Baby sofas with sides: species, materials and seventures of choice

Baby sofas with sides: species, materials and seventures of choice

By purchasing a first sofa bed for a grown child, preferred is always recommended to models with sides. Purchase of these parts does not require a large overpayment, but provides reliable protection against falling at night.


Bursts are lateral partitions, usually upholstered and foam-filled with foam rubber, which are fixed around the perimeter of the bed. Their main task is Prevent falling at night. Children’s sofa with sofa is a reliable design that protects the child during sleep.

Since in most cases it is supplied with an orthopedic mattress, in addition, the prevention of scoliosis development is also. The surface of the sofa bed is quite mild, but durable, and the height does not represent any danger.

Such a compact design is the optimal solution for the design of a small room, Since during the daytime it can be played, and in the night enough to get bedding, in some cases put forward the additional sections and get on vacation. The ability to pick up removable sides allows you to transform a sofa in a bed for a more adult person.

A sofa bed is produced in various colors and designs, as well as with additional sections for storing linen and toys. The disadvantage of furniture can be called the need to regularly clean up soft sides, which are not just dumping, but also have the ability to accumulate inside dust.

In addition, if you pick up a solid board for bed, it will prevent fresh air intake.

Review of species

Sofa with sideboards is available in several configurations. Quite often there is a transforming sofa bed. In folded form, it looks like a common chair, but in the unfolded form allows you to provide a place to sleep a child from 3 years and older. Also for small-sized premises, sliding structures are suitable, additional sections of which are rolled out. When buying it is necessary to trace so that the retractable sections have rubberized wheels, not spoiling floor coverings. Bursts in such sofas are usually not very high.

Sofa bed with soft sides, going around the perimeter, can not be laid out, and therefore do not fit “on the grow”. As a rule, they acquire them for children 4-5 years, who sleep restlessly and constantly turn. In most cases, sofas are equipped with drawers for storing personal belongings.

by the way, This specifies is the easiest way to complete the orthopedic mattress. An ordinary folding sofa is more suitable for older children. First, it creates a huge space for sleep, and, secondly, the fences are not lengthened, and therefore remain rather short.

If in the family two children, it is better to purchase a bunk bed, both sleeping places of which are limited to sides. Although the upper tier always looks the same, the lower can be a conventional bed or a full-fledged sofa.

For older children, a sofa couch or tacht may also be approached, whose features are either one or two singing.

Types of sides

Self-sofa themselves are also different types. For example, there are half-sized structures that protect only part of the bed. However, comprehensive, located all over the perimeter of the sofa. Although such a solution provides a child with great safety, climbing through a constant fence may not be particularly convenient.

Standard sides are installed by the manufacturer and are static. Removable sides can be removed on the daytime and return to sleep or completely eliminate when the child is growing.

Fencing can be soft or solid, made of wood. The first variety looks much more attractive and additionally protects against injuries due to rounded form. But solid sides do not require, unlike soft, special care, and designs equipped with them are usually cheaper.


The choice of materials for the children’s sofa should always be focused on environmental friendliness and safety.


Frames for sofas with sides are manufactured either from wood or metal. The most preferred option is natural wood, for example, oak or birch, which, despite the substantial cost, serve for a very long time. More budget option is MDF.

Wooden frame It looks attractive, it is not hazardous to the health of children and does not require much care. In the case when the choice is made in favor Metal carcass, should be ready for possible injury. However, such a sofa will last much longer.


Material for the upholstery of a sofa with sideboards intended for a small child should be durable and practical. Since the child is hardly limited to a calm bed and, most likely, will jump and play on the surface, the probability of appearance of spots is very high.

Thus, it is necessary to give preference to such material that is easily washed, withstands the active impact of the child and is pleasant to the touch. Of course, it is important that the fabric does not cause the occurrence of allergic reactions. Maximum in this situation, natural sinill and tapestry are suitable, but the flock with velor can rather fast.

The cloth is better to take with teflon impregnation, additionally protecting from dirt. In principle, it is necessary to navigate on natural fibers or a combination of natural and synthetic, in which the latter are to a lesser extent. Flax and cotton are suitable for sofas of very young children and will provide them with the necessary heat exchange.

It is better not to choose the leatherette for upholstery, as in the children’s rooms it usually flies.

Forms and sizes

Sofa bed for a children’s room should choose a small size and with rounded corners (regardless of the form). The design can be made in the form of a standard rectangle with an additional retractable or transforming mechanism.

In the small bedroom it will be conveniently located Angle model, allowing you to save free space. Square sofas For young children also exist, but, as a rule, they laid out in the extended construction.

As for the sizes of children’s sofas with sides, the minimum width, that is, for a three-year-old child, equals 60 centimeters, and the length of the bed – 140 centimeters. When choosing a transformer design, you must navigate the length of 150 centimeters and a width of from 70 to 75 centimeters in the unfolded state.

In general, to calculate the perfect length of the bedroom for a child, it is enough to measure its height and add 20 centimeters in the foot zone and head zone.

Criterias of choice

Choose a sofa with siblies for small children follows, deciding in advance with the place where it will be located. The fact is that some models are right-handed, and others – left-hand, and therefore the ill-impact of this aspect may cause certain inconveniences.

In addition, the model must harmoniously fit into the existing interior so that the child from childhood gets used to a comfortable setting. For children from 1 year or even 2 years old, the sofa is not yet recommended, but in 3 years the child can well be transferred to the “adult” place to sleep. If the furniture is selected for 4-5 years, that is, it makes sense to choose a transformer model, which can be dismantled with time.

Need to add that, If the child from a year to 3 years old is still purchased sofa with siblies, it is important to determine correctly. The optimal width of the bedroom is 60 centimeters, and the length does not exceed 1.2 meters.

If you choose the base of large dimensions, then the child will not feel protected.

Regardless of age, materials must be high-quality, environmentally friendly and undergoing necessary processing. Experts do not recommend picking frames from chipboard, as in this material there may be hazardous substances. On the length of the bed it is better to pick up “on the grow” or equipped with a retractable base, which will continue to fit the design under the current growth.

Sleeping place must be at least equal to the amount of child growth and 30 centimeters. The surface of the sofa should be elastic, and the structure itself remains stable even with active children’s games. It is important that there are no sharp elements, and the mattress itself was orthopedic.

Although there are models with light and sound effects, it is not a good idea, because the mechanism is quite quickly either bored by the owner of the room, or fails.

Of course, the design and colors should be determined with the child, but adults should also control the situation. It is better to give preference to pastel colors and do not overdo the images of cartoon characters.

For example, if you buy a bright pink sofa for girls with the image of the princesses, in a couple of years he can break down or just bother and stop please. By the way, sofas equipped with drawers are particularly recommended for the children’s room.

In the next video you will find a brief overview of the children’s sofa with Kemi sides.

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