Art Deco Bathroom: Registration Rules and Beautiful Examples

Art Deco Bathroom: Registration Rules and Beautiful Examples

Art Deco is one of the most luxurious style of interior design areas, reflecting the prospect of the owner of the apartment and its impeccable taste. Often, such a concept is embodied in the interior of the bathroom. At the same time, it is important to competently arrange such a room so that the style seems appropriate and did not prevent the functional component of the bathroom.

Many people do not know what exactly is an art deco, as it can be embodied in the bathroom with the help of finishing and plumbing, as well as what accessories will benefit such a concept. Replies to these and other issues will be presented in detail in this article.

Features style

The concept of Art Deco first appeared in France and has long been popular in the field of interior design. It has a number of unique features that distinguish it from other destinations.

  • Indoors use natural materials, the cost of which is usually quite high. It can be an array of wood, silver, ivory.
  • In the outlines of the interior, preference is given to the dominance of sharp corners, as well as lines with curved bending.
  • In Art Deco, you should not neglect ornaments related to the floral world.
  • Tone for this room is chosen mainly from the restrained gamma, to which white, black, gray, purple, beige.
  • In the room with the concept of art deco, the abundance of mirrors is welcomed.
  • This direction does not exclude the presence of patterns that are often compared with African or South American ethnic ornament.
  • In style you can see such details as the image of the rays of the sun, as well as the motives that repeat the outlines of the piano keys.

Furniture and plumbing

To ensure that the functions of the bathroom are combined with the design, Special attention must be paid to the selection of suitable plumbing products, as well as some furniture items, relevant in the bathroom.

Furniture size, which usually protrudes or cabinets are usually performing, depends on the parameters of the bathroom. To arrange a large room in Art Deco style, you can choose massive dressers and arrange them full length of one of the walls. Wherein The design of such furniture should not be simple.

If possible It should be diversified with the help of a beautiful stone countertop, elegant handles and cranes with a beautiful shape. If the room is small, then you can pick up a table under the sink made from a natural array or arrange the sink on the table top decorated with a suitable tile.

Plumbing can be both close to classic options and more modern. Important bathroom dimensions, which can be oval, rectangular or even square shape with pointed edges.

Sinks can also be round or more smooth outlines.

If a toilet bowl is located in the bathroom, then it must be a model whose body is attached to the wall. Plumbing color is preferable white. The best materials reflecting the concept will be such as Sanafayans and Acrylic. If you allow the size of the bathroom, you can install additional furniture in it. It may include a wardrobe for storing various trifles, as well as a chair.

It is also worth paying attention to various accessories and details. They should not be too much. Permissible presence of paintings corresponding to style (provided that there is no pattern on the walls), as well as living plants. Do not also neglect the presence of mirrors. They can be located both on the wall near the sink, and directly integrated into the furniture housing.

Finishing options

The first nuance in the art deco bathroom decoration will be the choice of color. Best for this concept will suit The combination of two contrasting shades, one of which is dark, the other – light. Allaric black and white can act as a classic example, but you can also use such a combination as a champagne and dark chocolate. Instead of coal black, you can choose a dark gray on which various patterns will be more noticeable.

In this case, often, if the size of the bathroom is allowed, the dark shade is dominant. Tile (or even moisture-resistant wallpapers) quite rarely happens in monophonic, especially if the material has a dark color. You can see bizarre divorces and drawings.


The following options are used as the main materials for finishing in such a bathroom.

  • A natural stone. Its appearance justifies a high price of material. It looks like this coating is very aesthetically, while it adds a luxury room, thereby perfectly reflecting the idea of ​​style. Stone coating is usually present on the floor or on the bathroom wall.

Often outdoor material goes into the wall and includes a rather interesting combination of patterns.

  • Wallpaper with silk screen Also are one of the most popular options for art deco. Especially beautiful they look in dark colors. However, it is worth remembering that in the bathroom wallpaper – not always the best solution due to a fairly high level of humidity in the room.

An additional plus will be the presence in the wallpaper coverage of the threads of golden or silver color, as well as a large ornament.

  • For the ceiling coating, tile material is mainly used. At the same time, the colors differ in neutrality and do not contrast with the rest of the finishes. The ceiling in such a bathroom is often framed by relief plinths.

Beautiful examples

Art Deco bathroom can be framed differently. Among the most beautiful and unusual examples, the following can be distinguished.

  • Rama mirrors may look like a real work of art, especially if it echoes the pattern on the shower.

  • The basis of the pattern on the wallpaper Art Deco style can be duplicated in the finish of other sections of the walls, giving the integrity of the whole interior.

  • Black and white design of such a bathroom will look neskuly, If you dilute this contrast with gold ornament in furniture facades.

  • If your bathroom has a window, then it should be arranged for art deco Curtains from the flow of opaque fabric possessing a special reflections.

In the next video you will find an art deco bathroom overview.

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