectrum

The traditional design of the premises in olive-style assumes pastel, “accumulated” tones. This technique creates the effect of burnt surfaces under the sunny rays. For walls usually choose light colors. Furniture can be painted in blue, pistachio, olive, gray-violet, blue tone. And also use all shades of brown.

The kitchen apron must harmoniously fit into the color gamut selected for the room. If motley wallpapers are used for wallpaper, it is better to make a surface over a tabletop at a monophonic. You can stay on a versatile white color. Such apron will look great, regardless of the shade of other elements. If the gamma finishes and furniture is warm, you can choose for apron of milk or beige tone.

If the walls are painted in one color, you can add brightness interior with Colored apron. Especially good looking combinations of white with blue or blue, beige or gray with brown. The main thing is to remember that the shade of the print Apron must be harmonized with the tone of lockers.


Drawings on all elements of the decor (curtains, tablecloths and so on) must also correspond to the stylistry. Belongs to the apron. Flower motifs perfectly fit into the stylistry of Provence. However, while the flowers should not be photographed, but drawn in vintage style. These are usually roses or tulips.

Available images of vegetables, fruits, various herbs, wheat sections, national ornaments. On the panel often depict traditional villagers – Roosters. As for landscapes, the drawings of lavender fields, ancient French streets are relevant here.


An apron for the kitchen in the style of Provence can be made of a variety of materials.

Ceramic tile

This is the most common method of finishing the kitchen in olive style. Design options here are many. It can be a monophonic tile or material with small bright divorces that imitate scuffs. Interesting variants of combining two colors (in a checker order or on another principle). Sometimes alternate monochrome elements and a drawing tile. And also admissible Print on each piece of material.

For the direction of Provence, the square tile is usually chosen, which can be laid and the traditional method (seam in the seam), and diagonally, and the rotary (by analogy with bricks). The most popular size is 10×10 cm. An excellent choice can also be The tile “Cabanchik” imitating brickwork with its special form.

Another option – laying tiles in the style of patchwork. This is a combination of square elements with various, but combined with interconnection patterns (for example, made in one style or in one shade). Fragments are stacked chaotic. The result is the effect of a patchwork blanket.

The solution is quite spectacular, but bold. Such a design is not suitable for everyone, so requires careful thinking.


This type of tile “is aged” specifically for special technology. Elements are performed from porcelain stoneware. They look rude, they have a rough surface. Usually this option is chosen for the design of cottages, where the atmosphere of Provence is created, as close as possible to the provincial everyday life. The idea is complemented by wide seams corresponding to the vintage style.

Mosaic, Panel

Apron with panel always looks beautiful. Usually a large image is made up of tile elements and is located above the cooking surface or in any other place. Figure can be created manually. Such options are the most expensive. Pictures obtained by photo printing is much cheaper. However, they look no less attractive.

As already mentioned, images must have provincial topics. For example, it can be sketching from rustic life, still life or flower arrangement.

Mosaic is sold as separate elements (tessers) and entire matrices. The second option simplifies the laying. It is worth noting that The cost of mosaic is also quite high.

A rock

Natural stone refers to practical, but expensive materials. Replace it with a reliable imitation of ceramics. Such material is available at a price, resistant to pollution, and its appearance makes it easy to create a spectacular stylized interior.


Brick masonry – another sign of a rustic way. In aggregate with a massive exhaust such an apron can create an illusion of a real furnace. Again, it can be like natural brick (untreated or painted) and ceramic tiles, creating a visual effect of beautifully laid brick.


Plastic panel – inexpensive and practical solution. Material can imitate tiles, mosaic, stone, painted tree. Interesting options with drawings. Such apron is easily clean, it is relatively inexpensive.


Skinali from tempered glass – a modern design option for kitchen space. So that the glass surface is not shed out of the overall environment, it must be stylized.

For the kitchen in the city apartment decorated in the spirit of Provence with modern notes, suitable black and white (like pencils) drawings of the sights of France, rustic drawn landscapes, still lifes with fruits and flowers.

Beautiful examples

Kitchen apron ideas in Provence style:

  • apron in the technique of patchwork allows you to make the interior bright, without going beyond the style of style+

  • Lovers of dazzling white can create a romantic and “air” kitchen design+

  • Imitation of brick masonry in gray combined with white headcard – strict but stylish solution+

  • Dark brown apron and beige cabinets – another contrast version, but already in warm gamme+

  • Even a small panel above the stove can make in the design of the kitchen highlight+

  • Lavender – Traditional element of the aesthetics of Provence+

  • Modern reading romantic French style allows the use of modern technologies, in particular, skinned with photo printing.

Staying kitchen apron in the style of Pechvoric in the video below.

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