Aprons for kitchens from MDF: Features, varieties and tips on choosing

Aprons for kitchens from MDF: Features, varieties and tips on choosing

Aprons for kitchens from MDF – a practical solution that allows you to create an attractive design of the working area without significant effort and costs. Washing material may have a glossy or matte structure, easily cleaned, forms a whole, completed appearance headset. The protective screen from the MDF between the tabletop and the upper number of boxes is easily attached, not afraid of heating, moisture level drops and temperatures. Decorative decisions are also very diverse: you can find wall kitchen panels with a pattern and photo printing, finishing options for tiles and wood. Choosing such apron can not be doubted that it will harmoniously complement the interior of modern, classic or decorated in the author’s styled kitchen space.


Since the apron for a kitchen from MDF primarily performs a purely functional role, it is worth paying attention to his practical purpose from the very beginning. This design covers the surface of the wall in the working area, assumes the spray of water and fat highlighted by heating devices heat. Using MDF – fibreboard of medium density plates – you can not worry about the practicality of the apron. This material is highlighted by increased strength, including resistance to mechanical abrasion, withstands significant operational loads.

Unlike other types of wood plates, MDF is made by hot pressing using the lignin binder. It is environmental safety, does not contain Formaldehyde Human Health. Such a kitchen apron is completely harmless to health, even when heated does not distinguish toxic evaporation.

In addition, the sheet material is conveniently secured, to paint under the desired size and configuration, expose to decorative processing, staining.

Pros and cons

Modern kitchen headsets often have facades made from MDF – such a finish leaves a considerable expanser for the original design design. By adding such a slab as apron, you can also get optimal results at minimum design costs. The material has a lot of obvious advantages.

  • Available cost. The budget price of the MDF allows aesthetically to issue the interior of the kitchen and eliminate the purchase of too expensive finishing. Fiberboard is cheaper than tile, wood array or natural stone.
  • High mechanical strength. High-quality apron from MDF is not afraid of blows, while cracks are not formed, other damage, reduced coating decorativeness.
  • Increased moisture resistance. The base of the plate is saturated with lignin, allowing the plate not to choose water and steam. On the edges this resistance below. But in general, nothing prevents the use of MDF material to finish the wall near the shell, plates.
  • Easy mounting. Called under the desired size plate can be fixed on the self-tapping screw, consolidate “liquid nails” without assistance.
  • Minimal care. The surface of the plate material is easily cleaned from any contamination, allows the use of the most ordinary cleaning products.
  • Unlimited variety of design solutions. MDF can be covered with photo printing, surface imitating wood or stone texture. It is possible to apply original prints, painting in various colors, giving gloss.
  • Additional thermal insulation, sound insulation. Like any wood cooker, an apron of MDF when attaching a wall makes it possible to reduce heat loss, reduces the penetration of noise from adjacent rooms.
  • The possibility of hidden gasket communications. When attaching an apron from MDF, you can use as a camouflage for wiring or other communication elements.
  • Lack of risks of mold and fungus. The material is resistant to them, does not require additional processing.

Does not do without flaws. With close contact with the source of open fire – the gas stove – the finish can be deformed. The edges of the apron from MDF are most vulnerable – they must be protected from moisture exposure, dirt with aluminum or plastic profiles. In the absence of such protection, the panels are deformed over time.

Another obvious disadvantage – instability of the coverage to contacts with sharp objects. Panels have high mechanical strength, but it does not save the surface from scratches. In addition, even a very high-quality decorative coating, imitating wood, tile, stone, still does not recreate it to the full. MDF will look at its price, give it to natural material will not be able to.

In general, the advantages of the aprons from the fibreboard are much more than flaws. Material can be used on home kitchen, cafe, restaurant, dining area.

Size wall panels

MDF panels for the manufacture of aprons to the kitchen must fully comply with all the requirements and standards. Their sizes depend:

  • Form – there are large, narrow robes, tile+
  • Processing method – on the surface and edges can be selected profile+
  • Overall indicators.

Usually for wall panels use MDF small thickness – 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm. Standard sheet width is 200 or 325 mm. Length usually reaches 2800 mm, but you can find options for 2.44, 2.62 or 3 meters. Much depends on the manufacture of equipment.

So, from different manufacturers the width of the panels can reach 153 mm, 198 mm and even 900 mm.

Pictures of images

Thanks to the unlimited selection of the design options of the aprons from MDF, in a modern kitchen, you can create almost any atmosphere: from concentrated-business to dreamy and easy. Picture options look especially effectively and expressive. The following motifs are especially popular among prints.

  • Images of animals and birds. Elegant swans, stunning pigeons, soaring eagle look quite appropriate in the design of the kitchen apron.

  • Images of wildlife. Tree on the rock, orchids on the stones, the branch of the apple tree look original and not too overstrain eyes. You can create a picture with a blooming field or transfer an enlarged image of a beloved rose variety to the wall.

  • Stylized images. Family monogram or coat of arms, initials or names of living in the house will look in the kitchen it is clearly appropriate if you put them on the kitchen apron.

  • Abstraction. Unusual interlacing lines, chaotic color strokes. They are harmoniously combined with different design styles, allow you to show fantasy.

  • Sea. Waves, oceans, paradise islands or shellfish seashells in foam well refresh the setting of the kitchen, bring some romance in it.

  • Imitation of materials. Brick masonry, natural stone block, gentle marble – all this can be created using photo printing and other image transfer methods.

  • Ethnic motifs. Gzhel, Khokhloma is no less relevant in the kitchen than African ornaments or letters of ancient Maya. You just need to choose what the owner of the house.

  • Gastronomic images. Juicy raspberry, green apple, red-orange salmon fillet, black olives – such design apron will be kind of appetite.

  • Vehicles. Cars, motorcycles, trains look brutally, well look at the kitchen apron in bachelor dwelling.

Whatever the design is chosen, the main thing is that it does not tire and harmoniously fit into the overall concept of interior design.

Color spectrum

MDF panels used for the manufacture of aprons support painting, staining, surface lamination in almost any colors and shades. When choosing a kitchen panel necessarily takes into account the total color solution, style. For example, a glossy black or white apron is harmonized with a “Domino” or High-Tech, suitable for Japanese minimalism. From neutral shades, it is recommended to recommend green, gray, beige, organically combined with almost any finish options.

In a small kitchen, apron usually make one tone with a tabletop. This allows you to visually increase the area of ​​the working area. A similar effect is created by light panels.

In addition, when choosing it is worth considering that in the kitchen, people spend quite a long time. It is necessary to avoid monophonic bright, screaming and too catchy shades.

The optimal color solution for one-photon kitchen apron can be called gentle shades of pastel gamut: Blue, pink peach. With a bright headset of acidic shades – green apple, lime, electrician – background should be neutral. If you want to make a little color to the interior decoration with a white, beige, gray headroom, you can apply turquoise, herbal-green, juicy yellow or orange colors.

Design options

The aprons from MDF have a lot of design options, and this makes it possible to implement almost any ideas and solutions in the interior. The easiest option is a monochon painting of panels in production with the creation of a glossy or matte surface texture. In total, in the palette of manufacturers more than 200 color options – from classic to original shades.

If you want a unique finish, you can choose an apron with photo printing. Here, the design created allows you to mimic natural materials – wood, stone. Such a solution looks quite attractive, but it is much cheaper than the original. A similar decor can be easily embedded in any interior design. In the kitchen of the Modern Style, you can integrate the option with trim under the tile.

The better printing, the more expensive the production of the product. An apron from MDF with photo printing can depict the views of nature or reliably recreate still lifes on a culinary topic. You can transfer an abstract pattern or your own picture to the surface. It looks even more interesting to the stereo printing with the effect of 3D. It looks very attractive in ultra-modern interiors, high-tech stylistics, but requires a large wall cover area.

Bright aprons options are recommended for kitchens with a small area, small headsets. For a spacious room, the panel in dark colors will fit.

The size of the parts of the print should also be selected taking into account the area – than it is more, the larger there may be these elements.

Landscape plots on the surface of the apron fit well into the aesthetics of the Mediterranean style or Provence, in the design in ethnic, country style. Marine and mountain landscapes will be appropriate here. And if you use culinary motifs, you can add “fire” neutral minimalistic kitchen.

How to choose?

In order for the apron from the MDF successfully coped with the tasks assigned to it, the panels themselves must be high quality and safe. When the material is selected, it is necessary to be guided by the following moments.

  • Plate thick. Apron in the kitchen should not be thinner 4 mm.
  • Reliability of brand. This must be a full-cycle enterprise that is responsible for all the important characteristics of its products. High rating on the domestic market was awarded such brands like Kronospan, HDM, Latat, Kastamonu, P & M Kaindl. It is very important that the company has production in the Russian Federation, which meets all applicable standards.
  • The presence of a security certificate. Only he guarantees the absence of formaldehyde and other dangerous ingredients.
  • Related storage. Plates stored with violations of the rules will definitely change their geometric parameters during operation.
  • Design features. It must be harmonized with the overall design of the kitchen space, selected by the headcard.
  • Color decision. With the help of apron, you can visually change the external perception of the headset. The light panel will help make cabinets above, at least. Dark narrowing distance from table tops to the bottom edge of the suspended block headset.

How to care?

      Care of aprons from MDF as simple as possible. The material does not accumulate static electricity. Accordingly, dust on it is formed gradually and quite slowly. Dirt either does not settle too intense. Any notted traces can be quickly eliminated using a soap solution and a sponge or soft rag from microfiber.

      In order to preserve the decorativeness of the material for a long time, the use of metal washcloths should be avoided, Hard brushes, detergents with abrasive particles. Particularly careful need to be treated with prints applied to their surface. Extend the service life of the coating can be used by special polishes that increase the shine and forming a protective film.

      But there is one important moment: the cleaning of such a surface will be much more difficult to pass.

      Installing apron in the following video.

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