ASKONA Corner Sofas: Features and Choice

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ASKONA Corner Sofas: Features and Choice

High-quality comfortable orthopedic mattresses and beds of Askona are well known and Russian, and foreign consumers. And also this company since 2014 is engaged in the release of upholstered furniture and unfolding sofas, which are in general demand and judging by the reviews well proven themselves. Consider in the article Corner Sofas Askona, their features and nuances of choice.


ASKONA corner sofas are popular because They fit perfectly into the interiors of houses and apartments, do not have a very large space and, if necessary, turn into comfortable spacious beds. Convenience and comfort provide special 7-zonal anatomical mattresses, where each separately separate springs group provides the necessary rigidity and elasticity for individual parts of the body.

Reliable metal frame is complemented by high-quality elements from plywood, fiberboard and chipboard. The unfolding mechanism is also performed from a metal frame and orthopedic lats of bent wood.

In the angular sofas, two types of unfolding mechanism are mainly used.

  • Accordion System – The sofa consists of a solid spring mattress, and it stretches forward, forming a spacious place to sleep.
  • “Sedaflex” – something resembles a clamshell. In this case, the mattress is hidden inside the sofa and lays out with the transformation mechanism.

High-quality materials are used for furniture upholstery: leather, eco-leave, dense flock tissue, velor, shinyl. For some models, removable covers are manufactured, which is especially convenient when there are small children or animals to the house.


ASKONA sofa model range is quite diverse, and it is possible to make an individual order in your parameters and color solutions. Nevertheless, several classic models of angular sofas are in special demand.

  • Carina – small sofa, suitable for small apartments. Accordion Transformation System, Anatomical Mattress Based, There are armrests and two roomy sections for bed linen.

  • Amani – very compact sofa with a small canape, made in the style of minimalism. The upholstery on the back allows you to zonail room space, has pillows, laundry storage boxes.

  • Daynight – Classic corner sofa with increased canape and linen storage boxes. Equipped with a high orthopedic Nanopocket system mattress.

  • Antares – Elegant functional sofa with canapes, pillows on armrests and head restraints. Transformation mechanism – “Accordion”.

  • Sunset – model with unique armrests, on top of which a tabletop with teflon coating is installed, and convenient shelves are built on the side. There is an opportunity to choose a canape and mattress rigidity.

ASKONA provides a guarantee for its furniture up to 10 years.

Tips for choosing

Askona’s corner sofas will suit the winners of large living rooms or, on the contrary, to those who want to rationally use a small area of ​​the room, as well as to lovers sleep on large beds, because some models can be decomposed to sizes 2.16×2.10 M.

When choosing a sofa bed for sleep it is better to make a choice in favor of a hard version of the mattress, and the upholstery choose fabric, Since on the leather surface, bedding slides and gets off. Elegant leather sofas will look better in spacious living rooms when there is no need to put it daily.

When buying a sofa in advance, it is necessary to determine the dimensions of future furniture in the folded and unfolded form.

It is necessary to decide in advance whether the armrests are needed, which side is better to fit into the situation of the Puffy Room, and it is possible that they will be needed from both sides, because the company provides an opportunity to order on individual preferences.

And upholstered furniture can serve to distinguish between space in apartments studios. When zoning a room with an angular sofa, a model is selected with upholstery on the back surface of the furniture.

Since all Askona’s upholstered furniture models are made using orthopedic mattresses, it is guaranteed comfortable sleep and rest.

ASKONA ANTARES Angle Sofa Review in Video.

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