Aprons for white kitchens: varieties and tips for choosing

Aprons for white kitchens: varieties and tips for choosing

The choice of apron for the kitchen in white tones is folded and simple at the same time. Eyes scatter from impressive opportunities. At the same time, the apron will become one of the main decorative elements of the room that specifies the tone to the rest of the design and accessories.


White kitchen is a choice of self confident. Proved in research of foreign scientists that white color favorably affects the psycho-emotional state of the person, including the self-esteem, helps to reveal the creative potential.

Surroundings of the whole snow-white give the feeling of freshness and novelty. Room visually becomes wider, ceilings above. The kitchen in bright shades is organic looks both in the apartment and in the cottage.

On the designer field, white – universal color. It serves as an excellent basis for decorating, and may also be an independent decor element. If a monophotional light kitchen seems to be fresh, but the solution in favor of white unshakably, bring paints will help unusual design of kitchen apron. Designing a kitchen headquarters, pay attention to the right selection of finishing materials.

How to choose material?

Apron – the most vulnerable contamination. The coating should be resistant to constant contact with water, fat, high temperatures. Durability is also an important criterion in choosing a material for apron.

Tile How can not be better suitable for kitchen facing apron. She protects the wall from water, fat, high temperatures. It is easy to care, but you have to make an effort to clean the jacks between tiles.

Tile, possibly associated with the “Sovdepa” echoes, but the modern interpretation of this material will allow it to use it in any interior. Rich Color Palette will help create an original designer apron.

It is worth noting a wide range of tiled materials. There are sizes from miniature squares 60 * 60 mm to bulky rectangular forms 240 * 480 mm. Also, in addition to classic squares and rectangles, there are original forms of the tile itself: triangular, diamond, pentagons, hexagons.

Installation of tiles – a time-consuming process that requires careful preparation, but the result is worth the effort. Using unusual ways to masonry tiles (for example, diagonally or a Christmas tree) will make even the most common version of the bright decoration of the kitchen. Add accents to help contrast grouting between joints.

Mosaic is a separate variety of tile small size (from 10 * 10 mm to 50 * 50 mm). It is fixed on a special grid or in the form of individual elements. The mosaic mounting feature is that it is perfectly attached to any embossed surfaces. This makes it possible to beautifully arrange imperfect walls, corner protrusions or apply in the design apron curved structures.

Selecting the color of the mosaic will help to emphasize the effect of the matte or glossy surface.

Plastic – another version of the material that is suitable for apron. For these purposes, use acrylic glass, PVC panels, ABS plastic. Not such a durable version of design, but relatively budget selection. Installation does not require additional effort. The choice of shades is unlimited, it is possible to apply photo printing. Minus such apron – its service life is quite short.

Impeccable, perfectly smooth surface of glass skinali perfectly fit into any kitchen set. Panels are not made from the usual, but from a special impact-resistant tempered glass, which is afraid of water, heat or dirt. Matte glass, glossy or mirror, with a pattern or without, will become an excellent solution for kitchen apron. The cost of such a waste of considerable, installation is easy, but requires certain skills.

Apron from natural stone will serve forever. Depending on the preferences of the customer, the apron can be marble, quartz, slate or other rock. These materials, in turn, have several shades to choose. Stone – material Durable and resistant to pollution. As a rule, choosing, for example, marble for the design of apron, it is worth applying for the manufacture of table top. The only restriction is the high cost. But here there is a cunning: you can use artificial stone. Let it be less durable, but its value is significantly inferior to natural stone.

If the designer idea requires to issue an apron “under the tree”, for this fit MDF, wooden panels or lining. Of course, with a wooden apron will have to handle carefully. It requires additional protection in the form of special impregnations from moisture and fungus. Such apron needs a delicate purification from pollution. High flammability of material limits it to use above the cooking surface.

Stainless steel – an excellent example of moisture-proof and refractory material. Will be an exclusive apron in any kitchen. Requires special tools for metal purification. When contacting with some substances, oxidizing, they leave unaesthetic herones.

Which combined with?

Choosing an image of apron, it is worth remembering that all small parts (be it drawing on a tile, a tile size or photo printing on the skin) visually help to expand the walls in a small kitchen. Decoration of large elements will spectacularly look in the spacious room.

Note the kitchen saturation with sunlight. The bright face looks better in cold shades. Shadow, on the contrary, you can “warm up” a warm palette.

For decoration apron in white kitchen, use the same white apron. Tile with an interesting relief, for example, a variety of “Cabanchik” or a bizarre form in the form of cells will help make a white color textured, and then one-photon kitchen will acquire its unique character.

Beige color will soften the freshness of the white kitchen, make it comfortable, warmer. In this case, the idea of ​​the bright spacious room will continue. Will add a beige coziness in combination with a brown tint.

White Option with Blue Tones Create a cool interior. For hot and sunny cuisine, this is a great way to visually harmonize the room. The headset with turquoise apron will remind you of the salty sea and affectionate waves to those who miss the fly.

Make an apron photo printing with a bright accent. Image is selected taking into account the overall kitchen style. It can be flowers, fruits, landscapes, cosmic subjects.

In combination with yellow white kitchen will become invigorating. Sunny accent will respond from a common perfect whiteness. Yellow can be separate tiles or photo printing on a tempered glass in the form of bright lemons on a black or white background.

The idea of ​​a combination of white with blue will give the interior of Greek motif, will add harmony in the design.

Finishing apron with a color mosaic with a gray gradient will look unusual and stylish. White in combination with gray will become more saturated.

Red-white or black and white glossy kitchen will become an excellent addition to the classic interior. The combination of white with bright color will make the design interesting and more textured.

Unusually combination of white with dark shades. Contrast colors vividly emphasize whiteness headset. It is appropriate to use dark blue, purple, burgundy, brown tone. In these shades, glossy, and frosted design.

The gentle combination of white with a lavender or mint color is perfect for the kitchen in the style of Provence.

Do not forget to take into account the presence of additional highlighting apron. With it, the colors you choose will look in a new way in the light of bright LED ribbons or point lights.

Style solution

The right chosen apron will benefitly emphasize the uniqueness of the style of the kitchen. Consider individual features in the design of different design directions.

Modern styles Minimalism and High-tech are usually not overloaded with a variety of colors and decorative elements. Clear straight lines, minimum shine, monotony, maximum space – these are the main characteristics peculiar to this area. For a harmonious combination, use the Apron glass, tile, steel.

Baroque – fancy style, it is distinguished by an abundance of curved forms, Harfish decorative elements. For harmonious design apron use calm shades. Follow the trim from tile, smooth stone, whitewash brick.

Modern style is characterized by smooth lines, smooth surfaces. For apron, it is better to use metal, glass, tile. This style is more suitable for monotonous shades.

Ecosel Receive Natural Materials – Natural Stone or Facing with Tree. One of the options for the ecodesign is a wooden apron and a tabletop in the color of the bleached oak in combination with white facades.

Scandinavian style is simply created for white furniture. For apron, use a white tile of an unusual shape in combination with black grout. Option of white brick masonry on the background of a wooden countertop perfectly fit into the Scandinavian interior.

Loft design – popular destination in modern design. For its implementation suitable snow-white kitchen on the background of red brick. Stainless steel apron will finish a bold image.

The classic kitchen by definition combines basic colors: black and white. Elegant classic will never bother and always will be in trend. Glossy black apron from tempered glass Elegantly highlights white headset. Create a sophisticated design with a dark tile with a pronounced embossed surface. Also for the classic interior can be used natural stone, mosaic, wooden panels.

Kitchen design in the style of Provence contains rustic motifs. For such a headset, a apron of ceramic tiles of warm shades is suitable. Also this style is closely made by natural materials, such as stone, brick, wood.

Beautiful examples

Contrast apron made of shallow mosaic make stylish even the simplest white kitchen headset.

    Unspeteral trim in white brick add modern kitchen highlight.

      Four-tempered glass apron – Wonderful alternative for minimalistic white kitchen in High-Tech style.

        The correct emphasis can even create styling in the unusual direction of the classic white tile, for example, “Christmas tree” or diagonally. It is not bad to use the grout of a contrasting color.

          Repeating geometric patterns – Trend of recent years in the design of kitchens of Modern style, classic and other popular destinations.

            Bright glass or plastic apron with pattern instantly revitalized white headset.

              Apron made of natural stone that repeats the worktop looks expensive and respectable. Ideal for white kitchen in classic style.

                The thematic pattern on the kitchen apron immediately creates the desired mood and becomes one of the main decorative elements in the kitchen.

                  Next, watch the video with the advice of a specialist about how to properly pick up an apron for the kitchen.

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